Balcony Decorating Ideas

Balcony decorating ideas is part of home exterior design for your home design, especially for you who have 2 floor home design. If you could arrange your balcony in good way, you would have beautiful balcony. Actually, balcony also has the same function as terrace. The function of balcony also for becoming the place to have a relax place. But here, balcony has different taste since it would make you have beautiful view of your environment. Then, actually, how to manage the balcony so that it would seem to be nice place for you and family? Actually there are many kinds of balcony decorating ideas that would be good for you but still it depends on the style of your home design.

Balcony Idea with Wooden SculptureBalcony idea with wooden sculpture

For example, if you have  a minimalist design, the shape of your balcony  is a simple balcony with horizontal and vertical steel fence. Then, if you have a traditional or classical home design, the suitable design of your balcony is that you could have wooden fence. Then, if you want to make or build balcony, you should consider about the direction of the should not make a balcony in the direction of the sunset because the light of the sunset would be hotter and it could destroy the wall paint. Then, if it is not possible, you could add some plants that would be cover for the wall. Just choose the medium plants for the design of the balcony.

If we take a look at the balcony idea above, we could see a simple decoration for the balcony. in that decoration, there are some small plants in the pots. then, there is one stone bench and table in placed in the corner of the design. beside that, this design is interesting since there is wooden sculpture behind the plants. this idea is very nice idea since the sculpture could add the natural look of the balcony design.

Romantic Balcony IdeaRomantic balcony idea

Another idea for having interesting balcony decorating idea is that by having romantic balcony idea. what does it mean by romantic design? in this design, there are some hanging plants that make it very fresh. Beside that, adding white sofa is great idea since you could spend much of your time there while laying down your body. This balcony is becoming very romantic since there is additional lamps behind the hanging plants and the lamps are also hanging together with it.

Simple Balcony IdeaSimple Balcony idea

In the picture above, it could be seen the simple idea of balcony design. It is common the balcony is decorated by some plants and flowers. Then, adding table and chairs also great idea since you could have some leisure time there.

So, what do you think about those balcony decorating ideas? don’t you want to have it as one of your balcony decorating ideas i your home?

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