The Cool Blue Bedroom Ideas

When you want to create a relaxing, beautiful scheme in your bedroom, then, blue bedroom ideas can make your room into a restful oasis. We all know, blue always can enhance your room appearance. Blue is a versatile color that can be used to decorate just about every room in your home. The shades of blue that are popular for interior design range from a soft robin’s egg blue to a vibrant teal color. Especially for the bedrooms, blue is an ideal color for a bedroom as it tends to be soothing and soft, when pastel shades are used. If brighter colors of blue are used in the bedroom, it is vibrant and stimulating. Blue also can work for kids, teenagers, a couple or a bachelor or bachelorette bedroom. In this article, there are several blue bedroom ideas for you that gives you another options to change your bedroom look into an awesome looks.

cool blue bedroom ideasCool Blue Bedroom Ideas

So, what is the first blue bedroom ideas to look for?It’s combining colors! Blue provides the perfect background for other colors. By choosing various shades and hues of blue, you can find the perfect combination with other colors whether vibrant or muted. For example, combine a bright, pure blue color with a clear, vibrant orange shade. Try a deep shade such as midnight blue with dark green and yellow colors for an emphatic triad scheme. Use small accents throughout the room to tie the colors together. Also, consider to combine blue and white colors throughout the bedroom for a cozy, traditional feel. Checkered patterns lend a homey, old-fashioned feel to the room. Complete the bedroom with some small, colorful accents such as a flower arrangement or floral vases. Add an unusual touch to the traditional decor by including items in several shades of blue such as midnight blue, royal blue, sky blue and even the green-tinted tiffany blue. Tie all the shades together with a comforter, quilt or rug that incorporates all or most of the shades in its design. For modern look, add a modern twist to a blue bedroom by choosing a slightly unusual shade such as a neutral bluish-green color. Create an attractive but alternative look by painting the ceiling a dark blue and leaving walls white or very pale blue. You could even use sponge painting or the rag rolling technique to give the ceiling a sky-like appearance. Incorporate unusual elements, contrasting textures and geometric decor such as a lightbox painting or a blue ball chair to further enhance the contemporary feel of the bedroom.

luxuries with blue bedroom ideasLuxuries With Blue Bedroom Ideas

Then, here’s the other blue bedroom ideas for you. While the blue and white pattern works in a blue bedroom with a traditional theme, you can also go for traditional country theme. If this more traditional country decor appeals to you, take it a step further by using a fabric-covered headboard in this blue and white pattern with ribbons and buttons added for interest. Add blue Wedgwood tins, blue and white porcelain accents, lace curtains, and distressed or wicker furniture to add to the charm of this decorating style. Decorate walls with stencils of blue flowers, birds and birdhouses. Consider toile patterns for quick visual appeal and interest as well.

unique blue bedroom ideasUnique Blue Bedroom Ideas

So, what if about natural look?Then you can use blue in a variety of natural hues with other neutral colors to invoke thoughts of the outdoors. Greens, yellows and browns work well in this design, especially when incorporated in floor coverings and furniture made of natural materials. Consider using natural but vibrant shades of blue such as that of the ocean add brightness and light to this color scheme. Blue or deep purple flowers such as irises or hydrangeas make a unique focal point when set on a vanity or bedside table. Finally, most of these ideas really work best for your bedroom, it is fresh and great ideas that you can try for your bedroom. Also, if you are a big fan of blue colors, then you must try it. Cheers!

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97 thoughts on “The Cool Blue Bedroom Ideas

  1. Walter Pranav

    Changing the hardware and hinges will cost more than painting the cabinets. Giving the cabinets a whitewash achieve would be easier on your dime and your time. The crimson paint has to – too heavy – replace it with a pastel colour – soft white/light blue/aqua. Matchstick blinds are inexpensive and would tie everything together. beachy look.

  2. Arielle Jada Malaysia

    This is really lovely. There are so many details – the built-ins, the wall of drawers and yellow wall in the office, the dining room light fixture, the hall and kitchen floors. As others said, a extremely cozy feel.Does anyone know what the paint color is in the living room? The muted light green? I want it.

