Young Adult Bedroom Ideas and Tips

Young adults are often at a crossroads in their lives. They’re old enough to be responsible and have careers, or sometimes even families of their own, yet young enough to want their lives to be filled with fun and games. When it comes to bedroom look, young adults have very specific young adult bedroom ideas about how they want a bedroom to look. Today, a more mature, affordable, and practical young adult bedroom ideas is the trend. And some interesting features of  young adult bedroom ideas and tips are discussed below. Take a look!

young adult bedroom ideas for the lightYoung Adult Bedroom Ideas For The Light

Young Adult Bedroom Ideas for Young Women and Men

Young adult bedroom ideas for young men. Did you have posters of your favorite rock bands and movie posters on your old room’s walls? Good news: You can keep those posters in your new “young adult” room. Bad news: You’ll have to spend money to get them framed. The main difference between posters in a kid’s room and posters in an adult’s room is not the poster itself, but whether or not it’s framed. Install bookcases that reflect your new tastes (old college textbooks, men’s magazines) but get rid of those Hardy Boy books. Choose classic colors like dark blues, tans, and blacks for your color scheme.

minimalist young adult bedroom ideas for young women Minimalist Young Adult Bedroom Ideas For Young Women

Young adult bedroom ideas for young women. Unfortunately, you can no longer get away with having posters of the Nirvana or Robert Pattinson on your walls. But a great idea for posters is your favorite movies. Just make sure they’re all framed. Because young ladies often have lots of things they want to put on walls (pictures, postcards, bulletin boards, mirrors), choose this minimalist tip and keep at least one wall completely bare. Good color schemes for young adult female’s rooms include reds, blues, greens and violet. But if you want to get some minimalist style then it is okay go for neutrals color. Shag rugs and matching bed spreads are also a good bet.

young adult bedroom ideas for young menYoung Adult Bedroom Ideas For Young Men

young adult bedroom ideas in redYoung Adult Bedroom Ideas In Red

And also, young adults seem to collect electronics, so if yours has an array of gaming systems, MP3 players, televisions and computer components use technology as inspiration to design a functional and funky bedroom space. Use slate gray paint on the walls then hang modern monitors and television screens on the wall to save space. Build a custom shelving unit to fill the “entertainment center” wall and paint in a matte black to make an eye-catching and useful electronics area. Use muted gray and black shades in the bed linens and create splashes of color throughout the room by placing colorful pillows on the bed and on the floor for seating. For the tips, as a new adult, your bed size in your bedroom should be at the very least, a full-sized bed. Adults often cover their windows with matching curtains, as well. Finally, one of the most important things to remember when decorating your new grownup rooms: get rid of all clutter. Remember: less is more. These were just a few young adult bedroom ideas and tips that might can gives a new inspiration for those of you who grows up to be a young adults. Cheers!

minimalist young adult bedroom ideas for young women , Young Adult Bedroom Ideas and Tips In  Category
young adult bedroom ideas for the light , Young Adult Bedroom Ideas and Tips In  Category
young adult bedroom ideas for young men , Young Adult Bedroom Ideas and Tips In  Category
young adult bedroom ideas in red , Young Adult Bedroom Ideas and Tips In  Category

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  1. Cristian@2005

    “Classic” Must haves for my Home: (From Newfoundland, Canada)Original artGood lightingFamiliar photographyBooks I loveHealthy plantsWarm throw(s) long winters hereWarm comfy bedding (prefer duvet) & absorbent towels.Comfy chair for reading (I a wingback)Comfy couch for snugglingEnough glassware/dishware/flatware to your lifestyleCandlesSolid wood bookcases

  2. Richard-George-Greyson

    hello alison,thank you so for posting the information about the marimekko print…it looks fantastic!if you a minute, can you command me where you found the print on canvas? i remember seeing one on ebay some time ago but looked and there were no sellers this time. i am into a apartment in about six weeks and the “bedroom” does not acquire a window-i was thinking this might be a to bring the outdoors in and i a mirror that would on the same wall. any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!thanks so much! and luck with the contest.

  3. Melvin Adin

    Can you please, for once, ANY other inspiration other than Scandinavia? Jesus Christ how many ways can you say it? Scandinavian Design! Swedish Chic! Norwegian Cool! Danish Calm!

  4. Eve A.

    I had a 3×5 rug in the hallway between my front door and the living room. It helped to eliminate dust and dirt from being tracked in.In my apartment I the same rug between a folded up futon couch thing and my television to account for the television watching nook.With the two you have: there is no law against putting two rugs next to each other with a (maybe a foot or so) between them.

