Cute Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

The experience of having a baby girl is a beautiful feeling. And the news that you’re having a baby girl may bring visions of pink hues, frilly lace and plush dolls. Or perhaps you prefer a more gender-ambiguous style of decorating. Regardless of your tastes, you probably want to make your baby daughter’s bedroom as cute as possible. Choosing decor for a baby girl’s room is especially fun, as there is a wide range of adorably cute decorating baby girl bedroom ideas to choose from. Keep in mind, however, that cute does not always mean safe. Below are some safe and cute baby girl bedroom ideas that can create the perfect homecoming. Take a look!

pretty baby girl bedroom ideasPretty Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

Create The Perfect Homecoming with Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

One of the first thing in baby girl bedroom ideas is choosing the theme. Choosing a room theme helps to tie everything together, from the furniture to the walls and accessories. The potential for cute baby themes is nearly endless, limited only by your imagination. You could opt for something popular like animals, butterflies, flowers, fairies, hearts or stars. When going with a popular theme like these, it makes it easy to find accessories. However, you may wish to go for something more distinct to show off your personality. If you choose this route, you may have to search harder for the right items or create your theme.Then for the colors, soft pink is a traditional choice for a baby girl’s room, but there are also other shades and colors that work well for female babies. Hot pink is fun and modern, but should be used in moderation. A few pink polka dots on a creamy white wall, for example, or one pink stripe going horizontally around the room is dramatic and feminine. Periwinkle, which is a cross between lavender and blue, is a good choice for parents who want a room that feels “girly” but don’t want the traditional pink or purple. Soft yellows and fresh greens brighten up a small room and are a great choice for parents who want to get away from traditional “girl” colors.

pink and orange baby girl bedroom ideasPink And Orange Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

Another baby girl bedroom ideas is about furniture and items. Durability and safety are key when choosing furniture and other items for your baby girl’s nursery, according to Home and Garden Television. An antique doll carriage may look adorable tucked into a corner, but if you baby tries to pull herself up on it, it may tip over onto her. Draperies that cascade to and puddle on the floor may be graceful, but they can also wrap around a baby’s neck. Instead, choose durable, safe, and easily cleaned items. Plain white roller blinds are safe and can be customized with ribbons in different colors. Simply sew or hot-glue them to the blinds. Soft, wide chairs are perfect for snuggling and for climbing on. Place a floral-patterned pillow on the chair for a feminine touch, and set a matching area rug in front of the chair. Low, wide bookshelves are safer than tall, narrow bookshelves. Line the bottom shelves with cute, soft stuffed animals for your baby to explore. Finally, add a distinctive, pretty look to the bedroom by installing a delicate, but out of reach, chandelier in place of the standard light fixture.

adorable baby girl bedroom ideasAdorable Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

chic baby girl bedroom ideasChic Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

baby girl bedroom ideas with chandelierBaby Girl Bedroom Ideas With Chandelier

And for the accessories, a baby girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to be all about princesses. Try framing some vintage prints of dolls, or vintage children’s book covers, and hanging them on the walls. You can even frame pages from your favorite children’s picture books, such as “The Velveteen Rabbit.” Or frame several classic doll or newborn baby dresses (choose colors and styles that complement the room) and hang them in a row across the wall. Use wallpaper swatches to cut out letters that spell your daughter’s name, and attach them to the wall above her crib. Choose patterns and colors that are feminine, such as floral patterns, pastel paisleys and gingham. Round hat boxes are cute and perfect for storage, as are white wicker baskets. With these baby girl bedroom ideas you are sure to create a wonderful perfect homecoming atmosphere and of course more safe for your angel. And why not, she deserves it. So wear that big smile, keep the camera ready and capture the moment when your sweetheart enters the first time in her sweet abode.

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  4. Ryland

    I got these heavy canvas bins with grommets at Bed Bath & Beyond to in my room divider version of that shelf. Fits perfectly. They in lots of colors and are inexpensive, as totes go.

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    hi, i am purchasing a studio apartment and weighing my options as far as sleeping is concerned. any advice on murphy beds…? companies you would recommend? inexpensive ones…?

  7. Josiah Bobby Kenyon

    I absorb also seen wood-look ceramic tiles. You would it would cheesy, but they had a bunch installed at the tile store and it actually looked really great. It was available in several different widths and colours. As I it was something $11 a sq ft.

  8. Raven

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  9. Daniel_Ray

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  10. Will

    My girls are 2.5 and almost 5 and shared a room since the youngest was 6 months old. We will be into a larger soon, but to them in a shared room. We acquire twin beds, which is especially if someone is sick or tossing and turning a lot. Also, as someone mentioned above, your 9 year is really going to want her soon. being in the room together is a comfort to both my girls, and I that they are so cessation already.

  11. Michael

    christiana -sorry to be a to the party… i stumbled upon this article via a link with a different shot of your interior. i was particularly taken by what appeared to be a shot of a round table and chairs in front of the red/yellow wallpaper (possibly the kitchen?)… could you declare me more about the table if you the details of where you purchased it?many, many thanks – and kudos on a home!

  12. SophieShelbyCherish

    @esteban_c * yes- its to CARPET (for those of us with the same issue, not because we it).I absorb the same beige wall to wall carpet in my rental- and try my best to hide/disguise/protect it. I your simplicity with the ample rugs (I effect it too), thank you for showcasing!

  13. Kyle Esteban Tyshawn

    I it! I assume a tufted headboard in a chilly graphic print incorporating orange and white would the nicely.And maybe a reading light or two above the bed?A white retro clock and a simple radio this

  14. Fredrick

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  15. Reese-Macie-Riya

    I already acquire an idea… It would it as an ironing board, but saw it half lengthwise to acquire two narrow shelves. I the tapered ends would cool. Four shelf brackets, and tada, storage for cramped things delight in coffee cups or toiletries or craft supplies.

  16. Alia

    I how the orange you selected by the tub makes what appear to be somewhat dated tile into the background and almost appear and modern. Instead of picking an color out of the tile, you took a color with a hue and saturation on the more energetic of the spectrum.

  17. Eddie Jabari Nick R.

    Were I in your situation, I would not. (And I say that as a mother and a dog owner.)So many areas for conflict. This considerate of will really change your lifestyle.In addition to the crying, the mess, handling overnight guests… what about requests to explore the baby while mom does errands, or goes out, or what you? How will your dates react to an invitation to dinner and a movie at your when there is a baby who requires complete silence to bound to sleep?And puppies and babies can be a fit, unless both adults are on board with how the home is handled vis a vis supervision of dog and child.Good luck with the conversation.

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  20. Esmeralda

    Some similar choices to my fresh remodel. I the same cabinets (IKEA, I assume?) and color glass backsplash tile (mine are 1×6″ tiles). Heck, my before cabinets were the same too :)Nice improvement, although the photo makes it appear a dark.

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  25. Ross.1998

    This is clever. But I my freshman dorm room layout was better. I had a twin bed on wheels that tucked under a wall-mounted storage unit during the day. The storage unit was mounted above bed height, ran the length of the bed, was about 10″ high and had doors on the front that were slightly slanted toward the wall. When the bed was tucked under the storage unit during the day, the mattress became a comfortable couch, and the doors provided an inclined backrest. I the doors opened from the top, for easy access. And, as I remember, the top of the storage unit was the same height as, and connected to, my desk. It was a of in a room.

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  29. Macie

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