Masculine Bedrooms for Men

When it comes to masculine bedrooms for men, men often prefer a straightforward approach to design. Comfort is usually a higher priority than the room’s aesthetics. Then about the decor, decorating a room with a man’s tastes in mind, it is typically best to keep the design simple. Clean lines and functional pieces work best in a masculine decor scheme, and frilly, lacy accessories should be avoided at all costs. Masculine bedrooms are also often created through color and clean lines. Black, blue, purple, green are some of the beautiful colors on the masculine pallet. If you are a man, who looking for some suggestions to create a masculine-feel for your bedroom then below are some ideas to create masculine bedrooms for men. Take a look!

  elegant masculine bedrooms  Elegant Masculine Bedrooms

Ideas to Create Masculine Bedrooms for Men

Before we jump on the first ideas to create masculine bedrooms for men, first of all, survey the situation. Study your bedroom and take notice of the size, lines and angles of the space. Also consider your existing furnishings and bedroom accessories as you work toward a masculine feel. You may decide to overhaul the existing look altogether or work off of the current style. Also, incorporate a theme into your bedroom. You don’t have to go overboard with the theme, but subtle touches throughout the room help to tie it together. A theme can be anything from simply sticking to the same color palette when decorating to placing objects related to a specific subject in the room.

good masculine bedroomsGood Masculine Bedrooms

Then the first ideas to create masculine bedrooms for men, decide on a color palette. Go neutral with white, tan or beige walls. For a more bold statement, paint walls blue, brown or another deep shade. Take into consideration the size of your bedroom when choosing a wall color. Darker colors will close up the space while lighter colors open up the room. Compromise by painting one wall a dark shade and keeping the others white. Then, for the flooring, in terms of flooring for masculine bedrooms, dark wood works well. Opt for a cherry-stained floor that goes with almost all color schemes. For a modern, industrial feel, opt for a smooth concrete floor. Stain the concrete or leave it the original gray color. Accent the wood or concrete floors with an area rug that fits in with the color scheme of your bed linens and curtains.

For the bedding, use nature as inspiration when deciding on colors and patterns. Consider a solid colored duvet and matching pillow cases. Don’t overdress the bed with decorative shams and throw pillows. Keep it clean and simple. Stripes and plaids in dark colors are masculine in nature. For a stronger composition, pair stripes with plaids or simply add patterned pillowcases with a monochromatic comforter. Then, dress the windows. Cover windows with simple panels in a heavy material. Avoid sheers or light fabrics and select a contrast color that works with the existing color palette. Window treatments are a good way to incorporate bold colors without overwhelming the room.

males masculine bedroomsMales Masculine Bedrooms

cool male masculine bedroomsCool Male Masculine Bedrooms

awesome masculine bedroomsAwesome Masculine Bedrooms

contemporary masculine bedroomsContemporary Masculine Bedrooms


great masculine bedroomsGreat Masculine Bedrooms

For the furniture, furniture comes in such a wide array of styles, choosing one is overwhelming. Any color of wood furniture can add to the feel of a masculine bedroom. Stick to simple designs without embellishment and ornate carvings. Metal furnishings, such as stainless steel bed frames, can also add a manly vibe to a room. So, these were some ideas to create masculine bedrooms for men that you can consider to try. After all, work in the details, add some creative style of your own. Masculine bedrooms are full of men’s character and of course, comfy yet simple.

awesome masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category
contemporary masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category
males masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category
elegant masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category
good masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category
great masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category
cool male masculine bedrooms , Masculine Bedrooms for Men In  Category

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  2. RebeccaSkyler

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    I the scope of small/cool should also be defined with reference to inhabitants. After all, 1000 sf is plenty for one person, and 1200 sf is for a family of 4.

  6. Ethan

    So, no photos of the sleeping area, but tonnes of vignettes of cutting oranges, oranges on plates, cans of paint?I feel I got 1/3 of a tour.Bit of a shame, I photos of RVs as homes.

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    ONE MORE considerable FOLKS: I originally of painting the fireplace mantle, white. But, if I enact it assume the brick will be floating in the middle of the room and the mantle will be lost, yes? thoughts???? also, thoughts on high-gloss paint?

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    in rental apartments I drawn a line at almost my uppermost comfortable painting level and repainted up from the floor to that point. This usually covers the scuffed areas. then I paint a second color as a border. after that the upper walls and hang art. If you are handy you can even add molding framing the border color. the carpet is an that would be quite expensive to tackle, would your landlord credit the rent if you had it replaced?

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    Simply a perfected balance of all things beautiful. Often people try so hard to mimic an editorial spread or an ad for over-abundance of desire. Here, we a gallery within a edited for comfort and visual enjoyment. bravo

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    Ron-You a duty to as many people as possible your perfect dinky (that goes for you too, judges). honest believe how better the world would be if McMansion enthusiasts everywhere turned away from the cult of gigantica rooms, weirdly vaulted ceilings and commercial light fixtures because you showed them the to salvation. Hallelujah.By the way, Ron, I the updates. The current rug is delightful. Who knew such a cramped thing could alter the mood of the whole room? Thank you, thank you thank you for the video. I was itching to eye what the kitchen and bathroom looked like. I knew they would be terrific, and I was not at all disappointed. The lamps and dog in the bathroom are so fun without looking contrived. How did you that?? luck!

  11. AldoThaddeus

    Things I about this kitchen–touches of my favorite, jadeite; the warmth of wood countertops, coupled with that they are inexpensive and practical (love ours), lots of light, blend of closed for cozy and begin for friendly. When you an unexpected windfall, one of the retro fridges–it would gape in that space!

  12. Jared-Ricardo

    gigantic job on the garden, how beautiful. As for the house although not my fashion but I enjoyed the tour its charming, and lots of fun nooks to at. adore that wood table, with the plants next to the window! The kitchen is great.Thanks for sharing.

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  16. Alexis Albert Walter A.

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  17. Alonzo Jovanny B.

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  21. Corbin

    1.) two accent colors brighter/lighter than what you currently have. one more liberally than the other.2.) the hint about standard bed pillows with custom covers in one of teh accent colors.3.) rearrange the bookshelf and achieve in several heavy items (bookends, vases, sculpturey sorts of things, wrapping paper to books) in the accent colors.4.) Replace or recover the lampshade in one of the accent colors or possibly something shimmery or metalic, to brighten up the where the curtains are.5.) achieve up artwork featuring the dominant accent color on the gray wall.6.) Replace the coffee table with something longer. (Long & narrow with nothing underneath to a sense of might be what works best with a cramped room.) Possibly an upholstered bench with a serving tray (in the dominan accent color) on top… it could double as extra seating, or you can it as a footrest when seated on the sofa.Good luck! Your location has bones, it impartial needs some accessorizing.An alternative to painting the bookcase would be to the shelves and line the abet with wallpaper, creating the without necessarily permanently changing the bookcase itself.

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