Spice and Sexy Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is the most used room in your home and therefore the most important. Your bedroom is the place in which you go to unwind at the end of a long day or spend one-on-one time with that special someone. While you want your bedroom to be comfortable and relaxing, you may also want it to double as a place where you can turn up the sexy, romance and tune out the world.  You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to create a space and sexy space that invites you to touch, smell and relax in your bedroom. Rather, you just need to employ specific decorative strategies when adorning the room. But if you have no idea how to get the best results, then you will need some sexy bedroom ideas to go. Below are some quick sexy bedroom ideas that you can try and of course can be made that will yield immediate, impressive results. Take a look!

red sexy bedroom ideas Red Sexy Bedroom Ideas

Spice Up Your Bedroom with Sexy Bedroom Ideas

So, the first sexy bedroom ideas is take the time to give your bedroom a good cleaning and tidying up. There is nothing relaxing or sexy about an untidy or dirty bedroom. Clearing up clutter, such as stray clothing and shoes, will make the world of difference. Vacuum the carpet a couple of times a week to keep your boudoir looking beautiful. Then, the most important aspect of a sexy and romance bedroom is the bed. Your bed will be the focal point of the room, so you should design your room around the bedding that you choose. Red is the most popular color for romantic and can be very sexy, but be careful not to overdo such a rich color. Choose golds and white as accent colors if you choose red for your bedding. Make sure the bedding is both comfortable and luxurious. If you are redoing your room on a budget, your priority should be on the bed.

hot sexy bedroom ideasHot Sexy Bedroom Ideas

Here’s the next sexy bedroom ideas, about the lighting. For the lighting, low, dim lighting helps to create a romantic mood, both because the diminished light helps tune out visual distractions, and because the low positioning helps to create shadows on faces and bodies and enhance their shape (while diminishing cosmetic flaws). Prepare your room with the old standby or candlelight or use mood lighting items like salt lamps, paper lanterns, or even novelty lights like lava lamps–provided both you and your lover enjoy an element of tackiness. Another sexy bedroom ideas; don’t forget the bedding. Curtains should match the bedding and complete the overall look of a sexy room. Layer your curtains to block out the world so that you can stay in bed all day if you wish. Use floor to ceiling blinds topped with sheers. Place blackout curtains or drapes on top of the sheers so that they can be pulled back when you wish to let light in but can also provide a dark, sexy oasis for times you want to retreat.

great and sexy bedroom ideasGreat And Sexy Bedroom Ideas

sweet sexy bedroom ideasSweet Sexy Bedroom Ideas

Scent is very powerful. The right ones can improve mood and inspire sensual feelings. The wrong ones, however, can be distracting or downright unpleasant. What smells pleasant to any given individual is a matter of personal preference. Before purchasing anything scented, it is helpful to know what you and your partner find appealing. To do this, visit a candle shop and take the time to smell a variety of products. Ask the store clerk for recommendations. Although the perfect scent is a personal matter, there are a few good choices you can try that seem to be perfect for a romantic evening. Vanilla is a light, sweet fragrance. Cinnamon can be very sensual, and is a scent many men enjoy. Lavender creates feelings of relaxation, while orange blossom can be used to elevate mood. That’s it you have to create a sexy, spice, sensual and romance bedroom. To get more ideas, then you can surf it in the internet and choose what best according your taste and style. Good Luck!

great and sexy bedroom ideas , Spice and Sexy Bedroom Ideas In  Category
hot sexy bedroom ideas , Spice and Sexy Bedroom Ideas In  Category
red sexy bedroom ideas , Spice and Sexy Bedroom Ideas In  Category
sweet sexy bedroom ideas , Spice and Sexy Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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  1. Andy.Kaiden

    That background advertisement is extremely distracting. Need to catch rid of that. extremely job on the renovation! I the kitchen, especially the farmhouse sink. I the wallpaper and bathroom also. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Annalise_Kyra_Meadow

    this home lets art happen, and as art happens, life is enhanced. so yeah, a really marriage between the two in this vibrant space. am really drawn to the kitchen counter with the stools available for whatever and whatnot. one day, and us that bathroom, ok?

  3. Lane_Trace

    and Devine Design! The entire floor concept flows seamlessly throughout! Chartreuse and turquoise touches throughout the entire floor conception helps ease the seamlessly from one room to another. This cozy nest is an example of how anyone can seamlessly join a romantic organic viewpoint of a wife and the robot- techie side of a Rock n Roll husband! This nest is STELLAR!Ps: all of the Terrariums ROCK!

  4. Paulina_Emmaline

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  5. Liv

    I loads of magazines and never throw any out, this table is ideal for me I got it from Contemporary furniture and accessories including contemporary magazine racks and coffee tables

  6. Daniel Reagan Kamari

    of and color! Every time I at it I myself with a book and a glass of wine! So many different elements together in a that works beautifully! Colorful, warm, inviting, and stylish! job!

  7. Myra Hadleigh

    I would add Savvy Rest to the list. They offer some options when it comes to organic bedding. They a selection for a price. Their products include organic topper, organic pillow, organic mattress, and even organic pet beds!

  8. KelseyClementine

    @fetching I read an interview with Chef Morimoto (aka Iron Chef) where his kitchen tip was to batch cook and freeze rice. Saves time and the rice comes out perfectly cooked every time.

  9. Frederick_Davon

    Incorporate double duty pieces – storage ottomans, chest coffee tables, dressers for nightstands. Many of these can be pretty, expand storage and provide a surface for drinks or lamps.

