Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms

Years of research have been conducted to discover how colors affect the human brain. Colors have the ability to inspire feelings of peace and tranquility, energy and excitement, and even aggression and anger. Choosing a paint color for a bedroom is an important choice that you make to achieve a desired effect. Tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms are really inviting. Nothing sets the mood for a room more than color, and to achieve the most soothing color palette for your bedroom, you need to know what colors work best together. Tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms are also not shocking, they won’t make you feel cramped or crowded. Below are some suggestion about tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms. Let’s take a look!

  white calming colors for bedroomsWhite Calming Colors For Bedrooms

Suggestions of Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms

More than any other color, blue can soothe the senses. Peace and tranquility are the sentiments most commonly associated with blue. It’s a popular bedroom color for this reason and is used in various shades to give the bedroom decor soft femininity or bold sophistication. Light or aqua blues on the walls or in furniture like chaises or armchairs are calming and slightly whimsical and can even promote productivity. Darker shades like navy and cobalt blues are striking and clever, providing visual appeal for room accents like throw pillows and blankets as well as area rugs and curtains.

Green is considered the color of nature and one of the most preferred calming colors for bedrooms. It’s most relaxing and soothing shade is a pale green or pale yellow green. Like blue, green is a cool color, and works well in rooms that tend to receive a lot of sunlight. The hue has the ability to be refreshing and invigorating without invoking a hyper feeling, so it’s best for individuals who have to study or read in their bedrooms. Brighter shades like Kelly green give a balanced energy to the bedroom; pastels like pistachio or sea foam are calm yet delicate, and hunter green is rich and royal as well as serene.

pale blue calming colors for bedroomsPale Blue Calming Colors For Bedrooms

The color purple, from royal shades to lavender, creates feelings of luxury, mental clarity, comfort and spirituality. Royal purple, a deep and rich-feeling color, inspires feelings of desire and sensuality when used as part of the bed dressing and window treatments. Contrast and soften the deep royal purple in your bedroom by painting the walls a light shade of lavender or pastel plum. Purple coordinates well with white linens and dark-wood furniture to create a tranquil bedroom scene. On the other hand, pink is another calming color for the bedroom, and is often associated with romance. Feng shui practices include substantial amounts of pink in the bedroom to promote loving feelings and harmony. Pale pink paint on the walls can be paired with classic white trim, deep brown, magenta and lilac. Choose sophisticated accessories to complete the look.

Colors of the earth bring a sense of comfort to living areas. Shades of brown may sound boring, but they are far from it. Brown and beige tones give you a wide range of colors from which to choose, including light taupe and espresso. One choice for a soothing palette is light beige on the walls with mocha and rust accent colors. Another option is to put ochre on the walls with cocoa and yellow as accent colors. Light colors work in small and large bedrooms because they don’t weight the room down or make it feel crowded.

The most neutral color of all, white has the ability to reflect beautifully, everything around it. It is definitely the most calming color, as it gives a sense of space, that we feel lacking when we are overpowered by negative emotions. Crisp, clean white linens brighten up the environment of the room when paired with pastels of any tone. In feng shui, white symbolizes purity, confidence and innocence. White, when introduced to wall trim, window coverings and other coordinates, offers an attractive contrast to pastels and bold colors in the bedroom.

Combine Calming Colors For BedroomsCombine Calming Colors For Bedrooms

pink calming colors for bedroomsPink Calming Colors For Bedrooms

The above are some tranquil and calming color suggestions that really perfect for bedrooms. You can use the above suggestions of tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms as inspiration. For the best results, always choose a paint hue that inspires and rejuvenates you to make you feel like your best self at home. Cheers!

combine calming colors for bedrooms , Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms In  Category
pale blue calming colors for bedrooms , Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms In  Category
pink calming colors for bedrooms , Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms In  Category
white calming colors for bedrooms , Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms In  Category

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  1. AlyssaLeslieKarina

    dying to know the source for the cabinets, as well as the color ancient to paint them! and what a to acquire so many nooks – especially the window seats. So green with envy!