  3. Johnathan Nash K.

    as a happy, satisfied, and willing to recommend California Closets customer, in this case I might opt for elfa which will leave more of the cedar exposed and therefore useful.

  4. Julia Giana K.

    @rouquinne Barring farm dogs who work for a living, it is my that dogs should be indoors with their people most of the time. Be a companion to your and it what you want, and all will be good. bear you ever checked out a seeing dog? There can be all kinds of stuff going on, but the dog will be attentive to his owner, not any temptations to yap or play with other dogs.

  5. Aurora-Karen-Lauryn

    So what happens if you on vacation for 6 weeks an leave it in your fridge. will you approach to acquire the liner composted itself in your absense, and a gooie mess of curdled milk on the shelf??!!All kidding aside, immense idea, definitely a product that needs a revamp….

  6. Kameron.Draven.Cael

    I assume the pegboard wall is genius! How extra cabinet dwelling would be needed to house all that cookware. I hope they are locked in to a capable long lease because they added so value to this property the landlord will be busting to assign the rent up for the next tenant. Congratulations.

  7. Ulises-Roderick-Ethen

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, a on the light switch next to the playhouse. It costs about 50 cents and takes about 10 seconds, my inner clumsy child is wincing looking at that photo……(but other than that, job!)

  8. Elian

    I acquire found that using the foam sealant in a can works for baseboards and crevices, under the sink where the pipes meet the wall and underneathe my heaters. I steam heat so that makes for damp wood, a haven for those buggers, but also Raid Max works okay, the considerate in the royal blue bottle with the yellow spray hose. I absorb a harder time because my kids asthma, I would to suggest that if any of you Platzner Management as landlords, you should either out or prepared to sue the slumlords. Any lung-friendly suggestions are welcome.

  9. SamanthaKaliyahHadassah

    Where is the pic of Christopher? I been in this apartment many times and it is lovely. There is almost something for everyone in each and these pics really not indicate enough of the mastery throughout the flat. House tour and more pics please!!!

  10. Damian-Agustin-Santino

    YES, RE: bed bugs!I bought a extremely nice, well made couch and two chairs second hand. I got them and shortly afterward, I woke up with terribly red, itchy, welts over my body. BED BUGS!My became infested with the buggers and it affected me so badly mentally, I had to my doctor and a cream for my skin as I became allergic to them. I had asked my landlord by written letter, three times before she would any action. I got the public health dept in, too, to it along.Eventually, no matter what I did to rid these bugs, I moved and had to throw out ALL my soft furnishings, bed frame, mattress etc etc…the cost was terrific.ALWAYS check for signs of bugs. Check for their casings, blood stains ( they leave stains behind, dots )Educate yourselves.

  11. Arya.Galilea

    Bathroom, hands down. My has it there and I them to popping up in bathrooms in apartment complexes soon. Most people disrobe in the bathroom for showers, so why not in at hand?

  12. Ricky

    to learn about how a london terrace unit is laid out and that the renters the pre-war detailing. the decorating is nyc-typical, not impressive, some creativity but needs improved arrangement. code does not require 85% floor coverage; a lease might. code does require, however, that a room be habitable. the older kid actually sleeps in a closed-off without a window min of 12 sf to the outside, the short wall is <8 ft, the room may be <80 sf. once the first is 6, the boy & girl need separate spaces. the amount of sf per person in this unit may be legal, not this division of it. better to the kids in the br, divided at the double window by a partial, temporary wall & install a fold-out bed for the adults in the lr, a cloak for privacy, not a wall, and some on placement of stuff. p.s. the pool is a amenity, but not olympic (75 ft v. 164 ft long); makes the rearranging worth it.

