The Lovely Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

Do you have a plan to creating your lovely toddler girl bedroom? And you need some fresh toddler girl bedroom ideas to help you? Then you are in the right page. First of all, creating a toddler girl bedroom is a little easier than creating a baby bedroom. Unlike when you probably prepared your baby nursery, you now know your child, their personality, and their likes and dislikes. You can take this knowledge and use it to help you create a toddler room that they will love. Also, this can be fun project! However, to avoid some mistake, you have to do proper planning beforehand. A few tips for you,it is suggested to choose a general theme for toddler bedrooms as they will outgrow a particular theme after a few years, and you have to remodel it all over again. And there are a variety of toddler girl bedroom ideas you can try. You can do whimsical, modern, bright or serene depending on what kind of room you and your toddler may like!

pink toddler girl bedroom ideasPink Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

So, what’s the first toddler girl bedroom ideas?It’s a princess style. Princess-style decor is a very popular idea you can utilize for your tot’s bedroom theme. Stick to pinks and purples for the color scheme. You can buy fake plastic princess crowns to decorate on shelves, and even make a tiara-shaped headboard, using cardboard, spray paint, glitter spray and shellac. On the other hand, a garden room is a fanciful way to decorate your tot’s room and give it a little whimsy. You can paint flowers along the walls, and even take fake vines, glue some fake flower buds onto them, and wrap them around curtain rods. Stick with light pastels. You can paint the walls a light blue, and paint a bright sun above your tot’s bed. Butterflies are another popular toddler girl bedroom ideas. You can paint butterflies fluttering along the walls, or use butterfly wallpaper trim to save time and money. You can also make your own butterfly headboard using cardboard, spray paint and a little shellac. But if your lovely toddler like to have some fruits pop up in her bedroom, then use a fruity theme. A fruity theme can be a bright, colorful and yummy way to decorate a toddler’s room.

lovely toddler girl bedroom ideasLovely Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas 

Think fruity colors like raspberry pink, lime green, melon green and maybe even black to represent watermelon seeds. You can paint walls a melon green, do the trim in a bold pink and maybe add little seed-shaped black dots in the trim. You can take a half circle piece of wood or cardboard and paint it to look like a watermelon or lime slice to use as a headboard. Then, another toddler girl bedroom ideas, play with educated elements. Because toddlers are actively engaged in discovering the world around them, educational bedroom elements can add atmosphere and help speed their development. Consider placing a framed poster that teaches numbers, colors or words in a foreign language on the wall at a level that allows your child to see and read it easily. Include books, flash cards or other educational toys in a special area that is complete with a child-size chair and table. Or, you can paint walls a night sky color and add little stars and a moon. Stick with deep blues, violet purples and mellow yellows. For an interesting contrast you can paint one wall in a starry night theme, where your tot’s bed will be, with the opposing wall a sunny day scene, where your kid’s play area can be.

cute toddler girl bedroom ideasCute Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

princess toddler girl bedroom ideasPrincess Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

Animal prints are another wild way you can enhance your little girl’s room. You can buy a variety of stuffed jungle animals, like leopards, zebras and toucans. You can even paint a jungle mural on one wall, or hire a professional if you aren’t very artistic. Another idea, similar to the garden theme, is hanging vines from the curtains. Just make sure they don’t hang within your tot’s reach for safety, and to avoid them getting pulled down. Finally, these were some toddler girl bedroom ideas to try! While applying these toddler girl bedroom ideas, the topmost priority should be given to the safety of the child. The bedroom furniture should not have sharp edges that can hurt your child. Arrange the furniture in such an order that they are secured against the wall. Also, none of them should be kept near the windows. Electrical bulbs and cords should be placed in such a way that they remain out of their reach. Electrical outlets of the room should also be properly safeguarded.

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  1. Ronan Jaheim E.

    I SO this house tour as it is not MCM as most of the tours. This house is refreshing and and having variety when it comes to tours gives you more decorating that sticking to the same style…

  2. Audrey

    Oh man, I need cabinets in EVERY ROOM. Especially the kitchen. If you want to your dishes, then achieve glass doors on a few of the cabinets.Of course, built-in custom cabinetry is expensive, so shelving will a lot of money, which is a agreeable enough reason to it.

  3. Zakary-66

    I shower curtains in my first apartment. I got them at Meijer on sale for about 5 bucks each. I did my whole plot for under 50 bucks. you collect cotton though, as the polyester ones of wrinkly and can a “cheap” feel to them. Also, I out the weights at the of mine so they would a in the spring when I had the windows open.

  4. Zoe-Elaine-Nathaly

    As a child of 1970s California…I a healthy regard for the CONVOPIT…some may call it an obsession. One of my childhood homes had an inglenook-type one, my grandparents had a sunken lanai…and the holy grail was the Fireside Lounge at the local Peppermill restaurant. Sigh. Seriously so in the design. Oh–and I seen outdoor execution of these…with dining. Pinterest is littered with examples.

  5. Mariah

    I adore this! I can command this is a where conversations happen. But the librarian me says a bookshelf in the living room! 🙂 Going to browse more on the chilly website.

  6. Genevieve.ZZZ

    This house is so lovely, comfortable, and *. And to 2500 sq ft… I am so jealous!Some comments on the photography: many of the photos bent vertical lines, and they could been edited in photoshop. Some of the photos were also shot and/or cropped at angles. I photos from this since it has had many well-photographed house tours.

