Awesome Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Men’s bedrooms tend toward a pared-down style because they generally prefer a more tailored look, free of frills. Men have latitude to display their own taste in home design. Their bedrooms can be sensual and contemporary and remain free from the bachelor pad stereotype. If you need some mens bedroom ideas for your man’s room, no worry, there are several good ideas that you can consider to try. Choose some simple mens bedroom ideas below and you can transform a bedroom into a fully decorated room without losing the appeal of masculine simplicity.

contemporary mens bedroom ideas Contemporary Mens Bedroom Ideas

Suave and Contemporary Men’s Bedroom Ideas

When speaking about mens bedroom ideas, then, we must discuss about the colors first. Strong, masculine colors create the mood a man’s bedroom needs. Darker tones of warm brown, gray-toned greens and blue-toned grays may seem dark but produce a very serious atmosphere in any bedroom, say the experts at House Beautiful. A minimalist modern look is also very popular for a man’s bedroom, but care must be taken not to make the room too sterile. Off-white paint colors with yellow or red tones keep the room warm, and stainless steel furniture should be limited in bedrooms with predominantly white color schemes.

simple mens bedroom ideas
Simple Mens Bedroom Ideas

Then, bed linens should consist of basic bedding along with a comforter, bed skirt and pillow shams. Purchase a matched set for the most cohesiveness. When purchasing a bed skirt, look for one that is tailored as opposed to ruffled. This is more masculine and more fitting in a contemporary bedroom. Window treatments should consist of tailored drapes and valance. Blinds can also be used, but drapes add an air of refinement and softness that is more relaxing in a bedroom. Posters of rock stars or athletes may be appropriate for younger boys, but young men and adults require better wall art. The experts at say to keep any other colors in the room in mind while choosing art, such as dark furniture or bright red bedding. Framed prints of artwork containing some of the room’s existing colors tie the design of the room together. Black and white prints of geometric landscapes add an elegant but masculine touch, or use large-scale posters of your favorite abstract art.

The next discussion of mens bedroom ideas can’t forget about the storage. A well-designed closet provides most of the storage needed to keep clothing, sports gear and other items off of the floor. The experts at recommend installing a closet organization system that fits your specific needs and wardrobe. For example, an older bachelor with a variety of high-quality suits will need a different closet system than a young man who wears nothing but T-shirts. If the space in your closet is not sufficient, purchase a few under-the-bed storage containers for more out-of-sight storage.

cool mens bedroom ideasCool Mens Bedroom Ideas

great mens bedroom ideasGreat Mens Bedroom Ideas

black mens bedroom ideasBlack Mens Bedroom Ideas

For the furniture, think about the man’s likes and dislikes when it comes to furniture and choose black metal and chrome furniture for those who prefer a sleek, modern and easy- to-clean look. Some prefer the minimalist look, which means a bed and something to put the clothes in. For those who don’t mind putting a little extra care into cleaning, a four-poster antique bed and an armoire are inviting and provide a sense of permanency and comfort. Whimsical or serious, choose furniture items that complement the colors and style of the room, and are both comfortable and utilitarian in design and function. These were some mens bedroom ideas. After all, if you want to remodeling your man’s room, it will be better to consult him first though as both of you might work out a better plan for the bedroom.

simple mens bedroom ideas , Awesome Men’s Bedroom Ideas In  Category
black mens bedroom ideas , Awesome Men’s Bedroom Ideas In  Category
contemporary mens bedroom ideas , Awesome Men’s Bedroom Ideas In  Category
cool mens bedroom ideas , Awesome Men’s Bedroom Ideas In  Category
great mens bedroom ideas , Awesome Men’s Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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  11. Miguel

    An and clean-lined space. But I to say to AT: after a while, so many of these homes to alike, with similar styles selected from the same contemporary and mid-mod sources and rearranged to suit the different rooms. The homes that acquire personal touches–mementos, a few family hand-me-downs or thrifted items–are memorable. So many of these homes, capable and though they are, are not.

  12. Remington

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  13. JabariGerman

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