How to Decorate Bathroom

Designing bathroom interior design is also very important because this room could be your private room to release your stress and tiredness. Unfortunately, sometimes you forget to take care about this matter. Maybe you also think that bathroom is juts needed to be practical rather that beautiful for you. Think about it again since it would be very important for having beautiful bathroom design. Now maybe you would ask about how to decorate the bathroom, so don’t worry since we will take a look at some ideas and tips in designing the bathroom here.

Bathroom Decorating IdeasBathroom Decorating Ideas

The first thing that you could do is that making or purchasing the storage furniture tha has certain design suitable for your bathroom design. It would  add the beautiful side of the bathroom. In the bathroom, you could add the shelve as the storage of your bathroom appliances. Maybe, if you do not have much budget, you could re-use some of your old shelf to make it one. Then, for making your bathroom more beautiful, you could also add the curtain for the window or door of your bathroom, just try it!

Plant for How to decorate bathroomPlant  decorating bathroom

Then, you should also consider about the lighting of the bathroom. For making a good lighting, you should consider about the material that you use for surface of your wash basin, maybe you could have marble for that. it would make your interior bathroom design seem to be neat and clean. Here, you could also add big mirror so that it would make your bathroom become wider.

Mirror to decorate bathroomMirror to decorate bathroom

Then, Be selective. What does it mean? Means that you should consider carefully in choosing the material of the interior design. You should choose the material which is resistant to the water. Some of you maybe like for having wallpaper in your bathroom design, it does not matter as long as you could choose the right one. If that wallpaper is not resistant to the water, it would ruin your own bathroom design. The best selection for bathroom material is ceramic, it would have long durability and make the design more beautiful. Choose the rough and high quality ceramic for it.

Then, don’t forget about the design of shower and bathroom sink of your bathroom since it would be the prior instrument there. For the matter of safety, sometimes you forget about it. You should consider about two things here, it is about the water and electricity. So, you need to be careful about having the good position of it.

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80 thoughts on “How to Decorate Bathroom

  1. Aden_Gary_Layton

    I seen the same in a few homes in the area. Bigger rooms often seem to mean “more clinical-looking” or “in the (impersonal) fashion of a hotel lobby.” Smaller rooms apparently call for over-the-top details to compensate for the perceived inadequacy of their size. In either case, it would accomplish me not want to be at home, so what would be the point in having a house at all?

  2. Giovanna

    @Alyssak: try to accumulate beautiful, special items which are useful. Instead of having pretty, but useless clutter, you will pretty, useful stuff. a tea service from the fleamarket. Or a mirror you found while on holidays. A handmade throw for winter nights… and so on. Old, handmade and stuff has more character, so out for things be pleased these, they will warm up your quickly.

  3. ShawnKamari

    duckumu in my book your hint wins!I too am heartbroken when I antique wood chairs ruined with that green or magenta paint and scandinavian inspired print fabric.And Enough already with all the faux Charley Harper bird graphics and leafless trees.

  4. Aydan-Geoffrey

    If you are on keeping the brick and the slate, I would explore at a and more efficient wood stove. There are a lot of designs not to mention different fuels that are cleaner as well.Living in an where many wood stoves, I personally that particular one unattractive unless you the pages of country/rural decor catalogs then it works. Not bright your personal makes it difficult but I a stove is in assuming you will be using it a lot as the editor mentioned.

  5. Wendy1974

    Getting the bare metal on this is no problem. I done it a half dozen times with vintage chairs, a dental cabinet and some lights.Chemical paint strippers might work of the way, but you are going to need to accomplish some sanding either way. I sander heads on a 4 angle grinder are the best to the tough stuff off. I also to employ a extremely heavy sanding disk to a swirl pattern in the metal.The key is the finish, and 3-4 coats. You need stuff made for bare metal, and you need to prep the surface. Diamond from is the best coat I found for bare metal. The also surface washers.Good luck.

  6. Juliana

    I absorb a lot of experience with storage spaces. We always had storage spaces when I was growing up (my parents don’t be pleased clutter), and when I was 17 and moved out to to college, my parents wanted me to the rest of my belongings in storage. Then, while living in Africa for many years, I had a storage dwelling in the South Bronx. None of these spaces were climate controlled. And overall, most things did fine. There were a couple of incidents that occurred, and that taught me that plastic can sometimes be a thing. One time the roof of the warehouse leaked, and a couple of boxes got wet. Another time I noticed rats were chewing on an antique African chair that was made from goat hide. That was probably my fault since I hadn’t wrapped the chair. (I guess I hadn’t belief goat was so tasty.) After re-packing everything into those colossal heavy duty plastic boxes, and wrapping the whole (and my chair) in plastic cloths (lots of them), I never had problems again. Granted, I was almost exclusively storing boxes of sentimental papers, and climate control was never a factor for me. I having favorable upholstered furniture might require a different strategy.I agree with others that you should some math and how the numbers play out. But if you acquire things you really love, or things that are sentimental, then for it. Research all of the possibilities and pack your things well.My experience has been that if you pay a year upfront, you accept a month’s rent free.

