Ideas of Paint Schemes for Living Rooms

The living room is a place to relax, listen to music, watch television, welcome guests or have a chit-chat with family members. In short it is one of the most versatile place in a house with such number of activities to be performed.  That’s why choosing the right paint schemes for living rooms it is extremely important that it gives a inviting experience to your user and to the home owners as well. The right color combinations can turn the room from drab to fab! However, choosing color for any room of the house is difficult but it is even more so in case of living rooms because though in other rooms, you can choose a color of your choice, the living room is probably the only room where you have to be very careful about the effect your choice will have on others too. Hence, you will need to know several ideas of paint schemes for living rooms which can help you to get a proper color for your living room.

simple paint schemes for living roomsSimple Paint Schemes For Living Rooms

Choose The Best Ideas of Paint Schemes for Living Rooms

Before you choose paint schemes for living rooms, it is necessary that you understand the science of colors and color psychology, because colors directly affect our moods and feelings. Colors on living room walls can make a room look large or small. The size and shape of the living room should be kept in mind before deciding the paint colors for living room. There are basically three groups of colors that are used for painting walls, warm, cool and muted colors. Warm colors include, red, yellow and orange, while cool colors include, blue, green and violet. Muted colors are nothing but colors with a tint of gray. Cool colors like blue make the room look larger and wider and they develop the sense of calmness. Choose the wall colors for living room so as to complement the other colors in the living room like the color of furniture or the drapery. Usually colors of living room are chosen according to the color of the biggest furniture.

yellow and red paint schemes for living roomsYellow And Red Paint Schemes For Living Rooms

Monochromatic color palettes are usually the easiest to decorate with for beginners. This way you use all of the same color so you really don’t have to worry about matching. This doesn’t mean that you use the same shade of the color because this could be boring and even claustrophobic feeling. Instead, try tan walls with chocolate browns and bring in natural wood elements to create a monochromatic space that still has a lot of personality and life to it. This is a way to get your favorite color in the room in large quantities. You want to make sure that you balance it with neutral colors so that it isn’t overwhelming. Another ideas of paint schemes for living rooms; combination colors. For the first combination you can go for yellow and red. Some do not want these colors in their living room as they think that they are too bright; however, they are actually the opposite of what they think. Incorporating the soft hues of yellow with warm red suggest the Southern France landscape. To make it look more real, you can have sunflowers with green moss and place them in mustard-colored ceramic pots.

white and blue paint schemes for living roomsWhite And Blue Paint Schemes For Living Rooms

white paint schemes for living roomsWhite Paint Schemes For Living Rooms

For French-inspired look, dig for butter yellow and white. Paint your wall in butter yellow and have your furnishings in white. Furniture in white upholstery and old pastels brings on a warm romantic ambiance. Have tiny dashes of green and pale blue for your rugs and draperies while throw pillows can have slight red outlines. For a modern and sophisticated look, have the subdued chocolate-brown in your living room. This makes the room luxurious and brings kindness into it. Dashes of bottle green will make the room look vibrant and will spice up its ambiance. You can have your ottomans in bottle green or a painting with splashes of bottle green to provide a more pleasant and livelier appeal. Your walls, throw pillows and other room decorations can be in beige.

And if you looking for the coolness of the ocean look, then go for blue, tan and white. Thus your room will have that inviting appeal. Your rug can be in pale blue and furniture can be made of rattan suggestive of a resort-like appeal. Curtains can be in white and coffee tables can have some white accentuations. You can blend in the 3 colors for your throw pillows and other decorations for a feeling of thrill. So, these were some suggestions on choosing paint schemes for living rooms. If you cannot come up with any decision, then it is recommended that you should consult an expert.

simple paint schemes for living rooms , Ideas of Paint Schemes for Living Rooms In  Category
white and blue paint schemes for living rooms , Ideas of Paint Schemes for Living Rooms In  Category
white paint schemes for living rooms , Ideas of Paint Schemes for Living Rooms In  Category
yellow and red paint schemes for living rooms , Ideas of Paint Schemes for Living Rooms In  Category

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  1. Lillian Aurelia E.

    Did you discover the post where a family in similarly digs turned their dinette into a nursery? If you a dining space, it might be best as a for the wee ones:

  2. DeclanOmariAdriel

    I would for an older behold as well – chairs would too mismatched. And you want something that will complement the moulding on the table (I agree, out the leaf except for when you need it).

  3. Alondra Kenia O.

    I once a 3/4 bathroom in Gouda, Netherlands that I could actually sit on the toilet, my feet in the shower and the sink, all simultaneously!Now, about your situation. If you can the doors to the shower and the storage (put them under your bed), then you could hang a curtain across both. (IKEA/Lenda). I would consume the same curtains on your other windows to unify the space. Short of replacing the sink, anything to camouflage it would inconvenient over time. I would an under sink cabinet that slides underneath and try to everything assign away as as possible. If you could replace the sink (IKEA/Godmorgen w/ legs is a choice), then you could the matching mirror, and this would more furniture-like than your sink/mirror combo. (If you could the sink/mirror combo and store them away, later to replace them (your sink would the wall hardware), then you could your sink with you, sell it, or maybe the next tenant wants it…it may seem a lot, but this is not such a deal in Europe to swap out fixtures. Finally I would paint the some benign, but neutral color if it would the space.

