The Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is the one place in the house where you can display your personal sense of style. No longer just a place for sleeping, bedrooms often act as a daily retreat. Because it is your own space, you can choose any color to create an atmosphere that is most appealing to you. And one of them is green. Green is a trending bedroom color. For those of you who really like to have natural feel in your bedroom, then you can go for green bedroom. Your green bedroom can also provide a relaxing vibe to a laid-back space and eco-friendly experience in any days. Below are some green bedroom ideas that might be your new inspiration, to give a new look for your bedroom. Take a look!

modern green bedroomModern Green Bedroom

Firstly, to achive the best green bedroom look, then paint your walls in the shade of green you like, and paint the baseboards a shade of off-white. Paint the same off-white color on strips of molding and attach the molding all around the room at the ceiling edges. Hang floor-to-ceiling silk or synthetic silk curtains in a slightly darker shade of green than the walls. Then, you can also create a spa-like ambiance in your green bedroom by using white wicker furniture and lavender accessories, which will compliment soft green walls. Choose light-purple bedding and rugs, and gauzy curtains to catch breezes. Lightly scent the air with pots of lavender plants. If you prefer lime green, then a lime green rug can add a huge impact to the bedroom if it’s placed in the middle of the floor.

green bedroom in simplicityGreen Bedroom In Simplicity

Use a pattern, such as a zebra print, polka dots, stripes or geometric patterns, if a solid color is too much or if you want the rug to serve as the focal point of the room. Curtains, bedding, throw pillows or a chair are other ways to flood your room in lime green, or simply add a hint of color. Smaller accessories can go a long way in adding zesty lime green to your bedroom. For example, arrange lime green candles on a floating shelf or a furry green lampshade on your nightstand; or hang lime green artwork or picture frames on your bare walls.

cute lime green bedroomCute Lime Green Bedroom

On the other hand, Add a retro vibe to a bedroom that has bright green walls or furnishings. Place a comforter featuring aqua and chocolate-brown geometric designs on your bed, and use retro-inspired lamps, clocks and other room accessories. Sounding good, isn’t? Want more green bedroom ideas? then go for this, find fabric prints with green backgrounds. Make a bedspread and shams with the material. Choose another shade of green paint for a side table and another green print for a chair slipcover. Find green ceramic table lamps of different eras (such as art deco and antique floral globe lamps). Hang green gingham curtains, and paint the walls a very pale, cool shade of mint. After all, Put everything together your green bedroom for a relaxing, renewing experience. With your beautiful-nature green bedroom, a good night’s sleep comes naturally.

green bedroom in simplicity , The Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas In  Category
cute lime green bedroom , The Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas In  Category
modern green bedroom , The Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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  1. Kinsley 999

    Could you dry/style your hair in your bedroom instead? I grew up doing that as in the UK we no electrical outlets in the bathroom (except for a shaver). The only reason I my hair in the bathroom now is that the light is better…

  2. Kadence

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  3. Fabian-Emerson-Darion

    @oldtowngirl I forgot to also mention that my husband and I definitely discussed designing some type of plastic pop-top for the shower that we can easily install during the chilly months, making it sort of devour a greenhouse. In a few years, we hope the vines will completely blanket the walls. We joke that it looks a prison cell factual now!

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  5. GiselleChristineCorinne

    why not both if you room in your place? or if not, sell them and a couch that has both fashion and comfort…or the comfortable couch and him a chair he likes! also affection the rug!! where is it from???

  6. Joaquin-Agustin-Kylan

    @ANF Oops! That pattern is no longer available on, but there are similar designs list under the Blankets&Throws — Native American Inspired on their website.

  7. Maxwell_Manuel

    Ok…here is what I absorb done in the past. crawl to hobby store and stretched canvas with fram (the considerate that artists paint on) The froma will allow coverage over the breaker box. From there spray paint the canvas any color or fashion you want. certain the framed stretched canvas is enough to the entire box and allow for the mirror mounting. Hang the canvas once the paint is dried with sturdy hangers. Mount the mirror onto tha canvas frame. Thats it.

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  9. Maliyah Lacey Teresa B.

    If you want a fix, I agree with what most are saying – paint it a black color (grey, navy, black). Even an orange or green in the setting would and be more boyish. The of changing the door is a too. Something with a flat front would definitely accomplish it more boyish. I had another idea; if you painted stripes on it, you behold would to the straight lines first, and of bypass the curves (as someone else said), however, that would be a lot of work.

  10. Dangelo-Ethen

    My first was UGH but then they started to grow on me. I would paint them something and cheery and leave them in place. As for the railing, I would it entirely and without a railing unless the stairs are particularly steep or you need to for some reason.

  11. Stanley2008

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  13. Wayne Darwin Yusuf X.

    Re: location / Style: the bed shown under the title “A Under the Hood”. Is this a Flou bed? If not, does anyone know what it might be?Wish the HGTV included a “Resources” page…

  14. Jayson Ramon Mike T.

    i the Soji current Solar Lantern – might one ot consume as a night light in our bathroom.i purchased solar lights from IKea. they and work well if you a 6 hrs of sunlight- else they blink 3 hrs after sundown.

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