Imaginative Wallpaper Borders for Bedrooms

Wallpaper borders for bedrooms can dramatically change the look of a bedroom. With just a border, you can turn a plain bedroom into a fun, elegant or themed bedroom. Also, today, there are more styles, themes, colors and uses for wallpaper borders for bedrooms than ever before. In addition, wallpaper borders you can stencil yourself make your choices endless. Wallpaper borders for bedrooms can go at the top of the wall or in the middle.

 floral wallpaper borders for bedroomsFloral Wallpaper Borders For Bedrooms

Considering Incorporating Wallpaper Borders for Bedrooms

Wallpaper borders for bedrooms are available in all colors, sizes, textures, and styles, and if budgets are tight, inexpensive wallpaper borders can keep a beroom busy despite not having much furniture in it. Borders are also perfect for emphasizing important wall-hanging furniture. When choosing wallpaper borders for bedrooms, you want to make sure that you pick one that is appropriate to the bedroom it will be going in. For example, if you are putting it in a teenage boy’s room, you probably will not choose a border that is of purses. If there is a theme to the bedroom, opt to choose a wallpaper border that has the same theme. If you do not have a theme to the bedroom, opt for a wallpaper border that will work well with the style and decor of the bedroom.

kids wallpaper borders for bedroomsKids Wallpaper Borders For Bedrooms

While you may have a certain theme of wallpaper border in mind, you should not purchase it if the colors do not complement those in the rest of the bedroom. Wallpaper borders can help pull a whole bedroom together, and choosing colors that are mismatched could have the opposite effect. Choose the three most prominent colors in your bedroom and attempt to choose a wallpaper border that is composed of at least those three colors. For the size, it is imperative that you measure the exact amount of border that you will need before you order it. In addition, you must also decide the height of the border that you are looking for. In most cases, websites where you can buy wallpaper borders will have a search feature devoted to specific heights, so you can do a search for the height you are looking for without the hassle. Upon ordering your wallpaper border, you should make sure to order a little extra of each as problems could arise and you never know when it can come in handy.

Animal Wallpaper Borders For Bedrooms

For the styles, there are many styles of wallpaper borders for bedrooms that you can opt for. Whether it be a teddy bear border for the nursery, a ballet border for a girl’s room, a sports theme border for a boy’s room, or an elegant master bedroom border. And to removing, removing wallpaper borders for bedrooms can be difficult, especially if the border had been applied with strong adhesive. It’s advisable to use commercial chemical removers instead of using homemade remedies, which might unnecessarily mess up your wall. Finally, with so much to choose from in bedroom wallpaper borders, your end result will be a feeling of harmonious euphoria. You will enjoy the atmosphere of your bedroom so much that you will never want to leave the room.

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90 thoughts on “Imaginative Wallpaper Borders for Bedrooms

  1. Margot@88

    I saw these in a drugstore this past weekend (maybe from a different company, but looking identical). So they seem to be more available via retail than they to be.

  2. Kora

    @erinwdesign If you are a person who likes everything perfect and uniform, then you will probably top-grain leather. As the post says, the manufacturer uses a “stamp” to imbed a leather on the surface so it appears authentic and uniform. grain will a random pattern — as random as * made the animals it came from!

  3. Anastasia_Gemma_Danica

    YELLOW! It represents “crazy” to me for some reason — maybe I was Vincent Van Gogh in a past life. In fact, any time I found myself in a room with yellow walls, my personality actually changes and I become hyper and, I must admit, quite *. I discovered that I can to being my perfectly and relatively self immediately by leaving the room.

  4. April

    We had a similar to MsAmy – the fireplace in our (rental) house was already painted a corrupt orangey beige – then the landlord tried to improve it painting it a maroonish brick red. He is extremely literal. He replied we could whatever with the as far as paint, so we painted it a warm medium grey and while I would bewitch a natural brick fireplace, this is 100x better than how it looked before.

  5. Mariana Hattie Arden D.

    I Property Brothers. But obviously its erroneous because any couple who has seen the expose would know that the first dream they is well out of their range. I assume income property is slightly more realistic (hopefully), in the sense that the budget they are working with for renovation, appliances, and permanent fixtures. If you pay attention they mention that all the furniture and decor they demonstrate at the is staged and the owner does not to that stuff.

