The Best Family Room Decorating Ideas

The family room is a room for many uses. Whether you are watching television, playing games, or just gathering for conversation, your family room should be a relaxing atmosphere designed as a multi-purpose room. The family rooms also can be a joy to decorate. If you have a large family room, take advantage of the space. Try sectioning off areas and dedicating them to specific activities. Smaller rooms can still play host to useful family room decorating ideas. The furnishing and decorations of family rooms should reflect the personalities, ages and sizes of families. They also sometimes reflect the locations of homes. If you need some the best family room decorating ideas, then given below family room decorating ideas are only for you. Take a look!

unique family room decorating ideasUnique Family Room Decorating Ideas

Here’s the first family room decorating ideas for you. Let us start with accent walls. Accent walls instantly transform a family room, and can also camouflage design flaws or emphasize design features. Go with a cool hue such as stone gray, lavender or steel blue to make your family room feel more spacious. Or if you want to brighten the space, use saturated colors such as periwinkle, fuchsia, mango orange, burgundy, turquoise or sunny yellow. Add a graphic element to an accent wall with wallpaper, stencils, stamped patterns, a wallpaper mural or wall decals. Then, you can also try this one, enhance you family room with textiles. Textiles make a family room feel more homey, but they also can provide accent color or a pop of pattern. A few throw rugs and runners designate spaces in an open floor plan. An heirloom quilt may cover the sofa or hang on a wall. Throw pillows, either purchased or homemade, provide a splash of color on neutral couches, daybeds, armchairs or ottomans. Use large throw pillows as floor cushions, placing them in front of a window for a casual reading area or alongside a low ottoman for seating.

rustic family room decorating ideasRustic Family Room Decorating Ideas

Another family room decorating ideas for you; be different with personal artwork and projects. Personal artwork and projects work well in the family room, where friends and loved ones tend to gather. Devote a wall, floating shelf or fireplace mantel to a set of photographs in matching frames for a gallery-style look. For a more homespun effect, place unframed and framed photographs and artwork in a tight grouping, directly on the wall. Create a simple art project by covering a mounted canvas with retro or vintage fabric. Pull the fabric taut and staple it to the stretcher bars. Hang the artwork at eye level. Another option for framing the fabric is to place it inside embroidery hoops. You can hang several embroidery hoops on the wall, or suspend them from fishing line for a mobile effect. Then, for the last family room decorating ideas, set your family room with fireplace and hearth. Set the family room fireplace area up as a separate seating area. Two overstuffed chairs with ottomans can face inward toward the fire. On the floor close to the fireplace position a large rug that is designed like a checkerboard, with the large game pieces in a decorative canister on the hearth. Offer a couple of floor pillows in this area to be used to play the checker game in front of a roaring fire.

elegant family room decorating ideasElegant Family Room Decorating Ideas

colorful family room decorating ideasColorful Family Room Decorating Ideas

Find a few old game boards at the flea market or antique stores to hang on the wall in this area to pull together a relaxing game theme. These will not only act as conversation pieces, but will also be a trip down memory lane. Finally, decorating a family room is very easy. Using these family room decorating ideas will create a family room designed for a large group of people to entertain, for a few to gather and have conversation, or for one just to kick back and relax with a good book. Whatever the purpose, make it a multi functional space that is comfortable and includes your own personal style!

colorful family room decorating ideas , The Best Family Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
elegant family room decorating ideas , The Best Family Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
rustic family room decorating ideas , The Best Family Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
unique family room decorating ideas , The Best Family Room Decorating Ideas In  Category

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  6. Josephine_Giovanna_Aryana

    Is there anyway you can that high white advantage of the mantle without incuring too work or cost? The jam I examine is that the openned attic is not balanced with the fire place. It is a bit jarring but the is great. I would in the empty spaces on either side so that they are flush with the chimney. Then your would not and the ceiling would higher.I would also attach some lights facing up on the upper steps of the ceiling ledge to add a bit of drama to all that work up there. I would paint the surrounding walls and the wall over the fire dwelling a white that is a couple shades darker thant the fireplace mantel. And also the side walls of the bookshelves. I would leave the though. Even if that is too crimson or distracting it can be balanced by using some lacquer looking frames, even if all the frames in them are mirrors. Then you would a focal wall that was red, white and black. But the thing about leaving the of the bookshelves crimson is that all of and any of the colors are going to pop when placed against that background. BTW, our livingroom is gray (dark), white and red.