  13. Immanuel_Shayne

    I decided to * two IKEA Hemnes tv stands (black-brown finish) down to their solid pine in my apartment. I chose a VOC, environmentally stripper (DUMOND Paint Remover “SmartStrip”) in the hopes that the smell would be tolerable.The smell was neglible, with windows open, it was fine. However, the enviro stripper didn’t touch the IKEA AT ALL, even though I followed the directions.The only instruction I didn’t follow was the “try a test dwelling first” – so I ended up with a gazillion disassembled IKEA pieces on every surface of my living room covered in a 1/4” of stripper goo. I had to load all the pieces in my car to to my family’s garage (two hours away) so that I could sand all the off.I don’t know if the enviro-stripper was to blame or if it was the IKEA finish, but the stripping attempt in my apartment was a total fail.I was able to stain and poly the sanded pieces in my apartment afterwards using water-based products. There was no smell and I found the comparable to the oil-based I had in the past.

  14. Seth.Cade.Makai

    adding some hardware that reflects the vintage charm you appreciate would add a lot of character. Depending how you feel about the natural cabinets, white paint is always an inexpensive solution.For the missing around the microwave, maybe a back-splash with a stainless sheet?

  15. Adrian-Cale

    I must say I am a disappointed by the previous comments and comparisons relating to the “feel” and design. I this as an exceptional example of where the clever of storage, lighting and materials not only maximises the liveability, but also speaks to the personality and the individual’s creativity. Why is it that we cannot beyond our emotions and at something objectively to it for what it is; innovative and concept provoking? I commend you on your and your commitment to seeking a living that not only reflects your needs but also your desires. Well done!

  16. Jude-Savion

    I “decant” dishwashing liquid into a cramped dishwashing liquid bottle, because I buy the dish soap in bulk and I using the bottle. In terms of making my bathroom examine nice, I got a matching plastic SVARSTJÖN tumbler and soap dish from IKEA and a beneficial grey bath mat. It really makes a to acquire the plastic cup instead of using an mug.Now if I could the toilet paper holder to cease in the wall… I abominate renting.

  17. Mary.Brooke.Kaya

    What is the color/brand of the ceiling paint? I it. The whole is happy, and I can why it makes you feel sopositive. job!And modfan –outdated in a year or two? creative people are always evolving & changing and yes, repainting. often more than every two years.your house is white, right?

  18. Eric-Johnathan

    I did the same thing! Only it was 10 days after and by accident (we had friends coming down so the date was well in advance).It was completely exhausting, but so worth it for all the reasons you mention – especially procrastination!

  19. Jaxson88

    I built this version a couple weeks ago from some repurposed plywood (from an earlier project). The Muro was the inspiration, but I had to a crude profile mounting bracket (from, some screws, and some white stain. The rest of the project was my time and construction.

  20. Orion Barrett Jarvis W.

    Despite what Gods in the Details says, even the most excellent children (and mine are generally quite well-behaved) will give in to temptation now and again. It is called experimentation, and is an fraction of the learning process.

  21. Ronald-Alvin

    I agree about the painting (cool grey would be nice) and swapping out the curtains. Where you live? you CB2? The some accessories for reasonable prices that could you there. E.g. their signal floor lamp:

  22. Alexa

    The lease says not paint. I acquire lived here 14 years this June. There is no manager on the property.Of course I painted.No rational landlord is going to through a pricey eviction process in lieu of asking you to repaint the apartment in the color. Especially not in this economy. They are thrilled to tenants. Paint if you want. remember to repaint to the color (or reasonable facsimile) before you vacate.

  23. MaxwellRickyDavon

    @veslabeachgirl Hah ! I had a similar thing happen ! We had painted our walls and up my window panels , which are white denim panels I made that are held by tension rods at top and bottom. They about 2/3rds up the window leaving the top third uncovered to let in as natural light as possible and give privacy. And I only did these on the “public” side of the house. Nothing on the windows except I did frost the lower half of my bathroom windows.Anyway this gal came in and replied ” Grief….get some color on these walls !” Not only I this refuge from the wacky world, the art that I bought over the years at art shows and student art shows really is what you first. That to me is amazing.Funny too, We lost our 18 yr.old black cat last year and I also conventional one of those rubber brushes. The other thing I did was white towels down in his sleeping places.