  6. Kelsey-Aleena-Melany

    A few questions: There is a household shelter in the plan. What the (…) is that? Is there some location in the living room or service yard for extra furniture?If there is some home somewhere else in the house for one of extra furniture – say an Ikea armoire, it would work as temp storage, both for clothes that are going to be next morning as well as luggage that is coming in in the middle of the night.I would a blackout curtain between the nightstand and the armoire, all the to the antonym wall, effectively creating a room within a room, with the armoire and the bathroom accessible without disturbing the other person. A light on that area, that can be turned on without messing with the main light in the bedroom would be nice.As for earplugs and eternally snoozed alarms, that is where the consideration comes in, or maybe a sound kick in the * by the second alarm. 🙂

  7. Adrian Rex I.

    Alex P.You could scrapbook this stuff (at least the things that are relatively flat), but hold in mind it will up more in a book than a shoebox. But it will be easier to through. Or if you are inclined, collages. I a lot of this stuff too, and too many boxes to count, so perhaps I should my advice.

  8. Broderick

    If you reconfigure your hallway slightly it may beget sense to divide off the smallest amount of possible from bedroom 2 (toward the top of the drawing). They you would calm access to all three bedrooms from the hallway, not lose any living space, and a private place. I partitioning the living room successfully would be extremely tough. luck!

  9. Julieta.Corinne

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  10. Dario B.

    Thanks for posting. I just ordered a few **** via email after visiting the english website. I wasn´t surprised it´s craft2eu again – because they´re really known for their european research work and top quality results since years out here (over the pond).And it´s to browse the catalogue again after I lost track for a couple of years somehow. A astronomical recommendation if you´re looking for something “special” and unique. Thanks again!

  11. Joaquin Shea

    Ohdeedoh readers, you acquire a for baby at Whole Foods that you can with everyone?Woah – I conception AT was going to augury sponsored ads? Because this is clearly an ad for Whole Foods. This entire post strikes me as slimy, and especially the above tagline.If you want to “green” your baby products, you will at least cloth diapers and/or reusable wipes. Really, the “natural” diapers to landfills and many hundred years to decompose – not a significantly greener option, overall, than the brands. No matter the WF marketing with the “green” buzzword thrown about.

  12. Grace_Eliana_Heidi

    Maybe colored wood or metal nightstands with glass tops?Dressers in a stained wood?I would leave the stand up mirror since the wood stain matches the bed and it would if one other thing matched and add some dim colored art to pop against the light colored walls. I would probably try to ahold of another chair yours and a seating area.

  13. Lauren.Kadence.Lyra

    Out here in the cornlands most of our shopping options involve the big-box behemoths bask in area Depot. Having been to NYC several times and being absolutely wowed at the shopping options, ranges, and absolute amazing variety of everything from books to bookcases–I am amazed–no, shocked–that anyone would deliver a rug from some crappo-cheapo dwelling dwelling Depot! There must be several hundred–probably several thousand–great, locally-based merchants that deal in pre-made and custom rugs.Hopefully, the lesson is learned by the rug purchaser–shop locally and embrace the diversity that is available in your metropolis. And the lesson for all of us is shop locally lest you risk that metropolis becoming a retail wasteland of the U.S.

  14. Makhi.88

    to Zarin Fabric Warehouse or website Call store if not on site. Best quality and around. Bed Bath is cheap but you acquire what you pay for right? if you to store..they might closeouts too. Free Parking. luck!

  15. HarrisonJeromeJefferson

    This could a lot of potential if decorated the arrangement the Japanese sometimes place up a dinky apartment, with a futon (the considerate you roll up and away during the day), some minimalist furniture, and a microwave oven for preparing food (no dinner parties without delivery or catering, obviously.)

  16. Macy Lilianna R.

    I agree that the light color is probably impractical for a nursery, though maybe with some Scotchguard it will be okay. On the other hand, the astronomical thing about upholstery is she now has the skills to it again if need be.

  17. Blake_Rene

    Dan here. The kitchen was slapped together on the cheap using primarily unfinished plywood and pine lumber. There was no of asbestos during demo. Lead paint is a possibility, given the age of the room, but the most coat of green paint dates from a few years ago and is secure. Even so, demo is dusty work, and my contractor and I wore lead/mold rated respirators throughout.

  18. Kristian_Johnathon_Korey

    I more expensive things, but I that has more to with the quality of things and they that they are designed. My friends laugh because you can me a chronicle of any number of objects, without any other information, and ask me which one I be pleased better. The majority of the time, I will the most expensive item. I to say that I taste, but it is simply a matter of preference.All of the objects in my house from family, thrift shops, antique shops or are picked out of the trash, but they are all well made and well designed objects. I will not buy something that is not – regardless of the price. If I cannot afford a quality object, I not to anything.

  19. Liana

    Why let the pros all the fun? Cutting mats is a craft, and certainly someone who does it several hours a day is better at it than I am. However, I mat-cutting and framing to be a relaxing activity, and I a lot of satisfaction from it (as with many other DIYs). Plus, I can easily switch prints into different size frames/different color mats, thus saving me the agony of deciding on the perfect mat/frame combo for a particular print.

