Exotic Moroccan Themed Bedroom Ideas

For some people, a bedroom is just a place to sleep at night. But for many others, it is a sanctuary where they can go to read, watch TV, think and relax. Decorating your bedroom in a theme that fits your personality or interests is one way you can make it a more enjoyable place to be. With so many bedroom themes to choose from, you may just decide to redecorate every bedroom in your home. And one of the most preferred themed for bedroom is Moroccan themed bedroom. Decorating with a Moroccan themed bedroom means using rich fabrics, sumptuous colors, lots of billowing drapes and canopies, and perhaps a palm tree here and there. As when employing any interior decorating “theme,” it is important to keep things simple and not get too carried away, you don’t want your bedroom to look like an overdone movie set. Instead, choose a couple of key pieces that you love and decorate around them, this will keep it in good taste and focused on your Moroccan themed bedroom.

 moroccan themed bedroom for different look Moroccan Themed Bedroom For Different Look

Bring Exotic Desert Feel into Your Bedroom with Moroccan Themed Bedroom

Moroccan style has many different influences. It features a mixture of the original Berber settlers, influences from later Arab settlers and of course from the traders of other nearby African nations as well as Spain. The colors and style are reminiscent of Morocco’s surroundings, its climate and Islamic culture. For the exotic Moroccan themed bedroom ideas,color plays an important role. Start with the walls. Colors are bold in cobalt blue, deep purple, saffron yellow and reddish-orange. When setting up a Moroccan motif, imagine the colors of saffron, paprika, curry and cinnamon. These rich colors require balance with more earthy tones such as sand, camel and coffee. Texture is also a consideration. Moroccan walls are rough stucco or weathered. Combine a small amount of sand to the paint for texture. Or use a color wash instead to achieve a windswept ambience. For a conservative approach, use a brighter color on just one wall. This will become the accent color. Make it brighter, such as a deep blue, or alternately try gold or silver. Use also on shutters, window trim and doors. Include this color for accessories and fabrics.

exotic moroccan themed bedroomExotic Moroccan Themed Bedroom

Then for the window treatment, take fabric into account. Frame windows with airy and lightweight fabric in the rich colors mentioned above. Fabrics should drape and flow. Find sheer or gauzy fabrics and sway them over the rods instead of hanging drapes. If the walls are based around warm tones such as rustic reds, marigold oranges and saffron yellows, choose sheers of a lighter tone but same rich color or select curtains with a light pattern in the accent colors, such as cobalt blue, gold or silver with a gauzy milky white background. Make certain that the curtains filter light but do not obscure it. On the other hand, sheets, duvet covers, blankets and comforters should match or offset the chosen color scheme. Again, stay with spice colors and balance with the earthy. Add pattern, stripes or fringe to the bedding in tones of poppy red, exotic orange and turquoise. Complete the bedding by adding several embroidered raw silk throw pillows with a Moorish or Eastern pattern. Use mosquito netting above the bed in a rich jeweled tone. Have it match both curtains and bedding to tie color and theme together.

And don’t forget about the floor, for Moroccan themed bedroom, hardwood floors should be partially covered with a Persian or woven Kilim area rug to soften the wood. Add floor pillows or floor cushions in embroidered silks, rustic reds and orange kilim colors. For dramatic change, lay down terracotta Spanish tile. Then, in Moroccan themed bedroom, lighting sets the mood. Look for Moroccan candle lanterns to place on the nightstands instead of bed lamps. Hang a wrought-iron chandelier with metal cutouts or a tinted resin bowl for the center of the ceiling. Strategically situate a mirror framed in metal with a Moorish design or arch so that light bounces off the glass to infuse the bedroom in a warm glow. Another type of lighting are called henna lighting. The shade is henna-painted (like henna tattoo design) goatskin which lends to an exotic atmosphere.

sweet moroccan themed bedroomSweet Moroccan Themed Bedroom

perfect moroccan themed bedroomPerfect Moroccan Themed Bedroom

For the furniture, Moroccan bedrooms feature a bed, dresser, large mirror and bedside tables, and often a wardrobe, folding screen, chest and intricately carved lamps. The furniture is thick, chunky and heavy, sometimes brightly painted. It is usually made of wood but is also available in wrought iron, and can feature ornate markings or mother-of-pearl detail. Authentic Moroccan furniture is available at import stores, or you can try purchasing furniture that mimics the style, then distressing, carving, painting or staining it yourself. Decorative tiles also play an important role in Moroccan themed bedroom. Irregularity, shape and color add to the overall theme. Use tile for flooring, wall art or mirrors. A distinctive accent could be wrought iron which is found in decorative wall art, wall scones and ornate lanterns. Choose one large piece of ceramic for a tall plant such as palm. Another accent is a large vase with intricate silver and metal work inlaid into the clay. Find a fringed or tasseled wedding blanket to casually throw over a trunk or bed. Keep accents to a minimum or it will come across as poor taste. These were some information about Moroccan themed bedroom. This theme can be your best choice for your bedroom into bold, different look.

exotic moroccan themed bedroom , Exotic Moroccan Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category
moroccan themed bedroom for different look , Exotic Moroccan Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category
perfect moroccan themed bedroom , Exotic Moroccan Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category
sweet moroccan themed bedroom , Exotic Moroccan Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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