Using Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

A bedroom wall can be part of the structure of a building, or it can be a clean slate for decorating ideas. If you see yours as the latter, there are many ways to personalize your bedroom wall and make it your own. Break away from traditional colors and coverings and let your bedroom walls reflect your design sense and personality. There are so many wall decor ideas for bedroom lifts your spirits and makes your room look more attractive to others. And some top wall decor ideas for bedroom that can create a restful and personal bedroom are listed below.

  hanging wall art wall decor ideas for bedroom    Hanging Wall Art Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Ensure The Best Match for Your Room and You with Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

Ok, let us start with the easiest wall decor ideas for bedroom, it is painting. Boring white wall facades are no fun. Try painting them, especially with vibrant colors or with fun designs. Create a cozy cottage feeling by installing wainscoting halfway up the wall, then painting the upper half of the wall a soft neutral color. Another popular look in bedrooms is to use painter’s tape to create wide vertical stripes. Paint every other stripe in a slightly darker tone of the same shade of paint. This look is attractive when used on an accent wall behind the bed. Accent walls can also be decorated with wallpaper. Choose a romantic pattern and wallpaper the wall behind the bed. Finish the rest of the room off in a paint color that complements the wallpaper. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with all the photos. Photos are popular in bedrooms, especially master bedrooms. You don’t want to cover an entire wall with family photos, however. This will create a cluttered look that is not conducive to the relaxing feeling that should be created in a bedroom. Instead, choose two or three favorite photos, and have them printed in black and white or sepia tones. Then, mat and frame the photos in the same frame for a cohesive, elegant and restful look. Hang them in a horizontal row above a chair rail or headboard.

cottage wall decor ideas for bedroomCottage Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Then, another wall decor ideas for bedroom is go with shelves. Shelves are a great way to break up the flat surface of the wall in a bedroom. You do not want to use them in the same way you would in a family room, however. Do not crowd the shelves with too many books or use them to hold DVDs. Again, doing so will take away from the serene feeling of the bedroom. Instead, create a warm and cozy atmosphere by placing a small lamp on a shelf, along with a simple vase of flowers or a green houseplant. Add one or two favorite books. For a more romantic bedroom, replace the lamp with some candles and add an incense diffuser.

shelves in wall decor ideas for bedroomShelves In Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

frame art wall decor ideas for bedroomFrame Art Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

headboard wall decor ideas for bedroomHeadboard Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

photos wall decor ideas for bedroomPhotos Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

paint wall decor ideas for bedroomPaint Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

modern style wall decor ideas for bedroomModern Style Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Also, you can try this one, using headboard! The wall behind the bed is usually the focal wall in any bedroom. If the bed does not have a headboard, the wall will look empty and bare, even if you decorate it. Therefore, the best decoration for this wall is to create a headboard for the bed. This can be done with a simple piece of plywood, some batting, fabric and a staple gun. You can also create the illusion of a headboard by attaching window shutters to the wall. Lay one or both of them horizontally for a distinctive look. These were some wall decor ideas for bedroom that you can take inspiration from. Use proper lighting to bring out every decorative element of your bedroom and use curtains and drapes to complete the look. After all, when it comes to wall decoration for your bedroom, do not be afraid to put three-dimensional objects on the walls–by adding depth, you can break up a large facade and make it seem less daunting.  Also, get creative! Anything can brighten a room if used creatively.

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