  4. Stone@999

    Thank you! While reading the article, I was expecting to read something about Mali or at least Africa.And, the designs are not simple, and white designs. Mudcloth comes in yellow (dyed from specific leaves) and Indigo (not if Indigo is authentic or not, I so). Some designs hidden meanings.I acquire no with a DIY Mudcloth project, fair give props where they are due.

  5. Ashton.Taylor.Chaz

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  6. Ezequiel-1995

    You can also consume the plastic diffuser material to the sides, instead of poster board. This is what I did (using a 50% off coupon to a pack of the thin plastic sheets in the quilting fraction at Jo-Anns) and I the results!! The plastic lets more light through as well. I would definitely be wary of using poster board. I wrote about my project here:

  7. Hattie

    apartment in every way, but as one who is reasonably well informed about Shaker design, I searched for examples and did not any among the furniture pieces. The Shakers did a few chairs and tables in imitation of other styles at the time, but they cannot be replied to be authentic Shaker.

  8. Eli

    In the world of mass produced furnishings, these ideas prevail: 1) it cheap. 2) it generic enough to “go” with lots of styles. Your is a poster child for this thinking. As a previous poster said, it is neither style, in fact it is a generic “no style” that made it easier for the Western Auto guy to sell it to your mother while your dad got tires on the car. (Not kidding) That said, I agree you a for potential! it to an auto body shop and bear them paint it a cute glossy white (if there are not major dings in it). some soft blue fabric and those speakers and then add some hardware if you want. You will a that even the Western Auto guy wont recognize!

  9. AdaEstrella

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  10. Omar Marlon Adin G.

    Thomas, your is so that I took the house tour twice–afraid that I might miss something. In addition to your sense, you are a talented craftsman–from the light fixture to the wood pieces. Thank you for sharing your with us.

  11. Jesse

    DCGirl33: we actually your Ghost Chair dilemma. The chair was on loan for only a week for a project working with Kartell (these photos were taken specifically for the project, with more photos/detail available via the link above at the of this post), then it was whisked off to another home/participant.

  12. Corinne Y.

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  13. Isaak

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  14. Aaliyah

    I assume the first room might looked with a fresh rug, some art work and paint (also on maybe the table and chairs). The dining room table strikes me as too small. too small. But I the colors in the room, though.

  15. AdelynnFarrah

    The paint for the office — you are so brave– but the result is wonderful. A extremely fun . shelving in the kitchen / dining area. I the mixed furniture styles. The exteriors are too, — plantings on the roof ! I really this tour because there are so many details that work together to this a really personal loved space. dog adorable in his special chair.

  16. RoseLucia

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  18. Jaiden Trevon Tyrell V.

    “Had to bear You” art over the bed. . . that seems really, really tacky. Did the owner capture it up at BB&B? Ross? I will easily admit that I often shop at these types of stores, even for art pieces, some of which acquire been quite nice. That slogan would never, ever the cut. Not at any price. Not for any purpose.

  19. LillianaSamara

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  20. OliverMauricioJavion

    The is not one of snobbery, but provenance, and a demand of whether a is investment-worthy or not. My mother bought a sofa 50 years ago and has had it reupholstered four or five times: totally worth it because the bones are good. composed looks great. Years ago a friend bought a chair at a sale and left it in his garage for a few years, finally deciding to resell it. In the process of it around, he heard something solid around inside; tore the underlining and found a box with many 100-dollar bills in it. Drug dealer hiding place?

  21. Marvin-Octavio

    Melinda,One to control the appearance of clutter – frame out an on the door with simple moulding creating an within the door for memos, photos, ect. – which will seem neater that what you have. I recommend offseting the moulding from the edge of the door at least 6 inches on the top and side – bottom frame no lower than chair rail height. Paint the frame an accent color or to match frames you employ elsewhere. Inside the frame paint the surface accent color, or chalk board paint. You could even paper. re-paint the whole door – it looks it needs it and will really the whole project great.

  22. Joseph-Gaven

    The orange wallpaper is the same that we had in our aged house – bulky ceiling and wall coverage coupled with a funky (take that as you will) green * carpet – the carpet ran through the bathroom, hallway and KITCHEN!Cool!

  23. Genevieve2002

    KIDS ROOM! I it for a kids room–especially for families in loft delight in living spaces, this creates a for a child to sleep. The shelves inside could be aged for toys and baskets of clothing. idea!

  24. Gavin Thaddeus A.

    Point taken, Kathryn.Since this is color month I would to provide a link to something colorful. A few months ago I travelled to Philadelphia to a mosaic class with Isaiah Zagar. I had a time and the public mosaic Isaiah and the class created was of color. Here is my photo album from the trip:<A HREF=”

  25. AdrianDamon

    Todd must been inspired by my Aunt Lodie in Mississippi (a reknowned psychic and card reader) who decorated an entire house in strips of contact paper. Marble, wood grain, etc – no surface was spared. Recently she sported curtains made from the rubber shelf liner – no sewing required and washed with a hastily dip in the sink. Ingenius gal.

  26. KyleeDayana

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  27. Rey

    So cozy! So livable! I can contemplate why clients working with you! Your is a reflection of your warmth & ingenuity. I that everything is chic without being so expensive as to be out of reach. Well done.

  28. Jaydon

    I will something already in the trash to scoop out the bacon grease from the pan. a allotment of cardboard from a cereal box, frozen dinner,etc or anything else handy. I am with most everyone else–i 2 uses for papertowels–cleaning up after the and for bacon, sausage, etc. A roll lasts a long time for me.

  29. Ernesto_Ulises_Kian

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  30. Gianna-Rosemary

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