Eclectic Decoration Ideas for Bedrooms

Bored of the same old look of your bedroom? Then, perhaps it’s time for you to give a serious thought, to give your room a complete makeover. This place should be a haven of relaxation and serenity, at least for you. It should have a design and decor which will instantly make you comfortable, after a long, tiring day at work. And one of the most preferred design and decor is eclectic style. Eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms are comes in a mixture of different decorating styles. It can also be a blend of different cultures and time periods. A successful eclectic design scheme is not a random assortment of mismatched home furnishings and decor. It is a deliberate and planned design scheme that is unified by furnishings that relate to each other through color, shape, texture, finish or scale. Go for eclectic decorations ideas for bedrooms can be very exciting, however, it will be challenging as well. Below are some eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms that you can try to makeover your bedroom.

adorable eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms  Adorable Eclectic Decoration Ideas For Bedrooms

Go For Different Style with Eclectic Decoration Ideas for Bedrooms

Eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms can be easy once you know what to look for. First of all, choose a wall color in a soft tone. Light blues and greens work very well, as do creams and beige tones. Choose several accent colors to go with the wall color of bedroom. Pick curtains in any pattern, as long as they contain at least two of your accent colors. Choose throw pillows the same way; the patterns need not match, but the colors should. For the bed, look for a bed with West Indies flavor – perhaps a four-poster with turned or carved mahogany. Or the bed might incorporate wicker or rattan, possibly combining these natural materials with wrought iron. Dress the bed in a bedspread, comforter and/or bed skirt (pleated or straight) in a fabric that has an ethnic feel. Some eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms include prints with pagoda, palm, bamboo, rattan or batik patterns; or geometrics reminiscent of Africa or Mexico.

lovely eclectic decoration ideas for bedroomsLovely Eclectic Decoration Ideas For Bedrooms

Then, use bedside tables that complement but don’t match the bed, eclectic decor draws on multiple cultures for inspiration. You might have one wicker nightstand and one mahogany bedside table, for example. Next, top the tables with lamps with a foreign flavor. You may see resin lamps shaped like carved monkeys, palm trees, elephants, camels and the like. Ginger jar and decorative pottery lamps work well, too. Choose chests of drawers, dressers and/or armoires that have cane insets or that use large Asian or Mexican hardware to echo your eclectic look. All-wicker styles or carved furnishings from Mexico and Asia blend, too. Slip off your shoes while sitting in a woven-wicker chair or a hand-painted/hand-carved chair from Mexico. These styles may be prettier to look at than sit on, but bedroom chairs typically are used for short stints, so they should be fine even if they’re less than ergonomically perfect.

great decoration ideas for bedroomsGreat Decoration Ideas For Bedrooms

bhg eclectic decoration ideas for bedroomsBhg Eclectic Decoration Ideas For Bedrooms

Choose as many picture frames as you need in your accent colors, wood tones and metal tones. These can be any size or shape. Cluster different, small shapes together at eye level and space larger frames out over a room. Then, add statuary and decoration, such as tall, dark wooden African sculpture, Zen rock gardens, enameled Indian animals and gods or Celtic tapestries. All of these, in fact, can go in the room so long as they have colors or tones that match something else in the room. Do not overcrowd the room; choose several large, beautiful pieces from different cultures. That’s it. These were some eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms that you can try. After all,  the best thing about an eclectic design is the fact that you get to personalize your design as much as you want. That’s because with eclecticism, you are able to exercise those creative muscles in you and in the end, you come up with something that is truly yours. Eclectic decoration ideas for bedrooms are also perfect for those who like to think outside the box. Whether you choose this decorating ideas for just your bedroom or you go all out with an eclectic style home, just remember to find a common element to help tie everything together.

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  1. Melanie2011

    Personally, I everything about the change. But I these things might be better appreciated with a of the room they are in. Adds some perspective. As one who had the “princess white wood” bedroom (complete with four poster canopy bed!), growing up, I know what it is to be tired of looking at it as-is. I this was a update.