  24. Kendra.1964

    I would against drilling the glass due to chances of breaking, even by a professional. There are two sources in SF to acquire them to that I can recommend. The first is The Lamp Shop which is at the center, the other is Light & Beyond by Yury. Both should be able to you, but the Lamp Shop may only be to the trade. Not sure.My recomendations are that you mount these to a base, add a cap with stem and harp and the wire from the top of the vase. consume a braided French wire and add a colossal shade. Be advised that this can cost as as $250 and up for each one depending on how you fit them out. Of course a quote first and shop around.Good Luck,George

  25. RaelynnPaytonHadlee

    The near-disappearance of public drinking fountains really bugs me. Now we to to overpriced bottled water (or, for many, a sugary or fizzy drink) or lug a bottle/Nalgene with us everywhere. so many public amenities, water fountains absorb been “de-funded” over the decades. Sad.

  26. Madeleine.Sage.Tegan

    The last photo is to die for. I always always always wanted and white check floors since I was a girl. Something extremely classic and wonderland about them if decorated carefully.

  27. KellenEmmettBoston

    Hmmm, based on the post I ordered the patagonia bag. I already several patagonia bags and was looking forward to this one. It is awful– and not accessible.I distinguished my eagle creek bag, it is lighter, holds more and can be carried as a backpack if need be. I the older version of this one:

  28. Zachary Hassan

    I agree with the flowers comment, and bringing in art and accessories, rather than adding/changing furniture. If you are in a hurry, plants and flowers will an instant impact and add that missing natural element. attain you acquire any friends that would loan you a framed print or accessory from their storage? I had someone offer us a few things to stage our to sell, which was great. This would accumulate you by til friend leaves. Really, bringing in a color and texture in each room will a lot to warm it up. A throw on the sofa would work if you devour them. What a canvas you to decorate though!

  29. Marco Marquise

    Keeping the toilet lid down may not be as effective as you think. Mythbusters proved that the fecal matter found on toothbrushes in bathrooms was the same as the control:”The MythBusters kept two untainted toothbrushes in an office far away from the lavatory. At the of the month-long trial, they sent their toothbrush collection to a microbiologist for bacterial testing.Astonishingly, all the toothbrushes were speckled with diminutive fecal matter, including the ones that had never seen the inside of a bathroom.”

  30. Lucille Emelia Q.

    Never underestimate the of small! This apartment is a example of making the best of what you have. From flea market finds to the occasional deluxe item, placement and color balance.Mega kuddos!

  31. Bella_Belen

    I admire having guests. My husband and I hold about 2 groups a month. We it. We had up to 12 visitors in a our diminutive townhouse at once. We the best air mattresses that are on a stand that you can dwelling up in any room. I four of them. But my 93 year grandfather always says that fish and guests both stink after 3 days. a guide to remember when you are visiting. 🙂

  32. Katie_Marianna

    I it incredibly when someone spends more time looking at their phone than talking to me. Drives me insane.I had my food boxed up once because my dinner partner spent the entire wait for our food talking via im to her boyfriend. Talk about rude. I asked the server to box up my food and told friend that she had a dinner partner already so i was going to search for one too…

  33. Piper 911

    I admire advice. But that does not include: rid of everything you absorb not archaic the last 6 months. Sometimes I tired of something, and ignore it. For years. And then wear it again as a favourite. I also different size clothes. They are mostly designer clothes, quality and timeless. Why should I rid of them when I am I will wear them again? The only stuff I rid of quite fast, is the bigger sizes, as not to me to there too long…

  34. LylaDemi

    My house is sans all of these! Haha. We an buffet (large wooden chest with two drawers and two cabinets for dish storage) as a dresser. We a folded antique table as a TV stand.. I acquire to say that there is no such thing as homes these days. 🙂

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