Flowers Decoration in Home

Flowers could not be separated from the interior and exterior home design. Flowers could make you feel calm and press your stress after your long day hard work since they could give you the natural sense and spread out the nice fragrance to all over your home interior. Flower is the best and the most beautiful in the nature, especially for woman since flower also could become a symbol of romantic and close relationship between people. one of many famous poets called John Keats said  “A thing of beauty is the joy forever, So, it can be said that actually nowadays, not only woman who love the fragrance and the beauty of flowers but also men since having fresh and calm feel are needed by everyone. Flowers are not only please the look that could touch your eyes, but also touch your heart. Then, by having flowers are also not only about the aesthetic look, but also about the building of your mood and emotion also expressing love for you. Because of those reason, there are some designs or arrangement about flower decoration in home, whether it is interior or exterior home design. So, let’s take a look at the designs below.

Living Room's Flower DecorationLiving Room’s Flower Decoration

Living room is very important place in the home interior design since it is the first room that would be seen by your guests. Beside that, it would create the first impression from your guest about your personality since home interior design would represent the owner’s personality. Of course, you could consider well about the arrangement and the decoration of the furniture and appliance. Then, to make it more beautiful beside having nice interior design, you could have flowers decoration in this living room so that it could touch your guests heart with calm and aesthetic sense. Then, what about the arrangement idea? You could have a flower pot with water and fill it with colorful flowers, just have living flowers in your living room to make your room become more natural.

Bedroom's Flower DecorationBedroom’s Flower Decoration

There are some flowers that could be good choices for designing your bedroom, such as lavender, chamomile, roses, lilies, carnation, etc. All of those flowers are very nice since it would have good fragrance for your room. Then, you could also use whether it is glass vases or ceramic vases are interesting to be applied.

Dining Room's Flower DecorationDining Room’s Flower Decoration

The same also happen in the dining room where you could add the touch of flowers. Then, by adding some flowers in the center of your dining room’s table, it would create good look and build up your mood in having dinner with your family.

So, what do you think about those arrangements? Those are very nice ideas, right? Consider them as the best ideas for beautifying your room.

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  10. Rylie.Justice.Maisie

    read a comment above — it is definitely possible to avoid a Christmas look, even if that floor is forest green (to me it looks teal).Use some lighter tints of the blue-green color in the room, which would be a minty blue-green. Or add additional shades of teals and blue-greens, it is done all the time. You could also throw in oranges or pinks that match the chest and desk. Definitely not Christmas.

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