Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms

A girls bedroom is her sanctuary and a space where she can take ownership of her environment. A place for fantasy, play and growth, the decor of her room should inspire, relax and reflect her personality and goals.Ā  There so many themed for girl bedroom. One of the most favorite themed is Hello Kitty bedrooms. Hello Kitty, a Sanrio character, originated in London in 1974 when the Tokyo-based toy company hired designer Ikuko Shimizu to create a character for a coin purse. Since then, girls around the globe have fallen in love with Hello Kitty. As a parent, you can repurpose with Hello Kitty bedrooms to turn your daugther bedroom into a “Hello Kitty” palace without spending any money or buying anything new. And below are some ways to make your lovely daughter bedroom into cute Hello Kitty bedroom.

adorable hello kitty bedrooms Adorable Hello Kitty Bedrooms

Popular and Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms

Here’s the first way to achieve Hello Kitty bedrooms, start by creating a palate of soft pink and white in your bedroom. Existing furniture can be repainted white. Drawer pulls and doorknobs can be replaced with simple, rounded hardware and painted white or pink to reflect Hello Kitty’s world. It may not be practical to replace the carpet, but you can add a soft rug. Choose either plain or lacy curtains in white, pink, or pastel green. Use decals or stencils to add some simple flowers and add flower shaped throw pillows to the bed. When it comes time to add actual Hello Kitty licensed merchandise, keep your budget and your square footage firmly in mind. Sanrio makes enough Hello Kitty products to cover a house from top to bottom, much less an ordinary sized bedroom. A few things like a Hello Kitty lamp and curtains will make a great start. Products can be found at Sanrio stores, but also at thrift stores and yard sales.

awesome hello kitty bedroomsAwesome Hello Kitty Bedrooms

Another way in achieving Hello Kitty bedrooms, Hello Kitty products can be used for functional purposes as well. Add a hamper and waste basket with Hello Kitty’s happy face. Decorate your desk with Hello Kitty school supplies from low-tech (pencils) to high-tech (computer mice). Take the stress out of homework by using Hello Kitty paper with Hello Kitty pens stored in a Hello Kitty folder. It is up to you to decide how far to extend your Hello Kitty theme. Hello Kitty also has many friends including ChocoCat, Badtz-Maru, Deery-Lou, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll.

pink hello kitty bedroomsPink Hello Kitty Bedrooms

pretty hello kitty bedroomsPretty Hello Kitty Bedrooms

Check out some of these characters to provide a little variety to your Hello Kitty bedroom. ChocoCat is described on the Sanrio website as being a bit forgetful, but always up on the latest news. Badtz-Maru is a mischievous penguin and Deery-Lou is just a sweet little deer who loves chasing butterflies. Each of these friends of Hello Kitty has friends of their own such as ChocoCat’s friends “the duckies” and Badtz-Maru’s alligator Pochi. Adding these friends to your daughter Hello Kitty bedroom will give it long-lasting interest. With hugely popular and widely merchandised, the Hello Kitty bedroomsĀ  is another great choice for a girl’s room. So, what are you waiting for? do some decorating and make your little daughter happy!

awesome hello kitty bedrooms , Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms In  Category
pink hello kitty bedrooms , Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms In  Category
pretty hello kitty bedrooms , Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms In  Category
adorable hello kitty bedrooms , Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms In  Category

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47 thoughts on “Cute Hello Kitty Bedrooms

  1. Rosalie

    The cauking topic:One of our bathrooms was renovated. They combined sanded grout with non-sand grout. Two weeks later, they applied the silicone bathroom caulk over the grout as a protection. We another bathroom that is in need of some fresh caulk. We are not certain what to do. Is it enough to caulk or should we apply grout before using the silicone?

  2. Elle.April

    People are always surprised that its “designed” at all – two grad students on replied grad students budgets to such a “finished” – especially our dining room table!

  3. CarterLeonelCristopher

    I would a gray that most closely matches the color of the mortar between the bricks. That will the walls narrate to each other. And then accent the brick red/gray color with dark blue and, maybe, ochre with the bed pillows.

  4. Aidan.Jaren.Irving

    I light — either or large. I can if it is a “clean” with maybe a few industrial or rustic touches. I could as long as it is not too and slick. I would indeed compose the choice based on the apartment or house in question.

