Awesome Little Boys Bedroom Ideas

Your little boy bedroom is a place where he can relax and wind down, as well as an inspiring place where his imagination can run wild. When you initially brainstorm on what you should do with your little boy’s bedroom, you might automatically think of cars or robots. Luckily, there are many other little boys bedroom ideas to come up in some creative ways for your little boy’s personal sanctuary.   In choosing the best little boys bedroom ideas, you must also consider about the safety. A child’s bedroom is his private place where he should always feel safe and secure. Below are some of little boys bedroom ideas according themes. Ask him what theme he would like to feature and buy furniture and decor that matches a specific theme.

another little boy bedroom ideas Another Little Boy Bedroom

Decorate Your Little Boy Bedroom with Little Boys Bedroom Ideas

Create a jungle room for a fun-loving little boy who loves the outdoors. Paint the walls with jungle animals like snakes, leopards and exotic birds in addition to tropical trees and hibiscus flowers. Paint all the walls in the room to create a panoramic effect. Wrap plastic ivy vines around the posts and headboard of your sons bed and place stuffed animals like monkeys on the bed along with jungle-inspired bedding. On the other hand, sport theme little boys bedroom ideas can your choice. Do you have an athlete or a fan of baseball, basketball, football or hockey? Whatever your little guy is in to, give him a room to express his love of the sport. Start by painting the wall the colors of his favorite team. Decorate the walls with life-size wall stickers of scoreboards or players. Use painted lockers instead of dressers. If basketball is his thing, why not use a basketball hoop as a laundry chute? Think outside the box. If your theme is skateboarding, hang a real skateboard as a shelf.

jungle little boy bedroom ideasJungle Little Boy Bedroom Ideas

The next other little boys bedroom ideas; space theme. Your future astronaut will love a room with a space theme. Give him a journey through the stars by painting the walls dark and then filling them with stars and planets, or use stick-on wall murals to represent windows of a starship looking out on the universe. Paint glow-in-the-dark constellations and stars on the ceiling for nighttime viewing. If your boy is into space fantasy, decorate with a Star Trek, Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear or Transformers theme. Whether you go NASA or Luke Skywalker, a space theme can be out of this world.

awesome pirate little boy bedroom ideasAwesome Pirate Little Boy Bedroom Ideas

great pirate little boy bedroom ideasGreat Pirate Little Boy Bedroom Ideas

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies have inspired many a boy to love the sea and all things nautical. If it’s pirates that rock your boat, you’ll have lots of fun decorating your young swashbuckler’s bedroom. Ship’s wheels, a jolly roger flag, a coil of braided rope and, of course, a treasure chest, are a great beginning. Instead of lamps, use ship’s lanterns. There are so many fun things to decorate a pirate’s room–and don’t forget the treasure map. Or you can go for military theme. Paint the walls in desert colors or a shade of green. Cover the bed with camouflage bedspread and sheets. Keep accessory colors to green, tan and brown to blend with the scheme. You can customize waste baskets, picture frames and lamp shades with paint, or cover with camo fabric. Add green mosquito netting draped as a canopy over the bed. Outdoor items add that extra touch, such as artificial vines and trees to decorate the walls. These were some little boys bedroom ideas. Remember about the safety and secure for your little boy. And from furniture to furnishing, make a point to highlight their likes and create an ultimate space for little boy .

awesome pirate little boy bedroom ideas , Awesome Little Boys Bedroom Ideas In  Category
another little boy bedroom ideas , Awesome Little Boys Bedroom Ideas In  Category
great pirate little boy bedroom ideas , Awesome Little Boys Bedroom Ideas In  Category
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