Elegant Antique Bedroom Vanity

The bedroom vanity is still prevalent in the eco-friendly 21st century. As people reduce their living space and consumption, there is still a need to prepare for the day ahead, and that way is harkening back to centuries before when the bedroom vanity was often a mark of decadence. Today, antique styles always manage to make a comeback. Antique bedroom vanity create an oasis for leisurely primping. Finding one you love can be the inspiration to redecorate your whole bedroom. However you decide to decorate with your antique bedroom vanity, you might start to feel like an old time movie star sitting on that cute little stool facing a mirror that is gently curved to frame your face. Also, if you are one of those antique lovers, then you will find antique bedroom vanity add punch to your collection, no matter what style you seek.

ย  lovely antique bedroom vanity Lovely Antique Bedroom Vanity

Decorate Your Bedroom with Timeless Antique Bedroom Vanity

This antique bedroom vanity has different styles. The first style is Georgian Chippendale. Popularized by British cabinet-maker Thomas Chippendale, the Chippendale style has become synonymous with ornate wood carvings, usually in mahogany, and curved, ball-in-claw feet. Chippendale vanities began appearing in the late 18th century and were generally larger than their Queen Anne predecessors, featuring two rows of drawers instead of one. These vanities are usually topped by a large mirror surrounded with curving ornamentation. Then, for fans of more modern antique furniture, try an Art Deco-style vanity table.

art deco antique bedroom vanityArt Deco Antique Bedroom Vanity

Art deco furniture features clean lines, a minimal amount of added adornment and often geometric shapes. According to Victoriana.com, “This furniture style was derived from an historic Paris exposition in 1925 that celebrated the marriage of art and industry in rejection of art nouveau.” Vanities of this style consist of a range of materials such as high-polished wood or stainless steel. Such vanities often have sensuous curves in the legs and corners of the table, and the frame of the mirror and scalloped surfaces that make strong yet subtle lines and ridges. Such vanities may also contain carvings or inlaid designs of starbursts, sunbursts or chevrons. All in all, this style of vanity has a very glamorous look and feel to it.

sweet antique bedroom vanitySweet Antique Bedroom Vanity

adorable antique bedroom vanityAdorable Antique Bedroom Vanity

Another popular styles ofย  antique bedroom vanity is Queen Anne. Popularized in the early 18th century, the Queen Anne style vanities are remarkable for their lightness and grace. The design of these vanities features a number of curves, especially in the table legs. Prominent scalloped carvings complete the Queen Anne style. These vanities can be made from a wide variety of woods, including mahogany, oak, walnut and maple. The tables are taller than the Chippendale variety but feature only one row of drawers, and are topped by a smaller, round mirror. These were some information about antique bedroom vanity. To buy this vanity, you can check out antique and thrift stores for great buys. If you don’t want a gently used set, then head off to your local furniture store. The store may only have a few on displays because vanities aren’t as popular as they once were. Ask the salesperson to allow you to see a catalog. If you could possibly’t find what you want in the store, the salesman ought to be able to order it. Antique bedroom vanities are making a comeback. You could be a part of the revolution.

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  2. Tristian@33

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  8. Tinley Hana

    I was puzzled to an duplicate of my mahogany pie crust table – minus the handpainted dog on the top – on the One Kings Lane website selling for a couple thousand dollars “marked down from $3,800”.I paid $400 for mine in an antique store in NC.

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  23. MckenzieVanessaBriana

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  24. Osvaldo Marquis

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  27. Rosa

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  28. Karen Zahra

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  31. Savannah_Morgan_Elliot

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