  2. Laurel.Taliyah.Reina

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  3. Ruby Maxine Lizbeth

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  4. Valeria Elliott

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  5. Brooklynn Anabelle O.

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  7. Blaine.Blaze

    extremely comment here, if anyone is paying attention… I devour the kitchen extremely – job on it! – and am neutral on the scalloped piece, with a leaning toward disliking it. If the was removed, you could hang a Roman shade above the window – yes, I know there is height there – with the bottom of the shade gathered to fair above where the glass starts. This would add a punch of color or colorful pattern to the kitchen without blocking any incoming light, and it would the window appear to be taller than it is, as one would the glass continues under the shade.

  8. Kylee Nia Elora W.

    I would recommend going to Kroll on 14th Street by Office Depot and Best Buy. They are not cheap, but the chair will better than once it is done. They also sell fabric as well. I worked with them for years and they never dissapoint. they also a collection of furniture as well as custom upholstery. They reupholstered some Brno chairs for me and replaced the webbing, foam, dacron, etc. The cost was about $400 each not including the fabric I provided. Not cheap, but they contemplate amazing and sit even better.There are also a lot of upholstery shops down 17th street to the Mission. I never any of them, but if you drive down 17th you will a few and it might be worth stopping in and bring the chair for a quote. For a really top notch job with a reasonably priced fabric (under $50/yd) you can to pay between about $300 and $800. A lot will depend on how atrocious off the is, if you want the wood refinished as well as if the insides need to be replaced, which it probably should be.Good Luck,George

  9. TysonClark

    Check local reuse stores for fireplace mantles! I always them when I go, there are often some with character. Making your acquire out of and shelving is also a simple DIY, my dad and I done similar in a couple of his rental properties around gas fireplaces that are other wise punched into the wall (check costco for priced fireplaces)

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  11. Keegan-Morgan-Nikhil

    yeah, the chairs cheap and mismatched against the sofa and the high chairs that you have. for chairs with cleaner lines and fabric without texture. You can texturize with a couple of accessories (such as a rug, curtains or few throwpillows).

  12. Kara-Lara-Paityn

    @Cosifantutti since i the handle * nugget lots of places, i also tend to effect things similarly. (we an app for those soda machines with the zillion different mix and match flavors where you can your “recipes” and i one for “* juice.” :)) anyway, on pinterest, my boards are all “* food”, “* plants”, etc. it always makes me laugh when i that someone has followed one of those boards.

  13. Blake-Korbin-Jarvis

    I really admire the vibe with all of the grays used. But my room has to be the dining room. I the credenza, dining table & chairs, & the art.I acquire been looking at the Anthropologie credenza for my joint living/dining location for extra storage. I saw something similar to this in a local vintage/antique shop a few months ago, but it was too wide for my & had already sold. So finding something similar (but smaller) at Anthro was exciting, & seeing it in your home makes me want to it ASAP.Excellent job on your space.

  14. Jovany

    to all AT readers,its to read all the comments.NYTIMES photos should be combined with these photos to a contemplate of our styling and our living. Too contemptible we did not absorb newer photos.Its difficult with a child to live in a location but we with happiness. We assign away stuff when not in and cant afford to clutter in a 435 SF.What can we say we dont period and that gives us freedom.a lot has changed since our son was born and photos will be posted ….if we catch to the semi finalists. Yet the apt. looks sparse with lots of room to play. p.s. bathroom has a white curtain not shown.have fun.

  15. Ellie Josie V.

    For window treatments, I would hang drapery over the windows and door leading to the balcony. I you could hang the curtain rod quite high up for a dramatic look. Unless you a really idea that you want to off at nighttime as well, I assume the room will feel cozier with drapery pulled shut at night along that wall.Depending on what colours you to decorate with, the curtains could be some neutral twill, or maybe a favorable stripe or larger-scale pattern that picks up on the colours you in the room.I agree that the entrance hall should be painted something that makes a statement. My first was a distinguished coral-red, if that suits your style.If you to something that, what about bamboo blinds for the bay windows? you need shades down permanently for privacy, or at night?