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  8. Paula

    I know they must be well-made and all, but they discover cheap tin serving-trays to me. I can probably accept a bunch of look-alike trays in grocery stores of suburban areas of China.

  9. AriellaAniyaNoor

    “When we first moved in a couple weeks ago and noticed the problem, the landlord brought in cleaning folks to care of it, they did — and now the mold is only 2 weeks later” that tells me the mold is quite extensive, and would risk a guess that there is a water leak feeding the mold growth. There is no to bid weather or not the mold in your house is toxic or benign, but from the sound of it, given your health problems, it could be toxic mold which is extremely dangerous. Most states laws on the books to protect renters from having to live in mold infested houses. So do a search for [your state] renters rights mold and you should the info you need.

  10. Adrian Axel Ahmed

    Trust me. The Expedit can handle the challenge. My DJ boyfriend, and all his friends, various sizes and configurations of the Expedit and it is built to last. Also check out this chilly up at

  11. Cristian.Luca.Wilson

    @beth0014 My son-in-law works for Lakeview Associates. They are a property management company. They gargantuan vintage apartment buildings in Lakeview and Lincoln Park. Give them a call.

  12. Angelica Madyson

    One of the things my family does is sit down together and write notes to businesses indicating employees who given us service over the year. So often companies receive complaints about employees, but few compliments.

  13. Sophie Nataly F.

    To me decor this works and looks in that context because of the whole vibe Anthropologie creates, from their funky-borderline-country-style clothing to the glass windows with a somewhat industrial feel types of spaces. If I were to bring the book or that roll of swirly paper or cardboard it would fair gape clutter, or even worse, recycling I forgot to out.

  14. Mekhi Draven Milton M.

    ooh! ooh! I ordered a custom one of these from a seller on etsy… for $15 she printed out the title of my art show, which saved me from having to paint it on. It looks amazing! It really looks hand-done. She even customized the font for me to match the explain card.

  15. Eli-Hudson-Graham

    My favourite tour of all your tours so far, I think.And I absorb seen that photo of the outdoor table with the fairy lights posted all over the but it has not been credited. It is to finally know where it is 🙂

  16. Ayden Finn

    my advice encompasses a bit of all the definitely must what your is first and this can be accomplished via magazines and mini excursions to some of the shops…crate and barrel. cb2, z gallerie, pottery barn, room and board, etc.or about places that you visited where you felt completely comfortable..what elements made you feel this way, was it the colors or the pieces of furniture or the decorative items?also in terms of how you to employ your spot. will you want to entertain a lot, will you spots as a haven only, will you need to accomodate overnight guests, etc.i crimson is can blend well with other colors and add that spark..and crimson is hot for you know what in the bedroom!!i hope this helps!

  17. Braiden-Winston-Jaydin

    I purchased a heavily carved teak pedestal or plant stand. I estimate its origin is India circa 1900. It has elephants and other symbols carved in it. It has turned (mold perhaps?). Can anyone suggest how to care for such a piece?

  18. BradyDamariBaby

    I adsore vintage MCM pieces… However, it (thrifting) really does not seem worth it in light of the potential for bed bugs (!!!!!!), fleas, and roaches. What you will for such a will be paind perhaps hundreds of times over in the setting of a potential infestation. And re-using foam? The makes my skin crawl. Dust mights, body fluids and decades of mess in there. No, thanks!

  19. Isaac Danny Davion C.

    Any sort of ceramics work in the bathroom, plates, cups, saucers. Crockery loves humidity. It needs it to crazing. Plates can hang on walls or ceilings. You can a teacup and saucer upside-down as a lampshade. An gravy boat could be a water feature. And they in all colours and shapes and there are some crazy antique ones.

  20. Hannah Briana Jaliyah O.

    Phew! Finished everything with the exception of the basement, which was vacuumed last weekend. We started the morning by taking out the (previously) live Christmas tree, so the extra anguish of tracking down pine needles was enough for me. I was gonna split up floors between today and yesterday, but one of my projects was getting a solid wood buffet my mom refinished for me from her house to mine and then rearranging our sun room around it, and my brother and dad were free yesterday for heavy lifting so there went the floors. On the plus side, I finished a project ahead of schedule, so I am an – if exhausted – camper.

  21. Quincy Gunner Z.

    I also that putting some hard work into a shared is a to points with your neighbors. I am the only leaf raker/* puller of a 6 unit shared yard (everyone else owns their condo, but we rent… but they are older/elderly) Because of my hard work in keeping it neat, I some perks. planting whatever flowers I want & being on the receiving destroy of bottles of wine. This strategy may not work for every situation, but should be considered!

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