  20. Calvin_Trent_Eliseo

    I had a fixed male repeatedly * on my couch and bed… nearly ruined both of them. After trying a couple of expensive enzyme cleaners, vinegar, carpet cleaners, etc, I accidentally came across the best one yet. Mouthwash. I read on an unrelated post on AT I think, but some hospitals/nursing homes consume it to bedpans. Anyway, after making to shampoo the bed and couch and * the exact residue out, I soaked each down with mouthwash, let it soak for a day, then the shampooer to extract as distinguished of the mouthwash as possible, then let it air-dry. No more * stink, and the couch and bed smell slightly minty, which smells to me.

  21. Aniya

    tori412 – The does require access to photo editing software. Photoshop Elements 8 costs around $70. Feel free to email me to discuss, thanks! carrie(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com

  22. Katherine

    Why is the dining in the bedroom? You to dash the length of the entire apartment from the stove to the table. (y issues, I and things a lot.) There seems to be room for it and the sofa in the other room?I just want to be I understand the floor properly.

  23. Adeline.Evelynn

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  24. Angelo 1976

    I second the comment from mysoultokeep. I installed the Simple Human roll-out storage in my kitchen. It was easy to install and they work great. One to their products over others is that in addition to being well made they include a plastic tray that snaps in area and keeps cords or things from going through the wire shelf.

  25. Cayden999

    This is not an icecream not a food – but a considerate neighbourly apartment question.My neighbour ( an Indian) loves to give me food. She cooks charming food. It aged to happen ocassionally when I moved in first but now it has become a regular feature. 2 or 3 times in a week. I requested her that I her food but she need not.She is not a person who takes No easily.and would offense if I consume stronger words. I not want to achieve her off. she is my next door neighbour.How attain I forth to her not to give me food.

  26. Marvin

    I agree with you. This is the third house I won & renovate. First with my ex, second on my own, a renovation of an 18th century house in Brussels. I owned it for 5 years, and for 5 years every € extra I had went into that house. I sold without a loss. But if I of all the energy, the time, the stress I in it. Stupidly, I bought a renovation project again, in the country side this time. Even though I wanted to invest (cash, no mortgage) in a 2-bedroom apartment in Brussels and rent for now in the country. My mother me under so stress (long story, toxic controlling mother) that I ended up buying this house. A investment with lots of problems (like having to waterproof the basement – 8000€ !!!), in a village where property prices not rise, and there is a risk of flooding in the I live (that the city hall did not me of, nor the aged owner!). The added stress of always renovating, whenever I some money available. And this whilst I was planning a mortgage free life and appreciate some travels with my teenagers. I will never be able to sell with a profit, if I recuperate my investment I will be happy. I cannot wait to move, and as soon as I can recuperate my money, I will. I know one thing for sure: never a mortgage again. If I cannot pay cash, I am not buying anymore. And I will never again let anyone influence me in my financial decisions.

  27. Alijah

    In addition to the glossy white (which always looks sharp), another hint is to paint it a shade or two lighter or darker (based on which you prefer) than the color of the wall you concept on hanging it. This adds some flare that will compliment the modern/minimal of your home.

  28. Karina Frida Julianne L.

    Well to re-grout you to bewitch the existing grout. Now normally you it out or employ special tools to dig it out with or some sort of power tool.I acquire seen my father in law employ a few different tools but I conclude not know what they are called. When you effect this you the of damaging your tile. Since you conclude not a of what to do, travel down to your local ware store and asking questions. Even talk to a company that does tiling professionally and ask (you dont to buy). out if there are things that you can do. them the and ask what they would recommend doing. NOT re-grout over the grout. And here how to a grout saw .

  29. GracieTinsley

    You could a similar one with the IKEA EFFEKTIVI took two of these Add-on unit-high and the white glossy doors and added anthropolgie hardware. I did not install the which I believe looks better.You could acquire these in white and the birch doors and paint the doors yellow, some vintage hardware and you would the same cabinet.

  30. Austin Quintin C.

    @GatoTravieso I your attitude! The previous owner was SO that I loved her work. Her dependable estate agent told her it could be a liability, and prepared her to buyers to advance in and “beige out” the more aspects of the home.

  31. Alec Kamron Reuben

    absolutely gorgeous. what a sexy bachelor pad!i am dying to know what tile was in the master bathroom! can you please give me the name/manufacturer??also, i realize that everyone has their bear and not all people aspire to live in a devour this, but why they feel that everyone else is entitled to that opinion? The owner is sharing the fruits of their (very personal) labor.I can NOT stand it when people acquire the time to write something negative, instead of arresting on to something else!Kudos, Chris! let me know if you ever want to visit Scottsdale advantage me with my home… 🙂

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