Minimalist Living Rooms

Minimalist interior design become more popular today since it become the symbol of simplicity and modern look of the interior design. Minimalist interior also offers you with many advantages in the form of look and function, it could make you easier in maintaining the simple interior design rather than traditional one, in the case of cleaning, for example. Then, each room of your house could be designed in the minimalist way, including your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, also living room. Here, let’s take a look deeper at minimalist living room design.

Minimalist Living RoomMinimalist Living room

Having a minimalist style could be used for designing the interior to get a modern feel that is capable of displaying contemporary atmosphere that is will attract the viewer or guests and make them more comfortable. You can apply such a minimalist design in the living room in order to create the first impression of a neat, clean, simple but elegant. There are some ways or tricks to decorate the living room for becoming modern minimalist and having an elegant nuances. Arranging the living room is a challenge, in addition to be worthy to receive guests, the room itself must be set so that as comfortable as possible.

Minimalist Calm Living RoomMinimalist Calm Living Room

In designing a minimalist living room design, sometimes some people get the trouble of the limited space of the room. Then, how to solve it? At small home, the function of the living room is often combined with other rooms. For example, guests who were admitted directly familiar to the family room or can also be deliberately designed into the living room to the family room. Well, for you who need ideas or input in designing a minimalist living room, adjust the size and placement of furniture in the room. The size must be made according to the room, so the room does not seem to be cramped or cluttered.

Modern Minimalist Living RoomModern Minimalist Living room

Since you are having a small space of the room, you should optimize the space with a long two-seat sofa and take advantage of a corner to be filled with some furniture. Then, do not forget to use some furniture that you could hang in the wall to save the space of your room. It would be a great idea when you design a minimalist living room and combine it with your collection items in the room. The ultimate in elegant design is the repeated use of color and not too bold to combine many colors. Take the example of the rooms were just 2 or 3 shades of color, such as black and white or cream with wood texture color only. This will be impressed with the space elegant than applying many colors.

Soft Brown Living RoomSoft Brown Living Room

As being explained before that minimalist interior design further highlight the modern impression that expose neatness, cleanliness, and orderliness. The selection of minimalist furniture, such as tables and chairs usually has a clean design, simple, with dark colors.
Minimalist style you can use for designing the interior to appear with a modern feel that is capable of displaying contemporary atmosphere that is sure to attract and comfortable. You can apply such a minimalist design in the living room in order to create the first impression of a neat, clean, simple but elegant.

So, don’t you think that it would be nice if it is applying in your home interior design? Then, what about the color of the living room, as being explained before that minimalist living room is identical with neutral color, but still you should make your own decision based on your own personal taste.

Minimalist Calm Living Room , Minimalist Living Rooms In  Category
Minimalist Living Room , Minimalist Living Rooms In  Category
Modern Minimalist Living Room , Minimalist Living Rooms In  Category
Soft Brown Living Room , Minimalist Living Rooms In  Category

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  9. Tori

    I assume it makes sense for some kitchens. Mine has two flat drawers and three deep ones. Rather than the utensils up half of my precious flat drawer space, I could one of the deep drawers which are in abundance.

  10. Jeffrey@666

    I this is tricky to pull off. Your has to to the architecture, I think. For example, I did this in a apartment to off the hallway to the bedrooms from the main living room. The fabric was perfect, the ceilings were vaulted but it looked awful! Maybe the secret ingredient is having a pre-WWII apartment?

  11. Mary Ariella Averie V.

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  17. Jayden C.

    I a narrow living room myself and to it biggger I bought a mirror (about 40″ x 80″) with a frame standing on the floor leaning against one of the long walls. It has a on the whole room and atmosphere.As I can on the foto you mainly not a for your room, everything is mixed up (and sorry not in a way), you should what colours and you want for the room and stick to it and catch rid of the things you dont really need all the time and storage them.

  18. Joslyn_Amayah

    My great-aunt re-decorated with the seasons – pictures came down and ones went up, she changed out the wool rugs for jute in summer, velvet upholstery was covered with linen slipcovers, heavy drapes went to the cleaners in favor of gauzy sheers. She also went whole-hog for holiday decor, and I she had a different tablecloth for each month. glam.Basically, she left most of the furniture where it was, but so many cosmetic changes really did the feel rather different. Although my storage limits my flexibility for such overhauls, she was inspirational.

  19. Omarion Will Donte Y.

    I agree with several of the above posts and bear employed the following strategy in 2 kitchens with cabinets.Walls white and then a fun color sky blue or spring green and add in that color: ceramics, tea towels, sink curtain (remove doors under sink) and floor cloth.Dark wood cabinets are coming back, esp if there is hardware.

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