Timeless Vanity Sets for Bedrooms

Adding a vanity set to your bedroom, is a great way to enhance the appearance and function of your bedroom. Vanity sets for bedrooms also can gives your sleeping quarters an element of romantic whimsy and a functional place designated for fix your hair, put on make up and try on accessories. Bedroom vanity sets generally consist of a mirror, often attached to a small table containing a couple of drawers, and a stool or small bench. Today, vanity sets for bedrooms, no longer geared toward women, bedroom vanities are designed for male users as well.

 simple Vanity Sets for Bedrooms Simple Vanity Sets For Bedrooms

Functional and Elegant Vanity Sets for Bedrooms

Many vanity sets for bedrooms come in sets that include stools. These stools tend to only have legs, but there are a few that are miniature chairs that can seat you comfortably with a back rest and arm rests. While stools are usually not made to accommodate storage spaces, they do tend to sit high enough for you to place items under them if necessary. Of course, stools found in a set will match the vanity in color and the material from which it was made. Speaking of which, you should also consider the material when you are choosing a bedroom vanity. Many may prefer the look of wood because of its timeless and elegant feel. Dark cherry wood continues to be quite popular in this regard. However, walnut and oak tend to be popular wood styles.

white Vanity Sets for BedroomsWhite Vanity Sets For Bedrooms

If you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, you can find vanities with mirrored surfaces. You may also consider a metal construction with an elegant finish such as nickel bronze or nickel satin. The material from which the bedroom vanity is made may have other benefits or drawbacks. For instance, metal materials tend to be durable. However, you may have to consider how long a finish will last for these designs. Wood can also be durable, but it may also be more susceptible to scratches and other forms of damage that may mar the look of your vanity. Furthermore, you can find many unfinished designs from many different kinds of materials if you hope to customize the look of your vanity.

adorable Vanity Sets for BedroomsAdorable Vanity Sets For Bedrooms

A bedroom vanity can be a beautiful as well as practical addition to a bedroom. Vanity sets for bedrooms are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, as well as aesthetics. A bedroom vanity set, comprising of a dressing table, mirror and cushioned stool, makes a great gift idea for a loved one, and provides a brilliant place at which to sit to apply makeup and perform your daily beauty routine. Vanity furniture comes in a huge range of styles and finishes, from the rich tones of cherry or mahogany, to ornately crafted wrought iron. As well as adding a touch of luxury and class to your home, your vanity table is a useful place to store jewelry, watches and other trinkets. There are also plenty of vanities with a more modern feel that can still be just as elegant and sophisticated as a more vintage style. In any case, you have lots of choices in vanities to suit any type of style and preference for your bedroom. Finally, it does not matter who you are, male or female, everyone needs a personal space to call their own and reflection is a human trait that crosses gender lines. A place to write with an actual pen and paper; a place to look into your own eyes; a place of self-discovery; a place where you can escape the outside world and focus on what truly matters: this place is what you get with a bedroom vanity set.

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  1. Ryker F.

    I that a pillow that destroys an antique tribal textile is being shown at all, let alone showcased. These are not tribes. Let these things survive for the cultural history of mankind.I bear a number of these in my collection

  2. Kenzie

    @Michele Jones I that there is plenty of light for those plants based on pics on the website. Lots of big French doors and drapes, but when they are it must be flooded with light. Such a place. check out the link for Gypsy Yaya at the of the post to more.

  3. Terry Ignacio

    I am extremely oriented: it is my sanctuary, the where the energy to face a chaotic world gets renewed. My second husband was a graphic designer with specific ways things should be done; this tendency was reinforced by his father, who was an interior designer. The two of them would gang up on me over decisions—over a two decade time span, I tried everything I could of to them to 1) behave, and 2) compromise. Nothing worked. So for 20 years, I lived in a location where I could so potential, yet never got to experience the joy of fulfilling that. If your partner is willing to negotiate on such things, great. But for me, this was distinguished as an as how to raise the children or how to the “fun money.” If you two cannot resolution, then it is a daily irritant that takes a lot of the peace out of a and turns it into, at best, a to sleep at night.

  4. Estevan Stefan

    I live alone so it is NOT a master bedroom. It is My bedroom. In the process of decluttering I removed the computer, desk, chair and really worked on making it a bedroom. No loveseat or extra furniture. The artwork is what I prefer, and it is off limits to grandchildren. My rocking chair is the one that is not what you could call bedroom furniture. I guess I am at the stage in life where I want things the I want them and not to please anyone else.

  5. Heaven-Lainey-Shayla

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  6. Logan Emory I.

    I painted our dining room navy 7 years ago, and I it. My 1951 wood floors, unstained cherry table, and antique arts and crafts china cabinet pop nicely. The plaster walls give a gorgeous, sophisticated texture with this color. Aqua drapes around a big, window with white offer enough light to it from being dreary. The off-white coved ceiling, and a silver drum pendant light around the room. It is dramatic, yet comfortable and beautiful. The color is Studio Blue from the Sherwin Williams Arts & Crafts collection. I highly recommend it.

