Organize a Small Kitchen

You might feel stressed since your home interior design is very narrow and you might think about how to organize your a small kitchen. Actually you do not need to feel stressed since the main point of doing that is not about the size of the room, but how to organize it. In organizing the small kitchen, you could consider many things. You should consider about the function and the aesthetic side of the kitchen. In doing this, you should be very creative. Creative person would know about what should be done in that narrow space of the kitchen. So, let’s take a look at some tips below in organizing the kitchen. There are some tips that you should consider as follows:

Simple Green Kitchen CabinetSimple Green Kitchen Cabinet

The first thing that you should do is that deciding about the usage of the kitchen. Then, you would know what should you do next in designing the small kitchen.

Cabinet and Shelves

Every kitchen would have kitchen cabinet to store and organize the appliances of the kitchen so that they would be good organized. In having the small kitchen, you could use the simple kitchen cabinet and do not use the big and complicated cabinet since it would make your small kitchen become narrower. Actually, you could make your space become wider by having kitchen cabinet with glass door and you could also have the open shelve to make it neat and tidy. You should also consider about the appliances and make sure that you put them well in the cabinets and shelves. It also would be better if you make your appliances that you put there in the same color so that it would seem to be more organized.

Blue small kitchenBlue small kitchen

Kitchen Color

Color is important thing that you should consider in organizing the small kitchen since it would also determine the wide or the narrow of the kitchen. In choosing the color, you should also consider about the other appliances colors, such as counter, bench, dishes, and others that would also influence the sense of the kitchen design.  Of course you should also consider about the favorite colors of yours. We suggest you to have fresh colors to make you calm. Then, you should also have bright colors that could reflect the light of the sun. Then, you could also have the colors combination and attractive at your kitchen  wall. Beside, you could have some patterns there.

Brown Calm Color for Small KitchenBrown Calm Color for Small Kitchen

Flooring Design

In designing your small kitchen design, you could use the combination color of black and white square kitchen flooring design that would make kitchen design being wider. Then, you could also use marble as the flooring.  For adding the aesthetics sense, you could also make and have carpet to make your kitchen design become more attractive.

Unique Black And White Kitchen Flooring for Small KitchenUnique Black And White Kitchen Flooring for Small Kitchen

Use Glass in your Kitchen Design

By using some appliances made from the glass, you could make your kitchen design become wider since it would let the sunlight come through and go to your kitchen. You could have a glass kitchen table, also glass kitchen cabinet and others. Beside that, you could also have glass door for your kitchen design. It would make your  kitchen become more shine and attractive.

Glass Wall Small Kicten DesignGlass Wall Small Kicten Design

Those are some ideas in designing the small kitchen design, what do you think about those ideas? Ahh.. I almost for get that you should also consider about the lighting of the kitchen design, so, make sure that you do it well.

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  1. Lilly@2003

    Does stained glass any affect on reducing UV damage? Would it be better to acquire a protective film professionally applied to your window and then hang a stained glass panel(window sized) or would the stained glass panel the job without the need of film?

  2. Riley-Dakota-Carlton

    I it!!! I abhor how electronics attract attention in a space.but, what would be really amazing is if you could somehow house your tv in a compose this. your tv, lose the *. a win-win.

  3. Jake

    The various roach gels always worked for me, plus boric acid and a few baits here and there. Regular extermination is best, though.I had ants coming out of the outlet in my kitchen – had to call in the pros for that – there were so many they overwhelmed the baits.

  4. Ava

    I vinyl tile in my kitchen, by careful design. They are great-looking, 18 inch, black green, slate-look tiles on the diagonal. They are warm underfoot and usually a dropped glass does not break. They are and easy to damp mop. Sometimes I assume people a cramped pretentious with their desperate clinging to ceramic or hardwood, when other surfaces merits as well. well and vinyl rocks!

  5. Jefferson Mathias D.

    @Indoor_Kitty the broad gulp idea! I freeze bits of this and that, and then sometimes cannot locate them when I need them. I am psychically seeing a astronomical gulp in my future! 🙂

  6. Mckenna-Melissa-Malaya

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  7. Darnell

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  8. Arianna Katherine Alejandra

    I the belief of white bookcases with the tv cabinet if you want to paint them. Also, you could add a wallpaper to the of the book cases, something white with pops of red, and arrange the books leaving some empty to it. then some art above the tv accordingly.whatever you to do, please us the after!

  9. CharlesColemanCortez

    I a 36” x 20’ hallway in my apartment. As several people here absorb suggested, I turned the into a gallery of my photography, using cable lighting to spotlight the artwork. To a to off my artwork and improve the natural light conditions, I a light blue paint in a satin finish, leaving the ceiling and baseboards white. At the * of the hallway I hung a height framed mirror which bounces natural light into the hall while providing one’s a focal point and hence diminishing the hallway’s perceived length. At the moment a 28”x14’ white rug runner covers the majority of the hall’s floor. I would to replace it with something longer and more but long rug runners are rare and expensive.I believe it‘s most to be mindful to avoid the introduction of features that the feel narrower or longer vertical and/or horizontal stripes on the walls, or striped flooring parallel with the walls. I would also avoid using colors or materials that the dark. replacing existing ceiling fixtures with more stylish models to acquire the hall more attractive and/or dramatic. As for artwork lighting in a narrow hall, be prepared to cable or tracks down the center of the ceiling, aiming the fixtures toward the artwork at oblique angles.

  10. Itzel

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  11. Annabella-1980

    @nycgreenmomma – Ikea sells cheap handles these in silver in packs of 2… them and spray them gold. Not everyone can afford expensive hardware but then again some can. It depends on what you it worth spending the money on. Lots of people mix high and pieces to improve the over all quality of a piece.

  12. Clark

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  13. Nathaly

    home. the colors chosen for the whole place. They so nicely. I am stressing about finding the perfect white for my trim. I am loving the white on your fireplace and windows. do you happen to remember the details?

  14. Ella

    I too would estimate the labor at to $400, with webbing badly needed for the back.Fabric pattern: I would play on the shape of the arms, giving it some reference to the “biomorph” period; at the same time stressing overall classic silhouette (the seat height is a key here). So – pattern, but a woven pattern, not print and not a literal reproduction.Something the Finn fabric by Architex (click on my name and then search for the Finn). Colors- depending on your overall scheme, butmypreliminary selection – Fawn, Jack-o-Lantern or Pool.

  15. Jett 88

    10 Crescent Lane. They absorb a selection of products from French inspired to the more modern, my personal favorite. Although some pieces are out of my range, it gives me a lot of ideas for how to decorate my home. job home Depot.

  16. Esther Lexi Alannah M.

    If you want a quality stainless, check out Yamazaki Victoria Gold Accent – it is simple but beautiful with a touch of gold. Here is a link you can copy and paste…

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