Tips of Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Feng Shui is the art of creating balance and harmony in your surroundings. The science of feng shui finds its origin in ancient China. This Chinese art has been in practice for the last 7000 years. Feng shui is pronounced as ‘fung shway’, which means wind and water. If described in simple words, Feng shui is the art of placing objects in an enclosed space, in such a manner that it helps promote optimism, progress and happiness in your life. Feng shui is based on the fact that everything in nature is controlled and regulated by a force or energy, called chi. Feng shui is a methodology that aims to achieve the optimal flow of energy to bring cheerfulness and calmness in your life. This is attained by following a typical strategy of placement of objects and furniture in areas where you spend quality time. Feng Shui in your bedroom is a vital because we spend almost a third of our time in our bedroom. One can start creating balance and harmony by decluttering the space of things you do not use or need. The bedroom is a place where you usually spend about 6-8 hours everyday. If you follow some tips of feng shui bedroom layout, you will wake up refreshed, recharged and ready for whatever the day has in store for you. And mentioned below are some feng shui bedroom layout tips for you. Keep reading..

clean feng shui bedroom layout   Clean Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Bedroom Arrangement Using Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Here’s the first tip of feng shui bedroom layout. Direction of your bed.  Before you begin incorporating any other elements, it is important to literally put your bed in the most harmonious position as possible.  Check the positioning of the door and windows in your bedroom. Chi tends to flow between the door and any of the windows. Never place your bed in this line as it lacks chi. Then, don’t place your bed against a wall: You never want to have one side of your bed placed against a wall. This encourages several types of negative energy. For starters – whoever sleeps on that side of the bed will feel disempowered and trap. The wall will also act as a blockade to the chi flow, and like the stagnant waters of a pond, it may begin to “stink”. Not literally of course – but emotionally and spiritually.

thoughtful intentional feng shui bedroom layoutThoughtful Intentional Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

For another feng shui bedroom layout tips, clear the stuff from under your bed: No matter how neat and organize you may (or may not) be, storing things under your bed is a huge no-no! Much like positioning your bed against a wall, clutter underneath your bed severely hinders the chi flow of your space. Also, be cautious of your wall art: This one detail is often overlooked during our decorating process. The wall art you select for your bedroom should be either a reflection of what you want or bring positive energy to what you have. For example, if you are single and want to attract love and romance into your life – avoid images of yourself standing alone, or artist portraits of a woman in a solitude. Pictures of pets and animals may be nice, but you aren’t looking for a dog as a life partner. Find images of healthy love, couples and things like that. On the flip side, if you are already in a relationship, avoid imagery of single people, unhappy looking people or paintings that denote an intense negative emotion. The bedroom is for relaxing: Get rid of the TV, office furniture, work out equipment and things along those lines. Your bedroom suite should be your sanctuary – not your home gym.

Other Tips Beyond Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

  1. Avoid having sharp metal objects in the bedroom, such as knives, scissors, guns, etc. Sharp metal near you in bed can result in being cut, whether this means being attacked or facing surgery.
  2. Avoid having large mirrors in the bedroom. If you do have any mirrors in the bedroom, you should make sure that you cannot see your reflection in any mirror when you are in your bed.
  3. Avoid large plants or water features in the bedroom.
  4. Ensure your lighting is not too bright or too dim. The right balance of yin and yang elements here is essential.
  5. Wooden beds are preferable to metal beds, which conduct electrical currents and are therefore a concern for your health. Avoid having electrical blankets and other similar devices, as they can be harmful.
  6. If you can afford to, invest in making your bedroom much nicer than it currently is, rather than continuing to buy the same old items that will get you the same old love life and health situations.
  7. If there is anything that does not support love, passion or health and rest in your bedroom, take it out of there. Your bedroom should not resemble a bedroom / office or a multi purpose room.
  8. Try to have a good balance of five elements in your room.


simplicity feng shui bedroom layoutSimplicity Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

master feng shui bedroom layoutMaster Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

These were some feng shui bedroom layout tips for you. After all, having great bedroom Feng Shui will wake you with good energy. Feng shui bedroom layout have changed many people’s attitude and approach towards life. The flow of energy in your bedroom has a huge impact during sleep which subsequently affects your overall health and happiness. The quality of your life will be enhanced by following these feng shui bedroom layout tips and you can start enjoying positive results immediately!