  7. DelaneyAranza

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  8. Abby Lauryn Nala Q.

    wow…alot of feedback…lol
    Well I for one admire your sense of humor and fashion and especially the living room walls and the bathroom artwork. I loved it so that I shared it on my blog today. I call this WABI SABI…celebrating the imperfections in our lives and this week I really needed this. Thanks Kristen and house tour!!!
    Fondly, Roberta

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  10. Rene Kamren

    effect not assume the trapezoid, leave it alone and no tv above the mantle, every one has that now why should you? The tv should where it is you can turn it a bit to avoid the reflection of the many windows. Oh yes Alistair is I forgot to mention the flue is off that was the first thing that bothered me.Lots of suggestions …………… your pick…………success

  11. Jett Boston Prince

    I a retail store and I can write a book on all the things that went with all my orders with them. I had clients that waited 10-14 weeks and then were told that it would be another 14 weeks, and then 2 more weeks and then it would in broken or the paint smelled. They NEVER call me back, never me be able to clients by giving them lenders. i had the store for 5 years and bear never worked with such a company. Its one thing when things are running or you “issues” with Plant but a whole other to be honsest with people and try to them and maybe if its not to TO CALL PEOPLE BACK.

  12. Kennedi-Mikaela

    My 10 x 10 room has a doorway and is to the kitchen, as well as having an opening to a hallway. I to my computer in this room, and it only really fits in one space, while the TV is stuck in one area.With all this in mind, I a loveseat to the of the door (perfectly under the window), an ottoman before it, the tv to the left of the ottoman, the Parsons table with the computer to the right, and a light armchair in front of the couch (doubles for the computer). And, because I need storage, I an armoire next to the tv.It works for 2. 🙂

  13. Zara Hadassah B.

    While buying product in online we should first check for quality products.Make that the product is certified for quality and it fulfill all your needs and check for the whether it is affortable for the product.

  14. Ariana.Anne.Nathalia

    I cannot imagine this entry not winning. This is what therapy is all about. Living well despite living small. You are an inspiration. Its easy to beget a diminutive space. What is not easy is how to live well and not compromise anything despite the space. You are living better than most people with 10x the size of your home. You deserve an award.

  15. KevinClarkGannon

    Adrienne, I need your help! I lived in my for 25 years. Then subsequently 2 rentals that were homes . I am now living in a 520 square ` apt.I two pieces of my larger furniture (leather dual recliner, and executive writing desk). Also, I bear a size bed. I desperately want to downsize to the most from my apartment.P.S. As I moved from each of these residences I parted with many things. Each in was a parting of the ways for things that I had throughout the years.

  16. Trace Kamden Dylon Y.

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  17. Skye

    Also one thing to add is accomplish of mirrors if you cannot repaint the walls white or other lighter colors. the mirrors from the windows so that sunlight will disperse well thruout the room.

  18. James Zechariah M.

    I absorb some of these glasses and them extremely much. While they acquire not replaced my other Riedel stems for more tasting, they are at the dinner table, (no glasses in the way) or when casually enjoying a bottle. The center of gravity combined with sloping sides makes them nearly impossible to tip over.As for the temperature being affected by holding the bowl, I am certain it is to some degree, but again, it is a rare occasion when a glass of vino lasts long enough here to be affected! All in all, I found them a addition to my collection of stems.

  19. Victor Nasir Jessie

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  20. Trevor Valentin

    I this apartment. The layout is expansive and it feels really airy. It has a really warm and relaxed feel to it. The only thing I would say is that the kitchen lacks a colour or interest to me

  21. Jamar_Simeon_Dion

    Wow, some people are jerks!!! I a extremely similar dilemma as well. When I was about 5 months pregnant my husband and I moved into the indoor aprtments that we live in not only for locatiopn but also because it is strictly a non-smoking building throughout. Our daughter is now 7 months old. We are smokers but no matter what the weather, rain, snow, hail…we always outside to smoke and promptly change our outer clothing and wash ou hands before we even of handling our baby. Living here was ok until the lady below us moved in from being gone for awhile. She smokes in her apartment. We can smell it in our daughters room everytime she smokes. We asked her to and told the management several times. Our neighbor in turn left a letter on our door explaining how she barely smokes and complained about our other really noisy neighbors, and was basically upset about stuff completely off the issue!!! Our manager says she has gone in her apartment while she was at work and didnt smell anything even though every day I myself, being that I not want to blame, downstairs and “sniff” her door and the smell of cigarettes is extremely strong. I the other day complained to the manager again and she insists that she is going to “remind” her not to smoke. It has been stated several times in our monthly newsletters that smoking is prohibited within the entire building and anyone caught smoking will be evicted, but for some reason the management cant seem to stand by their word and continues to “remind” the culprits instead of taking the action that they had promised. Im really * that my daughter sleeps in an enclosed bedroom with drifting cigarette smoke that sits there while she sleeps and breathes it in. I really want to punch her in the face for being so * inconsiderate!!! There are several other rules that are constantly broken here and management is neglectful……anyone know how I can this isssue solved and/or where I can characterize this for management and/or my neighbor to stop??????