  7. LeviRaymond

    I did the 52 week challenge in my cash-strapped, college student days and it was really helpful. Especially since I was only making enough to pay my bills, but not really anything. I the concept of saving $26 weekly though, rather than slowly building up. It was difficult the last few months to stow away $40+ on a weekly basis.

  8. Mckenzie.Cadence

    I Novalis fashion Corsica Stone Vinyl Tile 18 blocks. Stuff is awesome! I it down in my kitchen on a slab and never had any trouble. Looks great, insulates and glasses tend not to break if I them. Has stood up to dogs for years. Sadly, Lowes no longer sells it, and it is hard to find. I need a few more pieces if I a closet, or redo the entire floor. It comes with sides that grout. stuff!

  9. Adalyn-2005

    For those of us who are terminally broke, I recommend the Ikea Lersta which rises above the rest of the list at a bantam weight $10 and will provide you with reading light for many years. The bendy neck and the three colour options (aluminum, and white) this both useful and accommodating.While it is a floor lamp, I it by my bedside.

  10. Cruz-Eugene-Milo

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  11. Tinsley@1986

    LoveloveloveloveI want to copy the drapes in the bedroom, but I no how I would about suspending them from the ceiling. I you a cord of some sort stretching between two walls, but how is it secured there?

  12. Everly-Montserrat-Abril

    My cars names, and 2 bedrooms names, THE SUNSHINE SUITE and BLUEBERRY COTTAGE. This was because we had lots of guests coming one year and we tried to it a B and B. Plus we acquire the FIREPLACE ROOM with no fireplace.

  13. Eleanor-1974

    (The sleight of hand of comparing the federal tax rate to the national tax rate in Finland masks the reality of what people pay; nobody escapes paying taxes in the U.S. that I am aware of. Maybe if you happent to bema corporation. There is minimal local taxation in Finland.)

  14. NathanRaymondAddison

    Welcome to the world! In UK, only my mums guest room had a top sheet under the duvet. (Pretty a duvet is not a comforter as it has no except the one you on it) Not if it is to other people but UK/European diuvet covers are made from the same material as sheets, and you can different warmths of duvets for different climates (typically 13 TOG for Winter/ 3 TOG Summer but personal preference wins out, you can 3 and a 7 which clip together to a 10, etc). Also choice if polyester filling/feather/down etc beget for comfort all year round, (use a sheet if its too hot.. And you can individual sheets in the UK). My wife and I slept under single duvets for more than 30 years, no fighting for the bedclothes but a to snuggle up!

  15. Annabel_Clementine

    I agree with you on the rice cooker, rather a wok, as both too in the cabinets. I disagree with you on the coffee maker and bean grinder. Those are two countertop appliances we must in our house. I want a top sheet as is usually ends up as the only covering I (sleep with a bedding hog; cocoons himself in the duvet and/or blanket). Matching nightstands in our house . . . we breeze to bed at different times and both lamps, clocks and CPAP machines.

  16. Ryleigh.Karlee

    Not actually a surprise per se, but I absolutely hated the granite in our townhome kitchen. Through some circumstances, we ended up with a insurance claim, which included a tile floor in the kitchen. The current floors were more cream/gray than the original, which were more brown toned. My husband and I loved them and instantly decided the honey colored cabinets needed to be white. Now the dark, green/black granite really pops and goes so better with our appliances. I never I would liked those counters, but they gape great!

  17. Nova-Roselyn-Karlie

    Elizabeth-I too brown painted woodwork, and doors. I painted my bedroom a blue-grey color and I assume it looks together. I considered painting the and doors, but the work was to considering the questionable and door quality. I found that whenever I paint a room a lighter color that brown jumps out at me-so I painted my rooms darker or complementary colors to that trim. luck……

  18. Jonathan.Felipe.Alexandro

    Really really delight in your last painting of “colored” waiter. Was expecting collection of sambos in next pic. Grateful collection was finished.

  19. Ainsley Erin Jessa M.

    Actually, I read that lemon, mint, eucalyptus, bay leaf oils (as well as the dried herbs) seem to actually feed the moths. They affection those particular flavors/scents apparently. Lots of oil sites will pledge that these oils will rid your of moths. Nope. Won’t happen. They will fair give them reason to stay….the best oils to consume are clove, cinnamon and lavender. [source Hybrid Rasta Mama]

  20. Jaylynn R.

    I know the battle! I shower at night and sleep on wet hair, but before falling asleep I bask in to read in bed, sitting up with my head on the headboard. I leave wet marks everywhere. Try this: you can bear an upholstered headboard, but the shape simple, with no tufting. Upholster it in some sturdy indoor-outdoor canvas in a light, solid color. Then a tightly-fitting, tailored slipcover for the headboard with a long zipper down the or down one side. it in some sturdy, machine-washable fabric (just be to pre-shrink your fabric!) and you can toss it in the wash whenever it needs to be cleaned. You could replace the easily any time you wanted to change the look!

  21. Chance 2013

    I the idea, which several suggested, of swapping couch and tv, hanging the pictures propped the couch (now on the wall), and raising the mirror. a runner on the table, with a * of flowers, or a plant?I the coloring of the room is fair a mite cold. Maybe bewitch up the warm yellow of the rug with paint or … something? (Might not be to your taste though.)

  22. Adelina-Rosie

    We loved CL for our most-recent move. We got some CB2 lamps, a teak MCM sideboard for $50, West Elm bar stools. But my of the century is a Florence Knoll coffee table in chrome and arabescato marble for $180! I almost had a heart attack when I got it and noticed the stamp.We refuse to upholstered furniture secondhand though, because of the of bedbugs and other insect infestations.

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