Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women

Every woman wants to have the perfect bedroom, and as a single lady, you don’t have to worry about stripping your husband’s masculinity with your design. That means that it’s time to take control of that bedroom and bring it into spec for what makes you happy and cozy. Women bedroom design usually features softer elements, both in colors and in the decorations that adorn the room. These elements combined offer a wide range of decorating choices that can help you bring together a feminine bedroom any girl will enjoy. When you are beginning to decorate your room, choose bedroom decorating ideas for women that can tie together all aspects of the room’s decor in a way that fits your style. And below, you’ll find suggestions about bedroom decorating ideas for women. Keep reading….

   perfect bedroom decorating ideas for women   Perfect Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

Remodeling Your bedroom into Feminine Room with Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women

So, what’s the first bedroom decorating ideas for women? It is shabby chic style. Decorate your bedroom in a shabby chic style if it suits you. Mix in a few modern elements with vintage items that all fit into the same color scheme or have a common theme. Soft colors such as pink or lavender typically set the mood for shabby chic decor. Add different patterns, such as plaid and floral fabrics, that feature the same colors. Hang vintage pictures or advertisements in distressed frames or display your favorite vintage collection on shelves or the dresser. Choose or create distressed furniture to round out the look. On the other hand, aim for a Victorian-inspired room if you want a completely soft and feminine room. Think floral patterns, lace, white and pinks everywhere. Choose a four poster canopy bed, if possible, to display a lace or sheer canopy or floral panels. Bedside tables could include authentic Victorian-era tables or round tables with lace tablecloths and glass tops. Set out doilies on the bedside table under a fancy glass or crystal lamp and porcelain jewelry or keepsake box, or something equally feminine and romantic. Include gold-framed mirrors or Victorian artwork on the walls and a dressing table or vanity. Luxurious curtains in a heavy fabric, such as velvet, and sheer lace panels underneath can complete the room.

victorian bedroom decorating ideas for womenVictorian Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

Another bedroom decorating ideas for women, is natural spa-alike. Use earth tones and natural elements for a bedroom that resembles your favorite spa. Choose a matching bedroom set with light or dark wood tones and a headboard upholstered in leather or velvet. Use a light, neutral color for most of the fabric in the room including the bed cover and curtains. White, cream or ivory may work best. Inject some color, such as sage green, chocolate brown or rusty orange into the room through a striped chair, a folded throw at the foot of the bed, a lampshade or a couple of decorative pillows on the bed. Scented candles and a couple of houseplants should be strategically placed around the room on the nightstand, shelves or dresser. Finish the look with a soft white or cream colored carpet next to the bed.

eclectic bedroom decorating ideas for womenEclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

boho bedroom decorating ideas for womenBoho Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

lovely bedroom decorating ideas for womenLovely Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

pink bedroom decorating ideas for womenPink Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas for womenShabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Women

Then if you love something bold then choose a contemporary style for your bedroom. A contemporary bedroom can boast bold and bright colors for a fabulously feminine bedroom as well. Dark chocolate or black low-profile furniture, such as a platform bed, is ideal for a contemporary design. Keep most elements in the room neutral to make the bold infusions stand out even more. Black and white can serve as the perfect background colors and make it easy for you to update the look of your bedroom as you see fit. Use a white duvet cover that features a black stitched floral design with a burst of a third color, such as yellow, pink, turquoise or purple. Add pillows, curtains, a lamp, candles, a fluffy rug and artwork that feature your bold color. Another option is to paint the wall behind your bed in the bold color of your choice and hang black and white pictures on that wall above your bed. These were some bedroom decorating ideas for women which you can choose what the most you like. For another ideas, you can go surf it in the internet or read magazine. Remodeling bedroom is fun project, especially for females. So, what are you waiting for? Happy Remodeling Your Lovely Bedroom!

boho bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category
eclectic bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category
lovely bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category
perfect bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category
pink bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category
shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category
victorian bedroom decorating ideas for women , Lovely Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women In  Category

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