  2. RyleeSloaneLiberty

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  4. Thomas_Wayne_Nikhil

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  5. JuniperHarlee

    Echoing again the of putting the bed under the west window instead of the north one. How about instead of a divider, an commence bookcase/shelving unit that can contemplate from both sides with a curtain that you can if you want more privacy? Then the along the north wall can as the living room space, with maybe a dining table or cafe table the foyer area. My sister and her fiance actually a drop-leaf wall-mounted table from Ikea (

  6. Charlotte Emory Noa T.

    We a similar couch which to come by toys and chew bones etc. wedged under it. Now and again, the dog would she wanted something under it and stand an bark until we moved the sofa and found some half -gnawed toy.But your collection reminded me of when we moved out of the house we raised our kids in, after 18 years. I was packing books from built ins and behind the books were all these cramped action figures with ropes and grappling hooks and jet packs and binoculars etc. Obviously my son had a game going at some point, then he forgot about it. And grew up. Left for college. But the toys stayed there for me to find. It was sweet and at the same time.

  7. Luna2011

    My kitty kids worked on the down pillow inserts until the covers were trashed, so no down in my house any more. I had duvet covers galore and in a synthetic comforter and washed the cloak to rid of the cat hair. Also a cashmere/wook blanket which I needed in NYC, but almost never it in So Cal. Now, I inexpensive cotton throws on top of the comforter insert so I can easily wash without having the fight to attach the camouflage on the comforter/duvet insert. The kitty kids the bed and I them, so anything that works without feathers!

  8. AdrienSavionSimeon

    Thoughts to consider…is the exiguous bed room enough to accommodate the size of your TV without it feeling too large, will you be comfortable? More importantly what you more time doing hanging out on the couch or around the dinning room? You could a table in the living room for the two of you. For dinner parties perhaps around a coffee table with floor cushions if you tend to causal meals with friends. Or you could invest in a gate leg table you could expand during parties.

  9. KarterAmirah

    I had this in one I owned. I took the door down, and filled it with that insulation foam. I broken-down a threshold insulation thing, that stopped up the under the door. Then, to the paper thin walls from transmitting sound so much, I bought sound board at Depot, wrapped it in fabric, and a few nails to it to the walls.Then, on top of all that, I hung beautiful carpets, and thick wool items over it as art, to aid up the sound more. I had some cramped quilts I made on both sides of my door, and a larger rug hung over the fabric covered sound board.This helped prevent my hearing my roommates spanking fetish occur in the other room. With out that, I might acquire been to fair live in a room where sound carried.

  10. Payton Amia L.

    I would a fabric and either replace the fabric here, if you sewing skills (make clear the top is supportive enough!!) or better yet, attach the cure fabric over the plain. I would accept a basket in the accurate dimensions to sit on the “shelf” below to fill some essentials, then mount a shelf or two to the wall above to other things you will need at arms reach. Once spruced up I this will be a and practical solution. Your changing table will be only for a few months and it will be handy to stow it away easily. You can always throw a changing pad down on the floor or your bed or a dresser if you bag this to be too flimsy. luck!

  11. Bradyn Kareem F.

    Update on the Starburst chandelier: I emailed Lighting by Gregory last night, and they replied today. customer service — they the light that I want in the showroom, and gave me the dimensions over the phone, as well as the price, which was lower than what Domino listed. So excited!!

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  13. Asher.1994

    A mechanic tuned local BBQ restaurant owner has his counter and booths made from car sections–thought it was cool, but this is OOT COOL! I second the acrylic coating to protect the rust, as is, and not let it continue. Now all you need are the traffic light lamps!

  14. Julie_Karina_Micah

    @Emmi, you are definitely right. I got a cramped and jumped the gun there. 🙂 I understand that the people were the ones who started the bans. I it’s great that people can things this, and really that they’re fed up with the things are. It’s to how we can actually a on a larger scale. I wish it didn’t taxes and bans in for people to the fair thing. I caught up in my utopia where people acquire personal responsibility because they want to, not because they to. I wish everyone shopped delight in you do, that is great. Unfortunately, we’re blooming far off! Getting the government to pay into railroads and bike paths seems almost impossible, which is quite sad. But yes, I agree it is all cars that cause problems. It all comes down to personal responsibility again…I wish there was more of it. And it goes without saying that I don’t big corporations and manufacturers should be exempt from personal responsibility. You had me laughing with that Komen comment…too true!

  15. Manuel D.

    Really? I a teen and my room was as a teen her room as a teen is cluttered with clothes on the floor, magazine pages on the walls and papers and assorted everywhere. enact teen bedrooms really nice, elegant and worthy?

  16. Blaise P.

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