Easy Tips to Organizing a Small Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you begin and end your day, so it should be the most relaxing, comfortable and inviting room in your home. If you have a small bedroom, if not organized properly, can seem very haphazard, claustrophobic and unlivable to the inhabitants. We all know that small bedrooms present challenges for organization and storage. You can’t change the size of your bedroom, but you can control what you put in it and where you put it. That is why, organizing a small bedroom is a great way to begin to get organized in other areas of your life. Below are some easy tips which can help you in quickly organizing a small bedroom. Keep reading…

organizing a small bedroom in modern style Organizing A Small Bedroom In Modern Style

Here’s the first tips to organizing a small bedroom. Keep all objects to scale in the bedroom. Avoid large pieces of furniture with ornate inlays and large, overstuffed pillows. Choose furnishings with clean lines that don’t take up more room than they need to (think Scandinavian). An ironwork bed is a good choice for a small bedroom because the bed frame takes up very little space. Choose a lower bed, as this will look smaller visually. Then, select an appropriate-sized bed. Choose the smallest size bed that will comfortably sleep those who will be using it. Place the bed close to a wall to prevent the room from feeling smaller than it is. Leave enough room for walking around the bed.

use shelves to organizing small bedroomUse Shelves To Organizing Small Bedroom

Decorate only with items you need. Don’t bring additional furnishings into the room that will only cause clutter. You will need to feel comfortable in your bedroom and part of this feeling is knowing you have enough room to move. Choose double-duty items to make the most of space in your bedroom. Decorative or stackable baskets and boxes conceal clutter and they look neat. Maximize all the spaces in your bedroom. Look high and low for opportunities to utilize space. Use the area under your bed for storing seasonal clothing. Install bookshelves and storage units on your walls to give you a storage area without taking up floor space. Use nesting tables to get the most out of your floor space. These tables are convenient for using as nightstands because you can tuck them away when not needed.

simple ways to organizing a small bedroomSimple Ways To Organizing A Small Bedroom

organizing your small bedroom in easy wayOrganizing Your Small Bedroom In Easy Way

And, organizing a small bedroom also means sorting out your reading material. Get rid of any newspapers, magazines that you are no longer reading and put all your reading material in a basket or night table. Once the room is organized, clean it. Vacuum the rug, dust the furniture and clean the floor. Keep a dustbin and a laundry basket in the bedroom so that after a few days you don’t end up with a pile of clothes around the room. Every weekend, devote ten to fifteen minutes to clean the room. Every six months, de-clutter the room. This will ensure that the bedroom stays organized.

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