Decorating Purple Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Purple is considered to be a royalty color. Many years ago, this color was very expensive to make and only the rich had the privilege of purchasing it. Only kings and emperors were known to wear purple robes. This color was even a favorite of Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra. That’s why you may see many princess toys, bedding and decor with the color purple. Purple is a vibrant color with varying shades that can be used in the bedroom. Purple color has become the favorite color of many girls, and especially for teenage girls today. This is an ideal color to use for a girl’s bedroom as it offers a feminine color without being overly girly. Also, with this color, a girl’s bedroom will have a modern girl look without being too frilly or childlike. Because of the diversity in the shades of purple, there is also diversity in the style of the decorating purple bedroom ideas for girls. For more details of decorating purple bedroom ideas for girls, then you can check it in the below paragraph. Keep reading…

purple bedroom ideas for girls Purple Bedroom Ideas for Girls

The first decorating purple bedroom ideas for girls is with combining purple with pink to create the ideal flower theme. Focus on featuring one type of flower or showcase a variety of different species. You can paint the room one main color such as light purple or pink and then paint the flowers along the border or in random spots throughout the room. Some flower wall stickers also look realistic and colorful and using wall stickers can save you time on painting. Hang up framed photographs of purple and pink hibiscus, daisies, pansies, roses or other flowers. Find floral bedding to feature in the room and look for rugs shaped like flowers to put in the room. Then, place a few silk flowers in a vase.

cute purple bedroom ideasCute Purple Bedroom Ideas

Another decorating purple bedroom ideas for girls is with accent wall. An accent wall stands out as one solid colored wall in the room while all the other walls remain white. Girls may want to put their bed up against an accent wall and then decorate around it as the main focal point in the room. Choose rich or dark shades for this wall such as deep purple, plum or medium purple. Decorate with light purple decor and other pieces in the room that match the accent wall. Then, polka dots can really make the girl purple bedroom look more cute. Paint various sized light and dark purple polka dots on the walls. You can also feature various colors in addition to purple. Good combinations include purple and pink, purple and red or purple and yellow. Look for purple polka dot lamps, rugs, curtains and bedding to go in the room also. You can also put animal, heart or flower wall stickers on some of the dots, so it looks like the image is inside the polka dot. Design a purple art room for a girl who loves art along with the color purple. Paint the walls lavender or another shade of purple. Paint wooden frames pink or dark purple to contrast against light walls and hang up framed pictures of some paintings and drawings. You can also place a standing easel in one of the corners if you prefer. Find artistic bedding and curtains that feature the color purple and decorate with other artsy additions such as blue and purple glass bottles with corks, quilts and decorative lamps.

simple purple bedroom ideasSimple Purple Bedroom Ideas

minimalisti purple bedroom ideasMinimalisti Purple Bedroom Ideas

These were some decorating purple bedroom ideas for girls that you can try to enhance your own room, or your daughter room. You should also decorate with different ideas to make the bedroom look even more beautiful. With some new ideas and some simple steps, your endeavor at interior decorating a girls bedroom will surely turn out to be a smashing success. Good luck!

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  1. MalayaLeannaAnn

    Relaxing, unpretentious retreat. I really the furniture placement and the simplicity of your bed (no pillows). The plants in the window bring the garden into your room. One caveat – the color coding of your books in the bookcase.

  2. Catherine Holland

    When I was a kid my parents built their house they wanted carpet in the living and family rooms, but hardwood everywhere else. They in a wide border of hardwood in those rooms with an inset of carpet. It had the of an rug over hardwood, but was cheaper and more practical with kids. I believe this may been a trend 25-30 years ago, but I assume it worked well.

  3. Lorenzo.Konner.Atticus

    I definitly agree that there should be some considerate of grow lights or something to with Vitamin E. Anything that helps plants grow indoor will be for her. Not VOC, but NO VOC would be best. Everything should as out gassing as possible. I know that she is probably not into skateboarding, but I the that the floors and walls meld into each other with transitions. I affection the belief of them and I would to my whole house with them because I that it removes the ideas of walls as being boundaries. A moon bounce would definitly be a bonus along with an inflatable velcro wall. I would one of those water pistol shooting galleries they at carnivals where you shoot the ducks going by or it inflates a water balloon. I know that these ideas might be considerate of random, but the most distinguished thing is that the room stays modular so that she can rearrange things. The worst thing to to a child is to limit there creativity. A playhouse or or play is only for five minutes if the child cannot budge it around and it what “they want”. Oh yeah… not forget the obligatory year supply of Oreos stashed in a secret hiding spot.

  4. Jennifer E.

    A smell from would be to someone who cares about that sort of thing. a bottle of perfume, a scented candle with a lid, or some considerable oils. Not to spray around the room, but rather to out and smell when needing some comfort. I flew on a long flight recently and this saved my bacon when I started getting panicky about flying. (A bacon scent would be too….lol).

