Cute and Cool Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

The teenage girl’s bedroom is her castle. It is a place where she can be herself, a place where she can pursue her varied interests and hobbies.  As a girl becomes a teenager, her tastes also change. It’s natural that she would want a bedroom that reflects that change. And as a parent, sometimes you just have no idea and confused about what your lovely daughter really want about her bedroom, right?But no worry, there are lots of teenage girl bedroom ideas available in the internet. Besides that, you cal also mix and match those ideas with you and your daughter idea! Sounds fun, isn’t? And what more? Here are a few teenage girl bedroom ideas to help you enhance your daughter bedroom with some cute and cool style. Take a look!

vintage teenage girl bedroomVintage Teenage Girl Bedroom

Yup, let us start with the first style of teenage girl bedroom ideas and it is about shabby chic. For the teen girl who loves scavenging around at garage sales and finding unique treasures, shabby chic provides an eclectic, unique look to a bedroom. Shabby chic design revolves around the re-purposing of old, and often disparate pieces of furniture. Make these pieces look gently loved through the use of a white, distressed paint finish. Add feminine touches such as floral patterns, the use of pink and other pastels, wicker furniture, baskets and antiques.

Pink Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

On the other hand, you can also add zebra accent. Add zebra accents to toile for high impact. For an elegant, yet funky, look in a teen girl’s bedroom consider using toile fabric combined with zebra accents. Toile is a fabric that features pasture scenes, French provincial scenes and even forest themes. It is available in a variety of colors ranging from black and white to red and white. Choose black and white toile for curtains, bedding, and pillows. Add black and white zebra accents such as rugs and wallpaper borders to unify the room. Paint one accent wall a deep red for a pop of color. White trim throughout the room lightens up the space and unifies it for a crisp, clean look.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas In BlueTeenage Girl Bedroom Ideas In Blue

Then, last but not least of teenage girl bedroom ideas is do with flowers. Choose retro floral prints from the ’60s for a teen girl’s room. High-impact colors like apricot, orange and teal green provide visual interest. Paint walls a soft apricot color. Follow up with crisp white trim. Cover windows with retro floral prints that combine apricot, orange and teal green. Choose multi-colored floral linens such as pillows, sheets and bedspreads. Opt for teal green accessories such as wallpaper border, lamps, painted shelving and rugs. Okay, these were some teenage girl bedroom ideas for you and your daughter. Like said before, there are tons of teenage girl bedroom ideas that available in the internet! so, don’t stop to surf some another ideas, and ready for remodeling your daughter room. Have Fun!

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