  10. Trinity.Alaia.Amirah

    @moshee I to wonder if their decor quality is anything their clothing, because asking $100+ for a polyester blouse is atrocious. Some of their stuff is decent, but the quality & high gall me everytime.

  11. Hailey Maggie Jessa O.

    Thanks all. I was concerned about how the anti-mosquito donuts would hummingbirds especially if you were essentially putting a water source so to their food. I the feedback. We a few feeders out but had a winter this year which has added to higher than normal pest of all kinds out and about. So any information about combating the pest is helpful.

  12. GerardoJefferyJeramiah

    How did you enact the terrarium, if it is a terrarium? Stunning!Like the Bertoia mixed in with regular furnishings.Not so on the color palette for the kitchenThanks for sharing

  13. Genesis@1964

    Strange. There were several comments that are now gone. I added: arrangements for pet care. And a backup. We arranged for our cat to be boarded at PetSmart. When we took him in the day before, he did not to being removed from his carrier and got himself expelled. (He has separation issues.) We frantically called the vet who agreed to him in for the week.

  14. Genevieve Sariyah H.

    After extensive research ( of which was on apartment therapy), I spent 700$ w ABClub and a week later I am yet to hear a word about shipping or status. Disappointing and concerning, currently I would not reccomend them.

  15. Kathleen-1990

    If you kids, preserve a land line. A toddler can be taught to dial “911”. Of course, the tough is keeping them from doing it when there is no emergency. Also, your charger and cell by your bed to call if some less-than-nice person attempts to trespass in the wee hours. your cell as a GPS finder as well for the same reason. If there are spots in the apartment, a land line for the same reasons.Once worked on customer service for a phone company. That is what I heard from parents of young children (with lessons learned) as well as a lot of newly single women due to death or divorce. of it as an informal explore with loads of qualitative information and personal stories.

  16. Lila Nadia Shayla S.

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  17. Katie Karter

    My dad to write gag Christmas letters of all sorts of pretend things that had happened to us as if we were proud of them (like me getting sent to a reform school). One year we bought the ugliest Christmas cards we could and drove over them with the car before sending them to if anyone would notice!

  18. Keegan_Haden

    I a vintage wood hall tree as my landing * by the front door.It is not wide but a slim 2 feet, about 7 feet tall, painted mahogany color.It has 2 antique brass double hooks (with ceramic tips) on each side for coats, scarves, and hats, slots for umbrellas (the ones before the collapsable ones were invented), a for two pairs of broad boots, and a tray shelf in the middle for keys, change, gloves, etc. Top half of the vertical length is a of mirror to check appearance before stepping out.I to say that I it. The best $45 I spent on a Craigslist find.

  19. Brynn_Nadia_Clare

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  20. Noe-Rohan

    So sorry as I usually something about transformations but, it was difficult, I the removal of the dirty carpet. the wood for the stairs was advantageous but, oh my goodness that flower stuff was the ruination of what could be a after.

  21. BrielleCeciliaAniyah

    hello PrescottI purchased the mobile in store from Adairs – their website is adairs.com.auIf you are unable to one online I seen a lot of similar ones on etsy.comThanks!Kelle

  22. Liana-Kaylie-Azaria

    I the soulless fraction of Clarendon derives from the types of people who moved into that during the past decade or so plus the commercial developments that came along to accommodate them (Whole Foods, Pottery Barn, Dental Arts Studio, etc). For the DC Metro area, Clarendon is the area’s prime landing dwelling for fraternity and sorority grads. As you may know the DC Metro is fairly divers but Clarendon is obviously not. Please don’t even mention Rosslyn as I bear been working here for the past 8 years. Rosslyn is government contract haven and hotels are getting replaced with million dollar condos in a predominately commercial neighborhood.

  23. Katie Analia

    Anyone the most SSBS (featuring yet another smallest, coolest entrant, the loft in San Diego)?I loved the grey “semi-gloss” curtains by the NYC Greenwich Village homeowner, anyone any what material was used, or how I might out?Thanks all.

  24. Ayla.999

    I am so tired of everyone slapping in granite with stainless appliances and getting a “wow” factor. This contemplate is NOT appropriate for every area simply because it is expensive-esque.That being said, the is decent enough. When is the BRAVO one coming out- I liked that better…

  25. LillyElaine

    If someone left an image of a man whose children accuse him of * abuse and who began an affair with his underage daughter before leaving his marriage on my bed (see image #2) I would be uncomfortable. No matter the temperature.

  26. Sarah X.

    oh, if life were only so simple that a & white advance would work. I that the shades in between are what makes life interesting.I had to deal with this dilema upon to my apartment, where there is no laundry in the building.My was not to camouflage anything, but to it off and embrace the reality with a cramped organised chaos… I went with a towel rack/tree similar to this (not that I condone shopping at Ikea):

  27. Elsa

    Oh man, I this was going to be to see. I really miss the aproning in the kitchen and living room. While the after of the living room is nice, the kitchen is so loaded with trends, it will be dated in less than 10 years. And that exposed plumbing is gross, sorry. I would bear painted the kitchen cabinets, in a splash, and butcher block on the counters….and saved a lot of money and storage space.

  28. Ashley_Hadlee_Milan

    My is around 400-450 sq ft, and although I the layout is what makes the biggest contrast on this, storage is definitely what I miss most. No linen closet. No coat closet. No kitchen closet. Nowhere to store air conditioners, brooms, vacuums, an old-lady cart, hobby materials, musical instruments . . .

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