Good Ideas of Color Palettes for Living Rooms

Since the living room is where you entertain guests most of the time, the color palettes for living rooms should exude elegance, energy and most of all, comfort. Also, to create a great-looking color palette for decorating living room, all you need is a few simple tools and a few favorite color palettes for living rooms. With a little bit of color theory, a handy color wheel, paint and smart shopping, anyone can change a shabby, boring living room into adorable living room. When you use colors that complement each other in one way or another, you create a cohesive look that appears to have happened all on its own, and doing so is easy if you follow some ideas of adorable color palettes for living rooms below.

airy color palettes for living roomsAiry Color Palettes For Living Rooms

Ideas of Color Palettes for Living Rooms

The first ideas of color palettes for living rooms; Asian color palette. To create an Asian-inspired room, start with a classic Asian color palette. Choose deep rich reds for walls, orange color, shiny black or dark brown lacquered furniture and green accents in jade or emerald green. Choose natural wood tones for a hardwood floor finish or understated natural colors for carpeting. Then, you can also choose a color palette that will calm you and allow you to relax if your living room is used for lounging and socializing. Create a serene environment with soft greens and blues. Accent the greens and blues with tan or khaki colors on the floors, and lighter wood furniture. Choose accessories in colors like white, red or yellow. Avoid over-saturating the room with red or yellow accessories because they can counteract the relaxing tones of the blues and greens. One or two brightly colored accessories will add plenty of interest to the room.

asian color palettes for living roomsAsian Color Palettes For Living Rooms

Another ideas of color palettes for living rooms are country colors. Choose colors that will make your living room feel cozy, inviting and decidedly country. Colors like goldenrod, denim blue, burgundy and off-white are common in country style decor. Use burgundy for furniture and large accessories to allow the red to create a warm feeling. Goldenrod is a warm wall color that is mellow and less intrusive. Goldenrod will warm the room without closing it in and making it feel smaller. Choose denim and off-white for throw rugs, pillows and accessories in combination with the other colors. Deep dark wood colors to finish a hardwood floor, and dark blue or off-white for carpeting. And for the classic colors, choose a color scheme that will not be outdated within a few years. Look to the classic color schemes of American decor. Consider a room with muted, soft natural tones and accents of bold brick red all over the room. A unified accent color like red will create layers of color in the room.

purple color palettes for living roomsPurple Color Palettes For Living Rooms

lovely color palettes for living roomsLovely Color Palettes For Living Rooms

soft color palettes for living roomsSoft Color Palettes For Living Rooms

Don’t like red? Try adding several shades of natural and neutral colors instead. The neutral layers will provide a blank but warm canvas for your artwork, family photos and knick-knacks. Ornate blue-and-white or a pale yellow with brown-and-white alternating color combination will continue to be a staple of American decor long after the trendier styles are outdated. Then, for the bright comfort ideas of color palettes for living rooms, choose color schemes like creamy whites with yellow, gold and red accents and accessories. The rich neutral tones create earthy and cozy feel while the invigorating bright colors bring life to the room. Those bright colors, especially yellow, can bring some color therapy into the room to invoke happiness and cheer to you and your guests. These were some ideas of color palettes for living rooms that might you can consider to choose. Our homes are about relationships, the relationships of the inhabitants, the room functions and the visual relationships that create warmth and comfort to all those who enter. The decor in each room in your home should tell its’ own individual story, however the color palette is what creates flow and harmony. To create a “home” all of the individual stories become related by color and sometimes a theme.

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