  16. Cullen-Jordy

    That side wall needs to acquire some greenery against it pronto. If you are not allowed to absorb self-clinging climbers, I would suggest a couple of poles with wire/string between them and something light and growing in a * – hops (as in making *) might fit the bill, and they can be down and re-grown each year. Or morning glories? Sunflowers?I agree with a colourful outdoor rug. Windchimes if you can stand them.Then something more to sit on. A hammock would be good, or how about one of those double swing seats, facing outwards from the far of the hops wall?

  17. Natasha

    @CHLA Keeping a grey water basin on hand is an to not water.I a bucket/tray in my sink to the water I to rinse vegetables with and then that water to water plants or to dilute/make household cleaners with.

  18. Autumn Elaina Mikaela Q.

    Oh man, effect I this abode. So clean, fresh and inviting. I would to consume an afternoon hanging out in each one of those rooms. One of my extremely tours…

  19. Jordyn Kenna Tegan

    I began to descend in with my husband on our third date when I stepped into his antique- and eccentric/industrial object-filled apartment. We combined tastes really well.Dealbreakers of past dates: professionally “decorated” apartment (complete with white rug). Mirrored mylar vertical blinds, massive stuffed animal collection, and nifty (not) round dining table that flipped over to transform into a gambling surface. No books (or ten * books including Ayn Rand).

  20. Noelle

    @pantone18My sentiments exactly. I carpet and lumped rugs into that category. Now, I acquire three rugs in my combo dining, sitting and living room. I am looking for a one for my bedroom now since I am redoing the upstairs of my house. How my tastes changed! LOL

  21. Santiago Addison Alonso

    Five years ago when my partner and I were in Goa, India we found an antique brass bell on a long thick brass chain.; the bell is approximately 12 inches high and with the five foot chain weighs approximately 40 pounds. We backpacked that darn thing all over India. It now resides from a heavy hook at the edge of the tin roof outside the door and in front of the kitchen window of our rural B.C. log home. We ring it to call our dogs, away bears and each other regarding dinner rediness or arrival home. It was a ridiculouly heavy “pain” thoughout the India adventure but we it all the time and I am cheerful we endured the struggle.

  22. CarlosJalen

    I made this for my dinning room this summer. I had been looking for a pendent to fit my fresh living room/ dinning room. This fit my budget and taste. It actually cost me about $60 to the project. It took about 2 hours to together and carefully install. I let my husband, who has macramé talent conclude the main cord hanging from the ceiling. I am with the results.linbo: The bulbs are easy to change, a porcelain sockets is found each cluster of all of the bubbles, where you * a decorative round light bulb.

  23. Jamari Ben

    Our house had a converted attic that we only ever for storage. Before we rented the house out we spruced it up with carpets, paints, fixtures etc. It was so attractive it made me regret not having the for ourselves. It would been a reading room/space for my easel, the possibilities were endless. I our tenants employ it to a grumpy teenager.

  24. Alena

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  25. Ellis Judith A.

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  26. DevinPorterBo

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  27. JeffreyDeanRogelio

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  28. DestinyCrystalTaliyah

    I dont accumulate why people are saying you need to move!! You bear plenty of room. My fiance and i are in a 1 bedroom as well, and we are looking to add a divider to our bedroom, (its small, but will work) as babies dont really need everything t.v tells us they do!! my friend is in a smaller dwelling then you and is doing impartial fine. She only has a crib jammed into the corner of her bedroom and it works. they co sleep on occasion.. but it all works out. 🙂 congrats!

  29. Lance_Kaeden

    My favourite bar chairs/stools has got to be, Skipping” by the genius that is, Karim Rashid. Not of his trademark “quirky” fashion here, but a stool, all the same. Currently saving up for three of these beauties, myself!

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