Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas

If you are looking for a rich and vibrant bedroom style, you can’t go wrong with boho bedroom ideas. Boho is the shorter, chic way of saying bohemian. Regarding this style of interior decor, some may think of the Bohemian culture that arose in Paris during the 19th century while others may imagine a room filled with vibrant colors and an eclectic array of folksy items. Bohemian, or boho, is a style that blends elements of gypsy, hippie, exotic foreign lands, and vintage and retro styles into one look that is colorful, playful and definitely not mainstream. The mood it creates is both relaxing and energizing, with its touch of romance and flair for drama. No matter what size your bedroom or your budget, boho is a perfect fit. If you have interest with this style of bedroom then, below are some boho bedroom ideas for you. Let’s take a look!

   perfect boho bedroom ideas  Perfect Boho Bedroom Ideas

Jazz Up Your Bedroom with Boho Bedroom Ideas Below

Starting with the walls, paint them any deep, bright color of your choice. Choose from red, orange, hot pink, bright blue, etc. Plan on an accent wall with a different color altogether. You could even use a vividly colored or textured wallpaper to decorate your walls. Another option is to bedeck the walls by pasting faux jewels and a whole lot of glitter all over it. Hang mosaic artwork or colorful tapestries made of hand-woven fabric replete with pictorial designs. When selecting furniture for your bohemian bedroom retreat, you should look for unique pieces that make you feel like you’re in an exotic location. Furniture with a Moroccan or Middle Eastern flair is best; however, if there is not a local Moroccan furniture warehouse near you, you can create your own bohemian bedroom focal point. One idea is to create a large, padded custom headboard with a Persian-styled arch or to create a fabric canopy over the bed. Nightstands can match each other but should not be from a set used for the bed or a dresser. The key here is to use eclectic pieces that work together but are not a matched, uniform set.

vibrant boho bedroom ideasVibrant Boho Bedroom Ideas

For the fabrics of boho bedroom ideas, bold colors are a must for any true bohemian bedroom with red, orange and pink as some of the most common colors. They can include metallic threads or embellishments as well. You can also use rich, jewel-toned sheers for creating an airy Bedouin feel around a canopy bed. Add texture to your room with gorgeous throw pillows—and do not skimp here, as tons of pillows in various shapes and sizes will give this space the romantic, comfy look you are after. Select bold prints with a vintage feel, as you do not want them to scream “brand new” or modern. Then for the lighting, accentuate the room with soft lighting, an important aspect of bohemian style decoration, which essentially gives it a cozy feeling. Use lamps that emit a soft glow and bathe the entire room in luminescence. Hang a crystal chandelier. Deck it with sequined fabric or a chain of beads.

boho bedroom ideas with fabricsBoho Bedroom Ideas With Fabrics

chic boho bedroom ideasChic Boho Bedroom Ideas

red boho bedroom ideasRed Boho Bedroom Ideas

bohemian boho bedroom ideasBohemian Boho Bedroom Ideas

While you may not think of paint as an accessory, it can be a crucial one for a bohemian-themed bedroom. Select a bold color for your walls. If you worry about having that much color in your room, then just paint one accent wall. To select your wall color, pull one of the non-dominant colors from your fabric choices. This trick will make your fabrics and accessories pop against your wall color. The next trick for attaining your bohemian dream space is to replace any overhead lights or ceiling fans as well as lamps with unique fixtures having a Middle Eastern or Moroccan style. Add a plant and some candles, and you are ready to relax and reap the benefits of your hard work. When it comes to using boho bedroom ideas for your bedroom, there is no dearth of ideas. The possibilities are endless. Don’t opt for neutral colors or minimalist art for the room decor. The more the accessories in your room, the more bohemian it is! Don’t be scared to go overboard with your decoration. Use a splash of vibrant colors. Mix and match eclectic art pieces and jazz up your bedroom. Cheers!

bohemian boho bedroom ideas , Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas In  Category
boho bedroom ideas with fabrics , Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas In  Category
chic boho bedroom ideas , Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas In  Category
perfect boho bedroom ideas , Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas In  Category
red boho bedroom ideas , Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas In  Category
vibrant boho bedroom ideas , Cute and Unique Boho Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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  2. Aleah Salma B.

    I agree, engineergirl, it is awesome! So better than the macrame * holders. I an abominable wall with indirect light, this might be the ticket! A consideration: using foam board instead of mat might the shadow boxes to withstand the inevitable drips.

  3. Jon-1967

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    I say either leave it as is – the simplicity is and period, or effect something really unexpected and add a pop of yellow. Maybe paint the front door a luminous buttery yellow, and add some yellow shutters to the non-corner windows?

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  16. Brennan_Craig

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  17. Gary-777

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  20. Emerson_Garret_Vaughn

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