  22. Madison Hailey Kairi

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  24. BrendenJamariGianni

    I pulled out my stash of Dominos this past weekend, goshI miss it! I bear to track it down, but I achieve Canadian House and Home. I agree about Country Living but what has really surprised me the last few months is Better Homes and Gardens. I absorb purchased both September and October issues and enjoyed them both!

  25. Chance@1987

    I installed Liqidator wood in my and acquire found it to be a quality product at a price. The company seems to hold prices and aesthetic by not caving to unjustified complaints and return requests. I hope they can remain in business and and provide a quality product in a litigious environment.

  26. Cortez H.

    my advice for any self assembled cabinetry is to employ plenty of wood glue, strap together tightly with alongs or carpenters vice [depending on geometry]while drying. also if there are any exposed ends of particle board, with liquid polyurethane so no steam can infiltrate, expand the bear and pop the seams.

  27. Marisol

    I shelving above my sink. I it for both everyday items – dishware, glassware – as well as for less frequently items, pots and pans, mixing bowls and storage containers (flour, sugar, etc.). Dust and grime are not a jam because the everyday items are frequently washed, and the other items bear lids or are nested inside other items. I admire my commence shelving because it makes my kitchen feel more open, keeps my counter workspace and leaves more in the cupboards for food and less items.

  28. Keyshawn

    Well, on a similar topic minus the plows. I am luck enough to a designated parking my apartment building, however because I live in the city (Toronto) I not coast my car extremely often.Next to my location there is a fenced-in double that belongs to the neighboring building. When they shovel out their cars and their micro-lot they simply re-locate the snow honest outside the fence, creating a 2-3 foot pile next to my car! So when I out to off my car, and actually it for a drive, I to wade through snow up to my knees and cannot even my car door!Now that is snow-shoveling etiquette!

  29. Gemma M.

    bepsf maybe that explains why you can off as cranky to some ;)I kid, I kid…its all :)people will decorate as they choose…my guestroom has a queen in it…twin beds are so suffocating. cant roll, cant stretch, cant move. Although I achieve delight in the “harder for people to absorb * in my guest bed” aspect…

  30. Janelle.Joelle

    i did my bedroom and the other bedroom and I will be doing the rest of the apt. its really looking and easy to down. The previous floors had many layers of paint and were tired of painting them, we want something dapper looking. So far I really this product. I purchased 2 boxes on line when they had a Holiday free shipping special. I special ordered the “dark walnut finish” with Home-Depot in Manhattan. They only sell finishes at the store. They told me the Walnut comes from England.

  31. Madeleine

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  33. Shamar

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  34. Abel-Caiden

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  35. Aisha@1994

    There are lots of issues in this thread that apply to me…from pillowtops to memory foam to featherbeds. I will give you my opinions :-)I had a Perfect Night Gatsby pillowtop in a Queen size. I really loved it except that when we were both on it, it tended to read us as one person and dip a bit. When I slept in it alone, it was fabulous. I weigh a over 200 lbs and so even my weight did not beget the pillow top lumpy or even after 10 years. Then I had a housefire and the bed was destroyed. I replaced it with a queen size top of the line Simmons Beautyrest bowling ball bed yada yada. This one is a torture bed. I been a side sleeper, yet on this bed, the pocket coils push up * my hips and rib cage. The coils are so that they are pushing my hip up and out of alignment! The store actually told me to jump on the bed to soften it up!! They told me they would let me another model, but I already bought their fanciest most plush bed.In the hope of making it better, I purchased a fluffy fiber bed to on the top. Sadly, the fiber bed is and fluffy, but I can feel those coils pushing me out of alignment. For this reason, I would warn against a extremely firm bed with a feather bed topper unless you anyway.I would also warn anyone off memory foam. Not only goes it offgass a particularly depraved odor, but it becomes hard in weather. It also restricts movement to the point where I acquire elderly people may become prone to bedsores. I heard stories about people having to actually sit up before they can turn on a memory foam bed. After I tried the Simmons memory foam pillowtop beds I acquire to agree that they * a person in and it difficult to turn or even up out of the bed.The best bed I ever had was a foam mattress from Ikea. I bet a latex foam bed would be similar and I assume Kingsdown and Simmons one. I really anxiety that latex foam does not absorb longevity though. I am using a latex foam pillow and it seems as though it might to crumble. news for my new bed that uses latex foam.

  36. Alice_Phoebe

    To away from the country look, I would probably change out the cabinet doors that the arches with doors. If you on keeping the green counter, I would paint the lower cabinets a grey and the upper cabinets a lighter grey. If you you want white paint, then you would probably to replace the counters because the would be too great.I would also replace the fridge with a counter depth model, thus openning up the space. But this could cost $$ especially if you want to change all the appliances to match. You may be able to a white counter depth model.I would replace the faucet with one of those industrial looking ones. Also add sleek stainless hardware. (Although not certain how this works with white appliances).

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