Good and Best Colors for Bedrooms

The bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time when you are at home, more so if you have a television in your bedroom. So, why not decorate the bedroom your way? Using some of the refreshing best colors for bedrooms, it is possible to create the desired ambiance in your bedroom that can very well express your identity and a unique style statement. There are many different types of best colors for bedrooms from which you can choose. However, everyone has a particular style and taste and choose paint colors according to the color that they like the most. The point to note here is that while choosing something preferable is common, what is necessary is choosing best colors that are suitable for the bedroom environment.

combination best colors for bedroomsCombination Best Colors For Bedrooms

What Are Best Colors for Bedrooms?

A bedroom’s main purpose is to provide a tranquil environment for sleeping. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow provoke optic excitation and increase restlessness. Cooler colors like blue and green in lighter shades encourage relaxation and tranquility. In Felix Deutsch’s work “Psycho-Physical Reactions of the Vascular System to Influence of Light,” experiments conducted by the late A. Metzger show that individuals responded to color and the unseen ultraviolet radiation to color even for blind individuals. Therefore, best colors for bedrooms in placid pastel shades provide a good backdrop for a secluded bedroom as they tend to decrease stimulation. Then, for chirdren’s bedrooms, children tend to gravitate toward bright primary colors for their bedrooms. A report in Scientific American, “Do Infants See Colors Differently?” proposes that infants “show an initial innate organization of color into precise categories,” an interpretation that is lost in adulthood. Children’s bedrooms often serve as a combination sleeping quarters, playroom and toy storage area. The University of Georgia’s report, “Influence of the School Facility on Student Achievement,” states that poor lighting and dismal, monotonous colors depress neural and physical learning functions of school children.

childern best colors for bedroomsChildern Best Colors For Bedrooms

Brightly lit and colorful walls in warm colors have shown to improve motor control and mood for most children while bright, cool shades promote tranquility and rest. Be aware that busy patterns or excessively bright colors may overstimulate autistic children; studies have shown that muted pink walls are best for children with learning disabilities. Traditional bedrooms continue the general architectural design and color scheme of the rest of the home. For example, a bedroom in a Craftsman home, with its luxurious oak woodwork and emphasis on natural colors, may be painted a cream color or light sage green. Victorian bedrooms are usually more ornate and bold with colors; typical Victorian bedroom wall colors may include dark blue, moss green or burgundy red. Contemporary bedrooms with their streamlined and fresh appeal look best in neutral colors such as beige, off-white colors and light browns. For the bedroom serving as a special master bedchamber or as a fashionable guest room, select flamboyant wall colors such as rich reds or golds.

bohemian blue best colors for bedroomsBohemian Blue Best Colors For Bedrooms

pink best colors for bedroomsPink Best Colors For Bedrooms

cool best colors for bedroomsCool Best Colors For Bedrooms

A traditional French boudoir in Rococo style features white, mauve or gold walls brazen with ornate tapestries and lace. The extent of color selection and paint finishes depend greatly on personal preference. A wall painted in white with faux marble streaks adds luxury. Lavender walls with dappled shades of blue suggest tranquil innocence. These were some best colors for bedrooms. The bedroom is a private sanctuary, a place of retreat that should reflect your personal style as well as a unified theme. Hence, color choice is important in any design plan, but especially so in the bedroom where too vibrant hues can work against your best efforts at relaxation and decompression. Don’t forget that your bedroom colors should really mirror your character together with your personal preferences.

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  1. Dwayne

    My to adding funk to any room is paint and accessories.Since I am a homeowner, I always been mindful of resale. If you add too funk, you could possibly affect the resale of the property. Renovation should add value.At the same time, you to what makes you happy. Everything is about being balanced.Back to my suggestions: recede for a and paint-start with classic colors you and gradually work your to bolder versions of the classic colors. Most colors with white-subway tiles and other bathroom fixtures. And you can always re-paint.

  2. Miguel-Aditya-Savion

    I conventional my Expedit in the bedroom closet that my two boys share. I removed the sliding doors and placed the Expedit inside, with enough room on either side for the occasional dress shirt or pants. I then hung some fabric from the top of the closet to cloak the storage shelf it.

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  14. AylinAnniston

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  15. LanaZariahClarissa

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  25. Genevieve.Journey.Johanna

    Dan, Best of luck with your project, I cant wait to behold the results! My husband and I managed a similar feat awhile back, the complete renovation of a third floor unit at the top of Webster St. seeing these photos had me reliving it all. Thanks for sharing.

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