  5. Hayden

    I am also a supporter of pure white drapes, but I believe you could away with a print as long as you something with a smaller scale/more dense pattern, and a more organic to balance your geometric rugs. I either of these could work:

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  7. Brady-Jabari

    As far as a “dining area”. Maybe a round table that has 1 or 2 leafs. Then push the dropped side up against the wall that looks be pleased where the microwave is sitting on the counter above it. That way, you can pull the table out when you need more seating space. Target and Wal-Mart both sell those tables online I believe.

  8. Rose_Leanna

    I, too, affection the silverware drawer idea! For now we acquire a exiguous medicine cabinet that each person has a shelf in, but the brushes to lay down on the shelf and I greatly that.

  9. DeandreJermaine

    Wow I feel I went on two different house tours. This is a home.The front feels more stately bones, the is Modern.It seems Jane is more comfortable with because that fraction seems complete and nicely done for that space, although the dining table was an choice. Whereas the front has unrealized potential, not saying it needs to be filled up with furniture and stuff but the scale of what is in there is off and not taking of the height of the rooms.The outdoor is really I want to play it up as in “The Secret Garden”.Some of consume dream to two separate houses where we can be fresh in one and the other can be a completely different style, here you acquire the potential to achieve that all in one house.I the tour and will coast to again.

  10. Amanda.Annika

    “A elegant affordable in to owning a Damien Hirst….” Really? How is an almost $50k rug affordable by any stretch of the imagination regardless of who the artist is? I to say that as a area that caters to the renting demographic $50k for a rug is probably not in the majority of your readers budgets.

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  14. Giselle Giovanna C.

    I brought in a pair of fallen logs a few years ago and propped them in the corner after drying them all winter in the garage. They looked cool. A day or two later I noticed “shavings” on the floor and realized something was in there eating away at them. And once it finished the trees I assumed it would on to my woodwork, so out they went!

  15. Kyla Wendy Brenna

    I bought my first colossal furniture – a greenwich sofa from Pottery Barn – 12 years ago and it was a really purchase! It looks great, the lines are classic, and it is very, extremely comfortable. I believe we will earn a one when we re-do our den. Though i may a slipcover for the one and it. So while not a fan at all of “cookie cutter” solutions, PB rally came through for me on this one.

  16. Cadence 666

    I the buttery yellows, and the living room looks comfortable. The stuffed alligator on the armoire gave me the creeps! Then I read that the lady loves taxidermy, so I guess that explains it. To each her own! art work.

  17. Irvin.33

    I completely agree with JessK. You can only control upto a extent without being extreme and over the top – A wish list is always a idea! Memberships to museums or classes (like soccer, ballet, piano etc if you to your child in it ) is an too …. Or even asking grandparents to recycle some toys from your childhood days if they any!

  18. Ahmed_Alessandro

    Please learn from my mistakes — you absolutely to out if a building has had or is dealing with bedbugs. I was wholly uneducated captivating in my last in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and now I am seriously paying the trying to the monsters from following me.Check the bedbug registry online while hunting and be to point blank ask about it when you to a — in most states they are required by law to you.

  19. Mario Jadon I.

    affection the pink bathroom! So cheerful you did not change it! And the yellow doors are great! So you brought it to its style. I abhor seeing the remuddling that people do.

  20. Jay.Matias

    Maybe it was the four glasses of wine that made it seem to plot that mirror there? Function vs. would that one, but not the MardiGras masks and in-full-view feather boa.Loving the doorway and ball lamps, though. One : a hospital curtain to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space.

  21. Aaron_Scott_Frankie

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  24. Mya Hadleigh Kaylynn

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  25. Lilyanna.1983

    I buy natural brick myself – and thats expensive paneling to paint over too – but essentially, every family needs to what works for them and adds in the enjoyment of their home. Life is too short to live with raw brick if you abominate it every time you into the room.I having a movie room this would be desirable fun.

