Easy and Cool Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

Changing your child’s nursery into a toddler room is a momentous occasion. Your boy is reaching a milestone in his life that you should commemorate with a big boy bed and a decor that suits his personality. While your toddler may not be able to communicate to you the exact elements he would like to have in his room, his personality should shine through to help you find the decorative touches that will make him smile. However, you will need some easy yet cool toddler boy bedroom ideas to go. And the best toddler boy bedroom ideas are styles that grow with the child and are easy to redecorate when the boy outgrows.

sweet toddler boy bedroom ideasSweet Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

Add Some Fun for Your Little Boy’s Room with Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

Toddler boy bedroom ideas can start with organization first. Organize your toddler’s room by creating specific areas where certain types of objects should go. Not only will this make it quicker and easier to tidy the room, but you’ll also be easily able to find things the next time you want them. Enlist your toddler to help with cleanup by showing him where everything should go. Buy brightly colored plastic or wooden bins and label them with what they’ll contain: one might hold balls, another art supplies. Get Organized makes bins with a chalkboard panel on one side, so you can label each bin’s contents. Also, make your toddler’s bed the focal point of his bedroom. It can also be a great place for toy storage. There are lots of fun boy beds on the market, from trucks to fire engines to boats. Many of them have built-in storage compartments. Alternatively, consider getting your little guy a bunk bed: Right now, he can sleep on the bottom and you can store toys on the top, although that means you’ll need to climb up and get them yourself and install a childproof device on the ladder until he’s old enough to climb it. A bunk bed can grow with your child; when he gets bigger, he can take the top bunk and use the bottom for a play or storage area. The bottom bunk may even come in handy for a little brother or sister.

easy toddler boy bedroom ideasEasy Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

If your toddler’s room is small, with no room for a shelf, hang a wall organizer. These long strips of pockets are often made of colorful fabric. To save even more space, hang them over the bedroom or closet doors. Designate which toys go in which pockets and show your toddler. Make sure the toys you’re putting in the organizer aren’t too heavy for it; warn your toddler that he can’t put very heavy toys in the organizer, or it might fall off the wall. These organizers help declutter your son’s room and do double duty as wall art. Get your toddler a small table and a couple of kids’ chairs. These will serve many purposes, but one great way to use the table is as an art space. Tape a big piece of butcher paper to the table and let your toddler have at it with child-safe paints, crayons and markers. When your son decides he has completed his latest piece of art, take the paper off, store it carefully and tape a fresh piece onto the table. But if you looking some ideas according the bedroom themed, then, there are so many themed toddler boy bedroom ideas to opt. For instance, you can opt a jungle themed bedroom. A jungle-themed bedroom pays tribute to the love of animals and adventure often expressed by toddler boys. Light blue walls and forest green carpet provide an outdoor feel in the toddler’s bedroom. A grass-green toddler’s bed, dresser and shelf help keep the overall style cheerful. Leaf-patterned sheets and a cartoon animal-patterned blanket complement the cartoon tree and animal wallpaper boarder along the top of the walls.

sport toddler boy bedroom ideasSport Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

awesome toddler boy bedroom ideasAwesome Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

A tree stump table with painted monkey chairs provides a play area, as does the turtle-shaped rug in front of the animal-decorated toy box. Additional decorations can include a plastic monkey nightlight, snake-shaped height chart on the wall, stuffed jungle animals on the bed and leaf-patterned storage boxes under the bed. Or you can go for common themed like sports. While the toddler probably has not expressed any real interest in a particular sport, you can include elements from a number of different sports in the room. Paint footballs and baseballs on the walls, and feature them on bedding. Real sports equipment may be too hard and dangerous for your toddler to play with, but you can use the images throughout the room. Finally, some toddler boy bedroom ideas above might you can consider to try. But most of all, you should choose the idea that would be given to the safety of the child. So, with some consideration and a little effort, you definitely can transform his ordinary room into amazing room!

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