The Great Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

Tween girls are at that stage in life where they are growing out of their little girl interests, but are not yet ready to become a young woman. This is an in-between stage of life that can be both exciting and a little bit frightening. For tween girls, a variety of changes are taking place in their lives, as they mature and begin the journey toward their teenage years. One change can be decorating their bedroom in a more grown-up way that’s still appropriate for a young person. While planning out the bedroom remodeling for tweens, it is essential that you understand that your kid now wants something that reflects his or her own personality, interests and style. And fortunately, there are so many tween girl bedroom ideas that available in the internet, so you you can pick the best ones. For ease, given below are just a few tween girl bedroom ideas already available to help you to makeover your lovely kid’s room.

sweet tween girl bedroom ideasSweet Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

Here are some tween girl bedroom ideas to read. The first tween girl bedroom ideas is about funky and colors. Bold, and funky colors, with interesting shapes, are a great idea for a tween who wants to add some asymmetrical style to her bedroom. You can try contrasting colors, like magenta and lime green or purple and orange. Paint walls one color and trim another, then you can add various-sized, and -colored, spots, squares, stars or triangles around the walls for an interesting look. On the other hand, a retro flower can be another option. A retro flower power tween room can spice up any dull and drab space. Murals done up in the 70s style with splashy large orange flowers on a brown background, wild abstract geometric shapes and neon paisleys work great for a tween girl’s room. Choose a bedding in hot pinks and purples, chartreuse, orange, and yellow. For adding more pizzazz to the room add, flower-shaped carpets and wall stickers to create the perfect retro look.

awesome tween girl bedroom ideasAwesome Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

For another ultra-girly tween room, try a pink color scheme. You can do walls in a lighter pink, have a darker pink bedspread and pillows. Another good idea is a delicate pink canopy bed. Since your tween may start experimenting with makeup at this age, should you allow it, find a vanity set and paint it pink. This will give your tween a dainty little area to get ready for school in the morning. If you’ve got a young tween rocker on your hand, decorate with a girly rock vibe. A color scheme such as black and hot pink or black and another bold color works for this theme. You can paint walls hot pink, for example, then do black trim. Select one wall that you could paint a large guitar on, going from the ceiling to the floor. You can decorate trim with little musical notes, too, and for wall hangings use old records and vinyls. And for the earth-conscious tween girl, try a hippie-style room. You can do green walls, and maybe even paint a few daisies and peace signs on them. You can do earthy-looking bamboo shades that will allow for some natural light. Another groovy idea is to let your tween pick out a tapestry wall hanging that she can dedicate one wall to, as many tapestries tend to be rather large.

colorful tween girl bedroom ideasColorful Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

pinky tween girl bedroom ideasPinky Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

These were some tween girl bedroom ideas for you. These can gives your daughter’s room a new fresh look and vibrant . However, there are some basic things to keep in mind. Tweens are at that delicate age between childhood and the teenage years. Their moods at this stage of life can change drastically. The things that they loved as children are no longer their interests, at this time. At this age Tweens are able to put their own ideas into actions with redecorating and designing their rooms. Tween girls know what they like, and what they like can change rapidly. Ditch the old Dora theme, and decorate with colors and patterns rather than in a new theme. Your daughter may want to change her posters as she gets older, but classic patterns and colors can remain the same. Paint the walls in her favorite colors instead of papering the walls with her favorite superstar, but leave room for a poster or two. Splurge on a high-quality bedding set, and accent it with trendy throw pillows that can be changed as fashions change. Also, you need to Set a budget. Select a rough amount of cash that you want to invest in the project. Consider how frequently you want to redecorate the space, as well as how fickle your tween is, when deciding upon this budget. If your tween constantly wants a change, it may be wise to invest less money as she might be eager to redecorate quickly.

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