  5. Haven

    hello Alisa:You and your boyfriend should sit down and brainstorm on what you want the home to when you are done, how you will the as well as your overall budget.Start with a plan, employ blue painters tape and the floor with pieces of furniture, lighting and floor coverings you believe you need and/or want in the and explore if it fits. Pay attention to how you rooms and how often when determining where you need to things. ie. If you are left or handed or would you really sit in a chair facing a or would the sofa be something aged all the time or when guests over. Also how natural light effects each plot in the space. Furniture and lighting are the most expensive items to breeze into a space, allocate the appropriate money.Then a color palette, not necessarily wall color, but colors that you be pleased and can live with. From there you can shades of colors and fabrics to match or compliment. You can head down to your local paint store to up swatches and chips and deciding on wall colors and shades.These are the basic steps I when I first meet with clients. It helps me and my client on track as to what pieces to for and what places to shop at.Hope that helps!

  6. PhoenixTyrone

    Oh yeah, I would hang the tv over the fireplace and orient the furniture to commence up to the fireplace. I agree to add some wood (haha). Lose about 30% of your glass. You all dark on the floor and all white above the floor. Mix it up. Bring some darker up above the couch line and some lighter tones down towards the floor. Add a simple element that is both black and creme. THis will a more balance feeling in the room. Replace the item where the TV currently is with something be pleased this

  7. Shea.1997

    couple of comments: the ann gish store is only until 5pm- shame for those who work! rico sales is not 35% off all upholstery – Mitchell Gold is not included in this (fyi)

  8. Amir Elvis Jovan E.

    Anyone Thanksgiving recipes or ideas to share? I had some mashed potatoes with carrots and a bit of ginger while I was on vacation. It would a yummy alternative to having mashed potatoes over the holidays…

  9. Braeden

    The other day, in a after noticing that we were out of craft paper for munchkin to paint on, I handed her a 2 litre cola bottle from the recycle bin, not what her reaction would be. She loved it, and it can be displayed a lot more places then usual paper. Turned out great! Going to try this box idea, next.

  10. Ava Morgan Juliet

    In my opinion, it is up to the owner of a fraction to choose whether it is “worth it” to a allotment professionally restored. I am getting ready to a chair reupholstered. I?m it?s not “worth it,” and won?t increase the value of the chair or whatever, but it was my grandmother?s and it is a comfortable, sturdy chair. You to how you are willing to into it, whether you are talking about time or money.That said, I some of the DIY ideas here, including filling/painting the and refinishing the rest. Or one of the DIY fixes that were mentioned to the depraved and achieve the Howard products, which I also like. Sometimes impartial getting something and and polished can bring about a shift in your perception of a piece!I?d to know and what you up doing!

  11. CollinBrayanErnest

    Not if the photos I took the justice, but I can you, as a girl I never once had to duck down or crouch. Well, except for when you in that cramped closet in the bathroom. It really does feel spacious, even for us folks. =)

  12. Stone Y.

    kitchen with wood-framed windows & saturn-lighted office potential, nut there to be better examples of scandinavian than these, ones that highlight this architecture, achieve not bear furniture arrangements (books next to radiator pic has comments elsewhere, bed in LR confusing), and not seem delight in north wind is blowing through them. cozy, these are not.

  13. Kaleb_Dillan

    I moved to Seattle a over a year ago and we were fortunate to a with ~700sq ft. with parking for $1250/month. Most of the other places we looked at were apartment-run and were upwards of $1600 for the amenities we were looking for (washer/dryer, parking, downtown). It was really ridiculous.We bought a condo downtown early this year though, but we definitely are paying more now with HOA fees (super high in Seattle for what you get), property tax, and mortgage. Hopefully we made the choice.

  14. Julie_Emmalyn

    First of all, thanks for all of the thoughtful suggestions! As an update- some things been done since these pics were taken. Most noteably, we did add a faux fireplace, which does abet a bit. Also, we replaced the ceiling cove molding which had been removed prior to our purchase. Some other lighting fixtures been changed, but nothing else major.And Christine, youre right, our architect sucks. He is not the most creative person, we are now finding out. apt with direction- on his own.Again, thanks for all of your thoughts!

  15. Esteban_Malcolm

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  16. Rodolfo@ZZZ

    I the frugality thing, but lately, it seems that AT is turning into a frugal living blog. Every other post seems to be about cheap fixes, money saving tips, frugal living advice. Is this a conscious decision? While I the cheap stuff too, i incorporating the occasional 3 &4 star stuff in my life too.

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