clean feng shui bedroom layout , Tips of Feng Shui Bedroom Layout In  Category
master feng shui bedroom layout , Tips of Feng Shui Bedroom Layout In  Category
simplicity feng shui bedroom layout , Tips of Feng Shui Bedroom Layout In  Category
thoughtful intentional feng shui bedroom layout , Tips of Feng Shui Bedroom Layout In  Category

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  1. BeatriceMeadow

    I am not handy but my husband is extremely handy, and so is his father! so we never pay anyone to our work from finishing our basement to redoing the roof! And when MIL gets disquieted of them doing electrical she pays for BIL to across the country to it for us! (he is the electrician!)Now, to convince them to things is a complete different ball game!

  2. Hamza-Marcel

    Dish towels. Yeah, of boring, but I always to at them. And I am picky about what I like. But, I can employ 3 or 4 a day when home, and I want clean ones each time I cook. Where I live now, I am so limited, and now my belongings are in storage. But normally I them generously. They up dinky in a load of laundry too. accurate now I am coveting the mason jars that are violet and the aqua ones also. I want some so badly, no room for them, and want them!! LOL!! I am resisting, but I effect calm want them. 🙂

  3. Cameron

    Yay! Thanks for highlighting Copeland. My husband and I bought a Copeland bed in 2004. It was our first “real” bed. We it. Since then we also purchased a chest of drawers and hope to continue filling our with their furniture.

  4. Lucia-Daleyza-Cherish

    Yes, I the city council (responding to community pressure, I presume) required the developers to aside units for middle-low income, as a condition of rezoning the from commercial to residential. Or something be pleased that.

  5. Cannon

    Our second floor is a converted attic with a bath and two bedrooms; the master has knee walls that are about 6 feet high, so it has the charm of the sloped ceiling without the limitations of lower knee walls. A win-win all the around.

  6. Alexis_Farrah

    I THIS KITCHEN!!! Please me where you found it… We absolutely the kitchen in our rental and would to bring this to our landlord. There is no need for a regular sized refrigerator and stove in a as diminutive as ours. I would affection (LOVE) to this kitchen where we live!!! 😀

  7. Kade

    I agree with changing the knobs. Anthropologie has ones, and area Goods has lamps. Your bedding needs a change too. I affection your wall color and chair rail. the bed would discover extremely white OR even silver (silver leaf )

  8. Emilia Amari Danica

    I know going black can be a drastic jump when you are to such a light wall color, but…a deep, dark, rich plum color might tie in nicely with both the and the rug, and also your blue accents stand out beautifully.

  9. Quintin

    Our laundry room is in our half bathroom off the kitchen. The up works really well for us, I a to spray my sons diapers off and store the diaper pail. I am that it is in room off the kitchen (and not in the kitchen itself).

  10. Talia.999

    Ive always marveled at houses that are completely free of STUFF. I can only ever catch they must lost everything in a fire. Its nearly impossible to through life without needing an extra closet to it all.I believe it is to be realistic about what you need and what is worth keeping. what is to you. Its easy to account for family heirlooms and considerable memorabilia etc. But I you should allow yourself a few guilty pleasures too; movies that cheer you up, an ice cream maker, too many shoes – whatever your vice a for it, and earn rid of the junk.

  11. MarthaKinslee

    @JuliChuk, I affection white cabinets and acquire them myself. But, I achieve a bit more than this kitchen provides. I would have, and did, a darker countertop which enhanced the cabinets rather than “mesh” with them. To me, it all looks too “seamless” and bland. To each his/her own.

  12. Lilly

    @JennElizabeth I totally agree! Nothing a friend who is to receive you in pajamas and a messy house. And to you with the laundry basket on the couch, dishes in the sink and a pile of papers on the dining room table. Dust is optional.

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  15. Jeremy Deven W.

    As a variation to the hook conception – my rental has a narrow galley kitchen with counter space. I double stick tape to hang metal plates on the wall, then magnetic hooks to hang paper towels, tongs, utensils, etc. As a matter of fact I an companion article to something this one would be about the ways to with magnetics.

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