Ocean Nautical Bedroom Ideas

Many people wish they could enjoy the ocean air, the boating and the seafood found at the beach year round. If you do not live close enough to the beach to enjoy its benefits every day, you can have the next best thing. Decorate your home, especially your bedroom is the best next thing to do. Start with nautical bedroom ideas to give a new look for your bedroom and you can pretend you are at the beach every day. Go bold and design an in-your-face space complete with props and more or opt for a more subdued version that picks up on a seafaring color palette. And mentioned below are some nautical bedroom ideas that you can consider to try. Keep reading…

blue Nautical Bedroom IdeasBlue Nautical Bedroom Ideas

Beachy Nautical Bedroom Ideas

The first thing you should do in nautical bedroom ideas is paint the walls blue, like the water. Depending on your tastes you can use anything from very pale blue to bright or dark blue; any shade of blue will work with a nautical theme. When decorating your nautical themed bedroom, consider scenes you may encounter when walking along a boardwalk or at a marina, and use those as your inspiration. Then, when selecting your bedding for a nautical themed bedroom, keep your three main colors in mind, and play with these until you come up with a color combination that is soothing to you. Vertical stripes are popular with a nautical theme and navy and white can work well on a bed. This simple design can be accented with throw pillows that incorporate varying shades of blue with a touch of red here and there.

adorable Nautical Bedroom IdeasAdorable Nautical Bedroom Ideas

The next nautical bedroom ideas is about the furniture. For a room that always looks crisp and clean, pristine white furniture will work well with a nautical theme. However, a dark wood can work nicely with this decor as well. An antique finish on any type of furniture will give the room a more lived-in feel. A nautical theme just begs for a collection of interesting accessories, so place a few wall mounted shelves or bookshelves with extra space for decorative items throughout the room. This will help to keep your other surfaces such as nightstands and dressers clutter free. A round, port hole style mirror is a perfect finishing touch.

simple Nautical Bedroom IdeasSimple Nautical Bedroom Ideas

great Nautical Bedroom IdeasGreat Nautical Bedroom Ideas

Finally, for the last nautical bedroom ideas, don’t forget about the accessories. A variety of interesting accessories will bring the nautical theme of the bedroom together. Pictures or paintings of lighthouses or sailboats will quickly convey the theme of the room. Wall stickers can be used to create a very poignant extension of your theme. Display a wonderful quote about adventure or the ocean on your wall. A small collection of model lighthouses or boats can be displayed on a shelf. For a more natural look, use items such as seashells and pieces of driftwood. Antique shops may have some interesting finds that can be used in your nautical decor as well, such as an old oar that can be mounted on the wall, or antique world maps. That’s it. These were some nautical bedroom ideas that can gives a new beachy look in bedrooms. Just be creative and bring the ocean-feel into your bedroom, everyday!

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