Fresh and Beachy Bedroom Ideas

Many people’s idea of paradise is sitting on a beach with a warm breeze in their hair, gazing out over the ocean. If this sounds like your idea of relaxation, you can bring this type of atmosphere into your bedroom, no matter where you live. It is easy to create a beachy bedroom without spending a lot of money. There are several fresh and beachy bedroom ideas to go for. These beachy bedroom ideas are really great and simple ways to bring the open, calming, breezy feeling of the sea, sand and sun into your bedroom. And given below are some of them. Keep reading..

adorable beachy bedroom ideas   Adorable Beachy Bedroom Ideas

Get an Enjoyable and Calming Experience with Beachy Bedroom Ideas

Let us start with the number one of beachy bedroom ideas. It’s begin with choose the colors. The colors you choose for your beach bedroom will depend on the style you are looking for. If you are interested in a tropical feel, you may wish to use bright colors such as reds, yellows and greens. If you want more of a nautical feel, then you will want to use rich blues and reds. For a lush ocean scene, choose soft blues and tans to mimic the feel of the sand. Add yellow for a little color, and use neutral shades for throw rugs and curtains. Then, for decorating, there are many uses for shells when decorating your space. One way to use them is to cover picture frames or mirrors with shells. Find shells of various colors and sizes and glue them on the frame or mirror using a glue gun. Hang on your wall or set on a shelf for instant style. If you have collected shells on previous trips, display them in glass jars on shelves or bookcases to add an instant beach element. If they aren’t full yet, don’t worry, you can add new shells each time you go to the beach. Shadow boxes are another way to display shells you have found or purchased on your travels. Hang the finished box on the wall, and you’re done.

lovely beachy bedroom ideasLovely Beachy Bedroom Ideas

For the wall, add shelves to your walls by using old surfboards, or purchase premade, smaller surfboards made for this purpose. Hang a collection of frames on one wall using photos you have taken or purchased. Buy a small canvas. Paint it the color of your choice, and then glue a star fish or sand dollar in the center of it for an instant piece of minimalist art. The next other beachy bedroom ideas; bedding and window treatments. Depending on the look you are going for, you have several options for your bedding choices. If you use soft, white bedding, it will give your room a crisp, clean look. Add color in the accessories. If you start with a clean slate on the bed, you are free to use whatever colors you like on the walls and accent pieces. If you like a lot of color, purchase or make a comforter using a Hawaiian print. You can even use a hula skirt for a dust ruffle to continue your beach theme. Add curtains that go along with your color choice. If you choose to go with white fabrics, a simple white curtain will continue to add to the clean look you are going for. If you like more color, use a coordinating fabric to match the Hawaiian colors you chose for the comforter. You could even use a small Hawaiian lei as a tieback for the curtains.

breezy feel beachy bedroom ideasBreezy Feel Beachy Bedroom Ideas

nautical beachy bedroom ideasNautical Beachy Bedroom Ideas

nautical fresh beachy bedroom ideasNautical Fresh Beachy Bedroom Ideas

Set a small fish bowl on a table, dresser or bookshelf to continue the beach theme. Buy tropical plants or ferns and set them around the room to make it feel more comfortable. Add texture by using wicker baskets or straw woven chairs in a seating area. Whatever you choose to do in your room, stick to elements and colors you like, and it will be the relaxing space you dreamed of. For the last beachy bedroom ideas, make your beach room bright by using sheer curtains to let in natural light. For electric lighting, use glass lamps filled with seashells or lamps that look like antique ship’s lanterns. Give the room an airy feeling by adding a ceiling fan and light with sea grass blades. If you want a surfer vibe, add brightly colored paper lanterns. For a whimsical touch, use strings of lights in the shape of palm trees. These were the beachy bedroom ideas for your bedroom into a fresh calming beachy theme. So, select the colors, furniture and decorating items well and enjoy the new looking bedroom!

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