Selecting Wall Colors for Living Rooms

For most of us the living room is where we relax and love to spend time. A home is said to be a reflection of the personality of the inhabitant. The most important task of making a home is coloring the walls. And equally difficult is to choose the wall colors for living rooms. Be of a clear mind and visualize how would you want your living room to look like before you go out choosing wall colors for living rooms. The living room should be of a kind where you can be yourself. You should also paint the living room space in colors that reflect your family’s decorative personality while giving you room to change or update the look whenever you want. Bright or noticeable colors, when placed strategically in the room, will make the space trendy and sophisticated; modest hues provide a timeless and classic look to the living room space but will contrast well with modern furniture pieces.

grey wall colors for living roomsGrey Wall Colors For Living Rooms

Choosing Wall Colors for Living Rooms

There are several options of wall colors for living rooms that you can choose. First of all, neutrals are, hands down, the safest option, which does not at all imply that they don’t make for fabulous living rooms. Light taupe, mushroom gray, varieties of white (eggshell, ivory, dune) all create a muted palette that lets the furniture, artwork and accents take center stage. Shades in this category create a tranquil and uncomplicated vibe. They are also versatile, translating from city loft to lake house. Those who like to redecorate will find that these colors are a lovely backdrop for nearly every design philosophy. Depending on the furniture and decor, this family of colors transforms from sophisticated and modern to warm and intimate. Real estate agents and designers also prefer neutrals for houses on the market. Since the living room is usually a central and open space, it can be risky to be overly dramatic (i.e. painting the whole space a bright shade of pink) as it overwhelms visitors. The one caution that should be noted with neutrals is that there needs to be pops of color or a variety of neutral shades to prevent a washed-out effect. On the other hand, green hues pair well with living rooms that prominently feature natural accents and earthy textures. Homeowners who opt for rough wood furniture, textural fabric and rock or water accents often enjoy the feel that green walls create. When attempting to create an earthy space with green, go with a color with mossy undertones, so that the color is not mistaken for a mint green or similar hue.

yellow and white wall colors for living roomsYellow And White Wall Colors For Living Rooms

Another options of wall colors for living rooms to choose is warm colors. If you love extravagance and swoon in the presence of deep reds, then the warm color palette is where you belong. This category of color is best for those who have passionate and strong personalities and want to see that reflected in their homes. Reds work best for living rooms in houses in cold places, metropolitan areas and historic neighborhoods. The color is traditional and can be jarring in houses that are oceanfront, for instance. Keep in mind that while the effect can be grand or cozy, red paint is the most difficult paint color with which to work. It often takes a special (darker) primer and several coats before the desired look is achieved; as a result, it can be more expensive. Warm yellows and oranges are also good choices, bringing a satisfying richness to walls. For the tips, while choosing wall colors, try not to select the color on your first visit to the paint shop. Take the color swatches home, think upon it and then decide.

lovely wall colors for living roomsLovely Wall Colors For Living Rooms

white wall colors for living roomsWhite Wall Colors For Living Rooms

Try and choose a color that complements its surrounding. Try to match the color with the flooring or the carpet, curtains (only if you’re not getting new ones), the color of the room next to it. Also, if you’re one of those artifact collectors, then try and match the color which will go well with your collection. Light has the ability to change color. Observe the amount of natural light your living room gets. If your living room gets sunlight then try choose a color which works well during the day and also honors well in the evening lamplight. Then, the color on the color chart looks different than what actually gets painted on the wall. It is advisable to choose a color which is lighter by a grade or two. If it is getting difficult to choose that perfect shade for your living room, consider using more than one color. If you can’t narrow it down to a final color, consider using two colors. Paint three of the walls one color and an accent color on the fourth wall. Accent walls not only look delightful but are trendy as well. Finally, try out different colors and their shades available in the market, by using your creativity. You will certainly come up with a good choice of wall colors for living rooms, which you will never regret making.

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