Japanese Bedroom Interior Design

Japanese design sometimes is not easy to be defined since it is the reflection of Japanese culture and value. But then, there are some principles that could be used as the basic principle in having this interior style. The first thing is about flexibility. Being efficient in using something is the fundamental of Japanese culture so that usually Japanese room seem to be multi-functional, for example when you see Japanese futon bed, you could see that in the day, it is stored so that the could be used for another thing of activity. Then, Japanese room design also giving you a high privacy since it would become your private room there. Then, it is also characerized with natural material, such as bamboo, also wooden material. Don’t forget to choose natural color also for the room. Those are some elements of decorating the Japanese room design. So, what about the Japanese bedroom design for the complete explanation, let’s take a look at the explanation below!

japanese bedroom interior designJapanese bedroom interior design

There are some unifying elements in interior decorating bedroom Japanese-style, as the dominant use of pastel paint colors, the colors of natural elements such as brown, green, yellow and simplification of forms and elements of the first complex to be simpler. For it before you decide you want to use a Japanese style in decorating your residence, so it’s good if you are trying to identify and understand the factors that influence the Japanese style interior, among others:

White Japanese bedroom interior designWhite Japanese bedroom interior design

Harmony in Japanese interior decoration

The philosophy comes from the Japanese word “Sabi” which means it is an integral part of the home design. It means the balance created by the contrast between the simplicity with luxury. Japanese interior decoration can achieve this harmony by bringing together elements of the opposite characteristics. You can reach “Sabi” by placing a low futon beneath high windows or put a rough woven tatami mats on the surface. Then, you could also have a soft pillow with a rough wooden table, accessories black stones on white porcelain bowl.

Modern Japanese bedroom interior design

Modern Japanese bedroom interior design

The concept of modern and traditional Japanese decor

The decoration is modern Japan has the advantage of much simpler than the traditional style, but still the dominant use of colors are brown, yellow wall paint in the selection or use of the elements of interior accessories. The concept of nature is always a dominant theme in both modern and traditional styles, such as having green, light blue and white and black are also quite dominant. Japanese-style concept is always showing minimalist room, especially for modern style.

Soft Japanese bedroom interior design

Soft Japanese bedroom interior design

Nature in Japanese decor
In his home country, many people give special attention to the way they align their homes with the surrounding nature. The selection of window openings is aligned with the direction of the morning light and the direction of view to the park. The selection of material tends to be transparent so that the occupancy was more open, you can use paper or transparent white cloth as a coating on the windows and the blinds on the door. Processing parks are also considered by incorporating accessory elements such as form a small temple, the use of wood trellis, pagoda or gazebo placement. Wall paint color selection and determination is an important accessory to consider when you want to create a Japanese-style interior decoration, especially the concept that you make do not forget the element of nature is very dominant in the Japanese style.

Japanese bedroom interior designJapanese bedroom interior design

Those are some ideas of Japanese bedroom interior design that reflects the culture and value of Japanese people. Simple, natural, efficient are some of the basic principle of this interior design. So, what do you think about it?

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  1. Lennon Jaelyn Martha U.

    Also: Instead of leaving the walls flat and having to deal with hanging soap dishes and racks the photo shows – Why not some niches installed and tile them with a contrasting mosaic tile?

  2. Andres-Yahir-Damarion

    elalexid, I am also a fan of plasic laminate counters. Mine well, and while I appreciate the ones I had installed 15 years ago, it would be inexpensive to update with a different if I wanted to. When we did a minor reconfigure of our cabinets it was simple to match the area to the archaic counters.They are not granite, either!

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  5. AdrienneCaylee

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  7. Maximus Sterling Deacon

    @2old2designYou really points.The “before” room has the “Tuscan Brown” trend from the 2007ish era. Despite the orangey lighting of the photography, it is actually a really estimable room. A bit dated, but warm and comfortable.The “after” room is updated with the cooler colors that are all the rage now. I clicked on the designers webpage and she clearly keeps her designs current.The redo is a redo. Nothing with that. If they the dinero to updating, all the power to them. Why not keep it moving?The “before” appeared to me a fraternity house sitting room (when it has been cleaned.) – extremely warm and comfortable. The “after” looked a sorority house sitting room – extremely fresh, and whimsical.Whoever owns this house, probably has a healthy ability to things flowing. Seems they embrace change (and acquire the budget and time to it).

  8. DanielCarl

    Growing up in a Victorian house meant there was no shortage of small–ish bedrooms or over-sized storage rooms. My sister and I had an bedroom with a wall, a alcove for our beds, and a play that accommodated our puppet theatre, doll houses, and toy boxes. When the box room next to ours was freed up, a major fight broke out over who would the room, with each us of wanting it because we felt it was “kid-sized”.

  9. Aron.ZZZ

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  11. ChaseMaximilianTyree

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  12. Kenzie Saylor Beatrice T.

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  13. Jayden-Estevan-Blaze

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  15. Mikayla K.

    I was bummed to read that the kitchen cabinet knobs are to the house. They are so perfect! the entire house, but the kitchen is definitely my favorite! The wood, that tile wall, the barstools, and the brave blue of the dining set, it is really one of the most kitchens ever!

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