Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms

Years of research have been conducted to discover how colors affect the human brain. Colors have the ability to inspire feelings of peace and tranquility, energy and excitement, and even aggression and anger. Choosing a paint color for a bedroom is an important choice that you make to achieve a desired effect. Tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms are really inviting. Nothing sets the mood for a room more than color, and to achieve the most soothing color palette for your bedroom, you need to know what colors work best together. Tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms are also not shocking, they won’t make you feel cramped or crowded. Below are some suggestion about tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms. Let’s take a look!

  white calming colors for bedroomsWhite Calming Colors For Bedrooms

Suggestions of Tranquil and Calming Colors for Bedrooms

More than any other color, blue can soothe the senses. Peace and tranquility are the sentiments most commonly associated with blue. It’s a popular bedroom color for this reason and is used in various shades to give the bedroom decor soft femininity or bold sophistication. Light or aqua blues on the walls or in furniture like chaises or armchairs are calming and slightly whimsical and can even promote productivity. Darker shades like navy and cobalt blues are striking and clever, providing visual appeal for room accents like throw pillows and blankets as well as area rugs and curtains.

Green is considered the color of nature and one of the most preferred¬†calming colors for bedrooms. It’s most relaxing and soothing shade is a pale green or pale yellow green. Like blue, green is a cool color, and works well in rooms that tend to receive a lot of sunlight. The hue has the ability to be refreshing and invigorating without invoking a hyper feeling, so it’s best for individuals who have to study or read in their bedrooms. Brighter shades like Kelly green give a balanced energy to the bedroom; pastels like pistachio or sea foam are calm yet delicate, and hunter green is rich and royal as well as serene.

pale blue calming colors for bedroomsPale Blue Calming Colors For Bedrooms

The color purple, from royal shades to lavender, creates feelings of luxury, mental clarity, comfort and spirituality. Royal purple, a deep and rich-feeling color, inspires feelings of desire and sensuality when used as part of the bed dressing and window treatments. Contrast and soften the deep royal purple in your bedroom by painting the walls a light shade of lavender or pastel plum. Purple coordinates well with white linens and dark-wood furniture to create a tranquil bedroom scene. On the other hand, pink is another calming color for the bedroom, and is often associated with romance. Feng shui practices include substantial amounts of pink in the bedroom to promote loving feelings and harmony. Pale pink paint on the walls can be paired with classic white trim, deep brown, magenta and lilac. Choose sophisticated accessories to complete the look.

Colors of the earth bring a sense of comfort to living areas. Shades of brown may sound boring, but they are far from it. Brown and beige tones give you a wide range of colors from which to choose, including light taupe and espresso. One choice for a soothing palette is light beige on the walls with mocha and rust accent colors. Another option is to put ochre on the walls with cocoa and yellow as accent colors. Light colors work in small and large bedrooms because they don’t weight the room down or make it feel crowded.

The most neutral color of all, white has the ability to reflect beautifully, everything around it. It is definitely the most calming color, as it gives a sense of space, that we feel lacking when we are overpowered by negative emotions. Crisp, clean white linens brighten up the environment of the room when paired with pastels of any tone. In feng shui, white symbolizes purity, confidence and innocence. White, when introduced to wall trim, window coverings and other coordinates, offers an attractive contrast to pastels and bold colors in the bedroom.

Combine Calming Colors For BedroomsCombine Calming Colors For Bedrooms

pink calming colors for bedroomsPink Calming Colors For Bedrooms

The above are some tranquil and calming color suggestions that really perfect for bedrooms. You can use the above suggestions of tranquil and calming colors for bedrooms as inspiration. For the best results, always choose a paint hue that inspires and rejuvenates you to make you feel like your best self at home. Cheers!

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