  7. Nehemiah K.

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  14. Lydia F.

    also – to everyone complaining about the size and of this house – a at the resource list. It includes Target, Craigslist, West Elm, Ikea, homemade items…We may not all be able afford to a house this in a neighborhood this, but I a lot of ideas throughout this tour that could work for any budget and any size home.

  15. Iris_Cecelia

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  18. Emma Josephine

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  19. Kelsey Karter M.

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  21. Scarlett Vivian Paulina

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  22. Ethan Hugo Dorian

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  23. Camren

    These looks great! I did something similar last night. I wanted to hang ornaments in our so I a tension rod across the windows and hung ornaments from there. It looks festive and was simple and inexpensive.

  24. IbrahimRylandAusten

    There is a charm to the apartment…but how you function in the bedroom? attain you to creep over the bed to to the other side all the time? curious! I really the kitchen-too cute.

  25. KeithRogerCedric

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  26. Joseph Gilberto Jacoby D.

    I the vibrant, but warm colors and judicious of the antique pieces. This seems so cozy and comfortable, yet not overdone at all. My was the kitchen (with the exiguous exception of all those containers on the counter, but even they were attractive).

  27. SophiaCarlee

    WHY we so stuff? How does it happen? I assume living in a or animated frequently or having frequent houseguests can help, but I wonder about the underlying to collect/purchase/own. I absorb been taking bags and bags of things to various thrift shops and charities in preparation for a (after 16 years in the same apartment), and I cannot acquire I accumulated so stuff over the course of that time. Who has a beneficial resource for decluttering, streamlining, simplifying? Im starting to I need to go on a reality show!?!

  28. Hanna

    Thank you everyone for the comments. Denver and I had so fun sharing our apartment. Yes that quilt is on the TJ Maxx shelves now and it is cheap, well made and actually really comfortable. So to another Bank Loft tenant leaving a comment! The hallway is totally for pets, Denver and I laps together out there! I also agree that Denver County should the Pit Bull ban, it is a bummer. some people the bathroom, it is the one of my that gets mixed reviews, so now worries if you are not into hot mannequins 🙂

  29. Dillon

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  33. Harper.1975

    Terrific redo! I you meant the mirror abet was removed. Paint color, hardware and the contents are on target, Overcrowding is so and really ruins both the items as well as the cabinet itself.Congratulations!

  34. Jesus Z.

    The windows are because of the light and (I hope). If the couch were placed against the wall where the TV is now, whatever accent colors you acquire for the couch pillows, the rug, and the coffee table accessories (minimal) would be seen immediately upon entering the room and light reflecting off those elements would the colors pop. The room would be more if the recliner and ottoman were moved to the the couch is in presently. The floor lamp would brighten and soften the room corner if placed between the relocated furniture. adding length draperies on either side of the window, even if a fixed width and without rods, to soften the transition (day or night) from the window to the interior space. A more area entertainment center on the entry door wall would balance visually the weight of the larger elements already in the room (window and furniture). Kitchen elements (art, containers, rug) could coordinate and accent the colors in the living room so that the spaces are visually compatible. Thanks for providing the to offer suggestions!

  35. JesseChandlerMessiah

    I the maps on the ceiling – but would absorb them all straight.
    Is the wooden cabinet actually 3 pieces of furniture stacked on top of each other? of looks delight in it might be…

  36. Osvaldo_Barrett

    I this!! If I lived alone or had a husband that let me whatever I wanted decor-wise, this would totally be my style. I echo what previous commenters said: sophisticated, but extremely comfortable and personality-filled at the same time, well done!! I the office lighting especially. And the rugs. And the artwork. And the doggies.

  37. Sara

    I agree with the book thing (books are meant to be read and enjoyed, not damaged and to dust!) and Richard Shapiro, but I it should also be expanded to not having a dreary theme whichever you for. I am sick of the Belgian fashion light grey furniture and all the white wash furniture and those industrial fashion rooms that are so and lack any personality.

  38. Armando.Brice.Misael

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