The Best Paint Color Combinations for Living Rooms

Your living room is the place to gather with friends and family for a variety of purposes. The room should be comfortable and inviting, but beyond that, it can be a reflection of your personal tastes. Choosing the best paint color combinations for living rooms is surely one of the most difficult tasks in home improvement. If you happen to take a look at the color combinations for living rooms that are available in your nearby paint shop, you will be amazed to see the varieties, with each one seeming the best. However, even if you are confused in choosing suitable color combinations for living rooms, you can find out the best room colors with taking some considerations in mind. Below are some information about color combinations for living rooms. Take a look!

sweet color combinations for living roomsSweet Color Combinations For Living Rooms

Great and Fresh Color Combinations for Living Rooms

The living room is a place which we can say is reserved for relaxation and entertaining guests. As the wall color is the first that comes in view when one enters the house, make sure you choose color combinations for living rooms that would make the guests feel welcome. Neutral colors are safe and far from boring. They look good in any size living room and they generate feelings of comfort and warmth. Match a neutral color from your sofa or a rug to put on your walls. Beige, tan and straw coordinate with any decorating style. Combine neutrals with black, brown and white for a solid foundation. Effective neutral color combinations for living rooms should maintain the decorative flow. For example, use shades of soft brown and beige together, with darker shades of the same colors emphasis. Alternatively, define the contrast between the ultimate, absolute neutrals of black and white, for drama. Mix the textured tones found in tobacco, ecru, and oatmeal matte surfaces and materials to promote a sense of harmony. On the other hand, bold color combinations will jazz up your living room. Red is a dramatic color; mix it with more subtle colors for a pleasing but not overbearing aesthetic. Red, black and white are classic together; this palette works with modern and minimalist decorating styles. Peacock blue is another bold color that will add drama to your living room. Pair this color with burnt orange and white accents to create eye-catching appeal. With green and yellow accents, peacock blue is striking. Try painting an accent wall with a bold color, such as tangerine, if you don’t want to paint an entire room a bold color.

bold color combinations for living roomsBold Color Combinations For Living Rooms

If you wanted to get nature look, you only need to look outside to catch a glimpse of the endless shades of nature for inspiration. Blue and green are a winning color combination because they reflect colors from the outside. If you like open windows, these colors might be just what the doctor ordered. Pale blue walls expand your living room when the curtains are open, and touches of green bring nature inside. Don’t forget shades of brown and yellow if you prefer a more subdued shade on your walls. Clay, wheat and timber represent the earthy tones that will make your living room feel grounded. Also, when deciding on living room colors, there are some important things to consider. These considerations include the amount and type of light in the room, the size of the room and the effect that you want the colors in the room to have. Light is an important factor in choosing living room colors. A room that gets little natural light, for instance, will change the way that colors look on your walls, carpet and furnishings. Light colors on large surfaces can make the most of the available light in the room and make it feel naturally brighter. By contrast, darker colors can absorb some of the light in a bright room, making it feel cooler. In addition, you should consider your own and your family’s likes and dislikes in colors. No matter how aesthetically attractive a gray and eggplant color scheme may look on the paint swatches, if you hate purple, you’ll never be comfortable in that room.

white black color combinations for living roomsWhite Black Color Combinations For Living Rooms

white grey color combinations for living roomsWhite Grey Color Combinations For Living Rooms

cute color combinations for living roomsCute Color Combinations For Living Rooms

These color combinations for living rooms must not only be applied to the walls of your living room but also to your furniture. The essential part is to create the harmony of colors from your walls, furniture, furnishings and adornments. Hopefully, these article will help to choosing your the best combination color for living room. But if you are still confused as to which colors will be appropriate for interior painting, you can go to a paint store and refer to the color chart. Another way is to get hold of interior decorating magazines and narrow down the confusing color choices.

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