Mediteranean Garden pictures

It is not different with home, garden also have many kinds of style. But generally,the concept of the garden design also follow the design of the home itself. If you have European home design, of course you should have the same garden design. Then, it also the same and happen in the Mediterranean home design. To make it more beautiful, you could also have Mediterranean garden design so that they would be matched. This kind of design is very popular now. So, actually, what are the features of Mediterranean garden design so that you could have it at home? The concept of Mediterranean garden design is that making fresh and calm design that would be matched to the home design.

Mediteranean Garden IdeaMediteranean Garden idea

The main feature of the Mediterranean garden design is that from the usage of the plants in the garden that does not being dominated from one main color only, that is green color. So, this garden design have various colors, such as red, yellow, violet, and other colors that would make your Mediterranean garden become more beautiful. Those colors are appeared from the blossom flowers in your garden.

Beside that, Mediterranean garden design also have fix appearance and have certain pattern in it, such as geometric, triangle, square, or circle shape. So that you should fix it with the flowers and plants that would you plant there since the growth direction of the flowers and plants would be different. So think over about it!

Mediterranean Garden DesignMediterranean Garden Design

If you have this kind of garden design in the tropical country, the plants that would be suitable is that tea plants, or some other species of it. Beside that, you could also have bamboo, Carina trees, banyan trees and others. If you prefer to have some plants that need more water, you should take care your garden so that it would not die. Then, don’t forget that the garden design is in the certain shape, so make sure about it so that geometric style could be seen here. Make them neat and tidy.

Plants in Mediterranean Garden with Stone WallPlants in Mediterranean garden

Beside that, of course you could use some bigger trees for having this kind of garden, such as cactus, or other big plants. Then, you could also add some additional elements, such as some natural stones for covering the soil. Or you could use other thing for making it. Beside that, for adding the aesthetic feel, you could also add some white sand for having nice Mediterranean garden.

For adding the sense of Mediterranean, you could have some sculpture of Mediterranean or you could have some colors that is suit to the Mediterranean, such as yellow, res, or others. Then, for the material of the sculpture you could have raster or granite stone materials. So, those are some explanation about the Mediterranean garden design. Are you interested in it?

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