  5. Emersyn Danielle Kassidy

    So, these architects who create without downspouts, they simply pretend that rain collecting on a roof and then following the laws of gravity is not their problem? Or they a better solution? It might be something “more” of them are doing, but the existence of a quantity of fools does not redeem their foolishness.More info, please?

  6. Ben Sincere P.

    My parents had a fire in their a few years ago. The insurance paid for a specialty cleaning company to pack up everything, it and return it. Clothes and household items were de-smoked, furniture deep cleaned, walls sealed. The cleaners took care of everything.Although it was a tragic and stressful time, one of the spots was that their antique furniture came with looking better than ever, carefully restored and new.

  7. Princess

    I never heard of a motion detector sprinkler, that is a brillant idea! Where I live if the cat is not collared, spayed, micro-chiped, or otherwise cared for (simply feeding does not count) then they are considered feral and can be trapped and removed by animal control.

  8. Sawyer

    My friend saw something similar at a day care she visited once and she is aloof traumatized by it! Even though we are going to be tight for dwelling once our twins this is not to me at all.

  9. Hunter Felix Chad

    I got a cat a few months ago and besides the happiness abet of the cat himself, I found that having a pet is a to community by bonding with other pet owners! There is a lady with a cat down the hall and we talk about our cats all the time.

  10. Vanessa Liana Alisha B.

    This is a project! Staining with a darker color really adds character to the table. This wood pallet coffee table is quite simple to make. For other pallet project ideas more coffee tables check out this site:

  11. Charles

    Buying flowers seems so wasteful to me. All that spent on growing something that is enjoyed for a few days and then thrown out. (Never mind the environmental impact of flying plants from who-knows-where to my local supermarket.) That is why I bear houseplants (quite a few of which are now) and a garden which is in bloom March – November.

  12. Bradley_Taylor_Alonso

    I adore that chest with those 2 gold lamps, WOW.I 2 of the mesh chairs in the last image, I was extremely tempted to list them in my shop but I know if I did they would sell and I may never another pair so for now they to beautify my living room. I bear made cushions out of mink coats which looks in these chairs.

  13. Dawson.Ismael.Larry

    When trying to a color, I all of my choices and try to eliminate as many of them as as possible – too dark, too light, the color, clashes with the walls, etc. That leaves me with 20 colors instead of a hundred making the decision less daunting. in mind that – for better or for worse – both and extremely light floors more dirt – some people the “encouragement” this provides to clean, others their floors to the dirt.

  14. Tate_Hamza_Jaylan

    there was a project in readymade or maybe on instructables for turning a semi broken-down laptop into a media deck in your living room–i that was really & clever, it even had a sliding shelf for a keyboard & the camouflage was separated from the keyboard/drive & mounted on the wall…

  15. Sadie Laylah Cara

    If you Illinois check out the guys over at RX Made! They employ reclaimed materials salvaged from Chicago to some products. Why simply the spot you when you can something made directly from it?

  16. Charlie_Lilliana_Ari

    Bookmans Bookstore in Tucson, Arizona had chairs extremely similar to these in 2000 when I was in high school. They are cool. I to check out music and listen in those chairs with a book.

  17. Evalyn-99

    I that hanging it properly is of the answer, as is framing it, but I would suggest an alternative route to the shadow box because I your room could some architectural detail.My idea, and I hope that I can assure it clearly, is that you could install some sort of floor to ceiling wood panel, slightly wider than the textile itself. How you build the panel is up to you (wide vertical or horizontal planks, for instance) but the wood itself would need to be stained and sealed to a glow so it acts as a visual frame – considerate of a color block a print. Hang the the textile on a rod on the panel, add some lighting and voila! You the some and add textural interest.

  18. Brady_Jaxson

    If it was me, I would a mirror at the back, a few lights inside or a string of lights to provide some lighting, then some plants or awesomely shaped items on the shelf. OR! If you can accept a bunch of really aesthetic colored bottles, vases and glass pieces, they could be arranged to provide a bright, and cheery art piece! πŸ™‚

  19. Jasmine

    I was in college & wanted to out of a nightmarish shared house. So I knocked on doors in the Southhampton Rice University asking if anyone knew of a garage apartment for rent. Eventually found a studio apartment gradual a mansion. The area below the stairs to this was wild & untended & was to a family of raccoons. If I left the door at night the raccoons would trundle into the house to a snack at the cat food bowl! I would to push them out of the house with a broom….

  20. AlianaAmaliaEstrella

    @clunygrey–that might be mirror, stripped & flipped. should be flipped back; it is in homes of era to inset mirror into outside of bath door so that, when both mirrors are angled, can rear. if not in bath door, long mirrors often are inset into closet doors. so to them discarded when so useful.

  21. Andre

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  23. Mckenzie

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