Space Saving Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the most personal spaces in our respective houses. It is the one place in the entire house which is completely your own. You can decorate it the way you want, choose the furniture style you want, have curtains, drapes or blinds, have a kingly royal bed or a funky bunk bed.  But if you have a small bedroom then you need to organizing it to avoid the mess that created in your bedroom. By making a few small alterations, you can use storage ideas for small bedrooms to create the illusion of increased space, and make your bedroom a place you’ll love to call your own. Below are some suggestions of storage ideas for small bedrooms for you. Take a look!

wall mounted storage ideas for small bedroomsWall Mounted Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Suggestions of Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Here are a few suggestions for some of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms.  For small bedrooms, thinking vertically is important, as often the floor space is very minimal for placing storage units. A bed head that incorporates shelving is an ideal use of the space above the bed, which people normally don’t use. As suggests, an extended version of the bed head shelving is to create shelving units along the whole bed wall, which is an innovative way of creating storage space, especially for books, in a small bedroom. Then, wall-mounted shelving units help to keep the space feeling open, while still providing storage options. For items that are not accessed every day, like extra bedding, out-of-season clothing, photo albums or sporting gear, high-set shelves are a good option, as they are much less noticeable above head height than a shelving unit at eye level.

 under bed storage ideas for small bedroomsUnder Bed Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

On the other hand, the space under the bed is perfect for storing items like shoes, bedding, CD or DVD collections and other bric-a-brac, as stated on Storage crates, wheeled storage bins or baskets provide the ideal storage containers for underneath the bed. Putting a valance on the bed helps to hide the storage containers underneath, or alternatively buy a bed with in-built storage underneath. Another storage ideas for small bedrooms are using hanging shelves. Hanging shelves are excellent ways of having movable storage space in a small bedroom. Most hanging shelves are fabric shelving that you can attach to a hook behind the bedroom door, hook over the hanging pole in a closet or suspend from the ceiling. Hanging shelves are great for organizing things like scarves, neck ties, socks and underwear, and as many designs have zip-up fronts, they help keep the room looking neat and tidy. Also, windows often create storage problems by virtue of the fact that it is difficult to place storage units like tall boys or shelves on walls with windows. Overcome this obstacle and create lots of hidden storage space with a window box—you will also have an alternative seating space. Place a long, wooden box with a flip-up lid below the awning of the window, and fill it to the brim. Place pillows on top of the closed lid, and the box becomes a settee. The storage space is well camouflaged but easily accessible.

simplicity storage ideas for small bedroomsSimplicity Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

awesome storage ideas for small bedroomsAwesome Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

shelving storage ideas for small bedroomsShelving Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Once of the issues with small bedrooms is that they often come with small closets, and the contents of the closet can easily spill out onto the rest of the room, making it appear cluttered and even smaller. Prevent this by maximizing your closet’s potential. For example, install a second closet rod either above or below the original one. Use this either for clothes that you don’t wear often or for low hanging clothes like trousers. Install a top shelf to store out-of-season clothes or hobby apparel that you don’t use often like a bicycle helmet or roller blading pads. Install hooks on the available wall space for items like belts, bags and ties. After all, as you evaluate storage ideas for small bedrooms, it’s always important to evaluate your own lifestyle. When you have a full awareness of the types of items that you need to keep close at hand, you’ll be more able to think of innovative ways to store them that are practical and visually pleasing, too.

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  24. Isabelle

    Kara, your is lovely. We, too, absorb recently downsized – seeing your choices is giving me a better of the direction we might go. The placement of the artwork in your bedroom is and seemingly contrary to wisdom. Unlike other commentators, I found the carpet in your hall to be a punch of color against the chilly blue walls and warm floors. As for your ceiling lamp dilemma, you actually need one? Taking it out might improve the line in that space. How about a floor lamp in the corner of the dining and perhaps a lamp placed somewhere on the secretary? That room is a natural for layers of light. In any event, I will be bookmarking and pilfering some of what I saw here. Imitation is the highest compose of flattery.

  25. Anne-Kassandra

    On a note, I acquire also seen (in a space) a creative to IKEA storage to provide a “wall” creating a foyer at the entrance to the studio. On the entry side it had doors and drawers for storage. It was secured to the wall and floor (so no of as you leaned on it from the bed side). On the side that was the “bedroom” zone, it was solid for the amount of location you would need to lean against for reading. Above that was rececessed shelving (the side was solid for hanging artwork.And there was lighting installed on the bed ward side removing the need for a side table or floor lamp.Altogether charming, sleek and and inspired. evidence that this perspective for multiple consume headboard/storage can work in a space.

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