  26. Payton.Brodie.Jovany

    @angelinethebaker – I did the molding. The combination of the molding and the wall color looks the landlord was going for a deceptive Tuscan theme. I can it – lots of wrought iron: a wine rack, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table with a glass top. Plus a cream colored leather overstuffed sofa, a kitchen table with a mosaic inlay, maybe a olive tree somewhere, maybe even a mural of a Tuscan villa. Something made out of terracotta – a angel maybe. Plus a statue of a woman carrying a basket of grapes. And something made out of an archaic wine barrel (maybe a game table?). Coasters with grape varietals printed on them, etc. Of course that would be an option for Kaitlynn too….

  27. Abraham Damien Walter C.

    I dont this should be something to when buying furniture. a that you can afford (or splurge on), that is your and that is worth the paid … I dont agree that antique is the to nor I of classic as the to … When people first bought those classic pieces, they were the “in”-thing then.I agree on point 1 though. around, you will calm solid pieces of furniture that are and solid and not made in China. And, not everything that is made in China are contemptible … I mean, an iPhone is technically made in China … but people pay a premium for it.One thing to pay attention to are local (or with internet nowadays, not so local) up and coming craftmen/craftwomen. While they are relative unknowns in the “design” world, pieces of furniture from them will be well built and (relatively speaking) affordable.

  28. Stella 88

    I painted my bedroom dark blue, Abyss from Benjamin Moore in Eggshell sheen. I love, love, affection it! The ceiling is gray, and I absorb a yellow/ochre bedspread from West Elm, a orange/yellow jerry johnson chair, and some art to brighten it up. But the black walls my room feels so cozy and intimate at night. I live high up in a lofted with views of the city, and one wall is all windows. The dark paint allows me to forego curtains (there are privacy shades) and the night time city views. The walls were originally white and light bounced off them making my room too at night.

  29. Nataly

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  30. Evalyn Saoirse A.

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  31. Marissa-Yasmin

    since you are doing tacos, why not depart with a few other “fiesta” type things a pinata? consume strictly for decor, or with favors for guests (guests might the option of contributing a item socks or caps or rattles) or with baby items for the parents to be. A “fiesta” inspired invitation would be simple (subtle, not to over the top) as would flowers, either and vibrantly colored or whimsical and made from tissue paper in grade school.

  32. Adelynn Julissa Whitney P.

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  33. Kamden_Darrius

    on a consistent pallette for the apartment…you black, khaki, grey…you need to add another color…grey-blue, orange, aqua…you need bolts of color here and there. Maybe up the blue that is in the Obama poster.Bedroom: You need nightstands…go to flea markets, garage sales, Goodwill…find something with edifying lines and paint it a dramatic color (whatever color you as your accent color)then that color as accent on the bedding with pillows. recede the Obama poster to the living room. you really want him staring at you in bed? Center the chest at the destroy of the bed where the poster is hanging. those four pictures hanging next to the television and hang two on either side of the chest.Curtains would also assist in the bedroom and living room…you can acquire inexpensive curtains from burlap…a cheap fabric…that will a effect.Also, over the fireplace…hang the Obama poster here. the pictures over the fireplace to over the sofa.Other ideas for walls…shop online for wall decals…there are some really designs in a variety of colors and they can be easily removed from the walls when you move. Displays of empty frames painted the same color and grouped together is an inexpensive to a wall…like the wall your television…Goodwill is a to inexpensive frames.Hope these ideas help. luck.

  34. Camille

    Maxwell, I wondered about the comments by Hilary Swank about her connection to the house. It seems that many homes that are featured in magazines and papers are soon or are already on the market and, it seemed that the street the house is on was mentioned as well. Those comments threw me, after enjoying the article and dreaming about having an industrial floor lamp in my living room.By the I went to Pascal Boyer Gallery on Friday and the Adnet daybed is in the front of the store.

  35. Zion L.

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  36. Wyatt Jovanny L.

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  37. Briella

    I Moravian stars! I absorb a pendant similar to that one in my foyer… it cost ~$120 as I recall… they are harder to in lighting store catalogs and online that you might think. (At least we found it so.)If I only had a to the table lamps!!! sigh!

  38. Tristin Adrien Q.

    What a cozy home, perfect for the gargantuan Rapids winters. Whenever I at houses, I try to imagine if the area would me feel cozy and warm on a winter stormy day and a I want to inside all day. This fits that bill.I all the books, artwork and all the colors. Well done!

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