French Interior Design Styles

Home is the special place you could gather and share your happiness with your family. Beside that, the basic function of home is that taking care of you and your family from the bad things in the outside, such as bad whether, bad person, also cold and rain. Actually, in having home interior is based on your own style, whether you like classical home, modern home, or maybe minimalist home. There are many kinds of home interior design that would be good choice for you and one of them is that French interior design style.French interior style is very famous with the aesthetic sense, good material, also many kinds of hand crafted material so that the classical and elegance sense could touch your heart. of course this kind of interior design is inspired from the France that is famous with the architectural elements of the house.

French Interior DesignFrench Interior Design

For the first time, let’s talk about the color of the French interior design style. since the sense of this design is classical that associate with French, it would be better if you have pale color as the basic color and you could add more accents then. it would give you the relax and tranquil feel and it would be matched if you have it in the living room and bedroom. it would also matched if you have a small room of this interior design. Actually, French design itself have a lot of choice of the home, whether it is traditional or moderation that would be the combination. But, there is French country look design that is very popular. this kind of design serve you with rustic pieces and airy room that would make you feel refresh. beside that, in this design, you could also add some accesories such as family photos, or others.

Classic French Interior DesignClassic French Interior Design

Then, what about the features of this French design? as being explained before that this design has classical sense. So, this design has classic architectural design and has natural materials, such as wooden material. Then, there would be stone fireplace that is place in the stone wall and it become the center of the French interior design. But, still it could be combined with a stone top on the kitchen island. Beside that, you could also have the other natural materials, such as cotton, ceramic tile also others architectural elements.

Then, for the additional color, you could have a minimalist pallete of the colors for the window and the doors. the classic colors interiors are more lush, featuring deep red, cobalt blue, marigold and, on furniture, gold accents. The French country look often features faded cornflower blue, mustard yellow and distressed antique white. So, what do you think about French interior design?Having the elegance and classical look would make you feel relax and could release all of your stress during the word along the day.

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  8. Quentin Alfonso

    For the folks are making negative comments:Would it you to these college students some slack? These kids did this with their money and work for an undergraduate class project.Seriously, why are people talking about building codes and * about the fact that a father chipped in to help?It is a class project, and they took the initiative to apply for a grant, and then complete the project in spite of not getting the grant.How * can you be?

  9. Shawn Roberto M.

    What a fun you have! I enjoyed the house tour much. It seems straight off the pages of a book I bought called Bazaar Style. Thanks for sharing your with us.

  10. Jaiden.Xander

    Alana,I pulled the book with the images last night to bring in to the office to scan – but I ran out of the house with my head filled with pie recipes for tomorrow!! eek!So I searched the internet and managed to a couple of images that my idea. You can accept them on my flickr site. Whether you the or not, I hope they you a decision!!

  11. Evelyn_Rowan

    what I need for my bathroom – where did you accept the small, shallow, upper shelves? painted the bathroom and now I need to install some shelves.Looks great!

  12. Declan

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  16. BlakeJamieElisabeth

    @ngnerd I noticed the camera angles, too – in one of the front room, the glass cabinet to the left of the fire-place looks awkward and ill-fitting – in the next picture, it looks great!

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