Contemporary Cottage Style Houses

Contemporary cottage style houses could become the best for you for providing you  with the contemporary style of house. Yes, nowadays many kinds of contemporary house style are appearing along with the need of the people. Contemporary style is becoming the choice since the the simplicity and nice environment that is provided for you makes the house could also become the best place for spending the time with your family. Various kinds of contemporary cottage are also could be chosen here. Many kinds of designs would be displayed here so that you should see some kinds of designs below!

Contemporary Cottage House ExteriorContemporary Cottage House Exterior

Then, for making up your contemporary cottage style houses, you should also consider about the exterior design of your house since it would be the point for the appearance of your house. As you have known many kinds of ways could be used for designing including the design of garden, swimming pool, also the house gates. As you could see in the current picture that the swimming pool with minimalist design makes the house become more complete there. Beside that, there some ways for making the interior design, such as in designing the living room design.

Highly Modern Cottage Style Living RoomHighly Modern Cottage Style Living Room

Living room is the center of home interior design since it is the place for welcoming your guests. Because of that, considering about the living room design is a must so that your guests would feel comfortable there. As you have known also that in contemporary design, the color choice is usually having neutral color, such as having the cream of maybe soft brown color that would give the warm atmosphere there. As you could see in the current picture that the living room design is having wide room design with some kinds of minimalist furniture, such as sofa, table, also the window designs there.

Contemporary Kitchen DesignContemporary Kitchen Design

Bedroom Contemporary Cottage Home DesignBedroom Contemporary Cottage Home Design

Contemporary cottage style houses could also make the design of kitchen and dining room design. In this kind of home style, having the open kitchen design would be really good choice since it would combine the kitchen and dining room design also it would make you feel closer to your kids and family. Many kinds of room in the interior home could be designed in contemporary ways that would give the warm, elegant, also simple atmosphere in the home interior design. So, what do you think about having this design?

Highly Modern Cottage Style Living Room , Contemporary Cottage Style Houses In  Category
Bedroom Contemporary Cottage Home Design , Contemporary Cottage Style Houses In  Category
Contemporary Kitchen Design , Contemporary Cottage Style Houses In  Category
Contemporary Cottage House Exterior , Contemporary Cottage Style Houses In  Category

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  1. Mary T.

    I don’t understand the aroused comments on this post; are you bothered more with the situation, the fact that the OP is inspired by these people, or the photographs themselves?Nobody is saying that the dwelling is good, in fact it seems universally agreed that it is abominable anybody is forced to live this. The intent of the organization taking these photos is to us aware that people are being forced into this situation.As to the OP being inspired by how people adapted, why should that bother anybody? Perhaps they did not say it outright, but I’m rather they were not inspired to out and the same thing. People are inspired everyday by simple human nature; quite frankly, our ability to adapt and survive most any home is inspiring. When somebody reminds you of the excellent Samaritan achieve you immediately them that racism is and they should be ashamed to the story?

  2. Ainsley Kinslee Zion X.

    p.s. Someone here recommended Liquidators. I did not a experience with them at all. Many of the bamboo flooring pieces they sold me had marks on them-like belt marks from the manufacturer when they went through the machine. bound Liquidators refused to their damaged product back. Really not recommend.

  3. Ari2005

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  4. Clayton

    Plowsharing Crafts in the St Louis carries almost entirely Ten Thousand Villages wares. They at least two locations, one in University City on Delmar, and one in downtown Kirkwood.Now that I am in DC, I was cheerful to that there are TTVs here, too.

  5. Payton@88

    Recycling is but not an obsession. Luckily I area in my garage and laundry room to sorted goods. Water jugs, water bottles, cans, glass, magazines/catalogs and newspaper. I try to reuse items as as possible: newspaper=mulch in the flower beds, glossy mags = donation to the art program etc.

  6. Aniyah D.

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  7. Reese.August

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  9. Armani

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  10. Mila-Evelynn-Cherish

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  11. Morgan-Gracelyn-Ingrid

    I a similar table, and bought wooden chairs with padded seats that I never liked but they are what I could afford at the time. After ten years, I finally decided to bulky dawdle covers for the chairs, and if I any more chairs I will a fully padded chair (Parson style) that I can can also slipcover, and “dress up” or down as so desired. I adore gingham slipcovers, with sashes on the backs—it reminds me of summer dresses.But in your eat-in kitchen, you could easily mix slip-covered chairs with wooden ones that compliment your table.

  12. Lea999

    Trash out at a minimum!Better yet: sheets and towels, and no dirty dishes.Ideally: bathroom, floors, and kitchen.Heaven: gnomes to freshly-stock my fridge and pantry before I return (and unpack for me)!

  13. Charlie Kaliyah Annalee

    @ -jenny- hello Jenny! I realized I overlooked your – sorry about that.The bar cart is actually an antique kitchen cart – I wanted something smaller than the typical bar cart to assign space. I got it for a capture ($25!!!) at the came from an antique here in Chicago – Randolph Street Market Antiques Show

  14. Leanna.Novalee

    My grandparents had these cabinets in their 1950s split level and the kitchen was GREAT! I say embrace the 1950s vibe you can achieve. They had an amazing olive green and turquoise acquire on linoleum on the floor and abet are my suggestions:1. paint the walls2. rid of all blinds3. concentrate on windows–make or some curtains in retro pattern, acquire all the hedges are clipped and you a outside if possible, hang up a bird feeder.4. coordinate everything (if the curtains are turquoise, the rugs and towels coordinate, and matching canisters)5. rid of that table in the corner and it a plant corner. a 1950s table at a thrift store, maybe paint it in your coordinating color, and a indoor garden.6. compose the details with your theme–get a clock, a calendar, employ the built-in shelving for decorations. all the stuff off fridge, achieve one item on it for decor (like a vintage tea towel with a drawing of your or something). out everything you can that is not of theme. 7. for some reason, the stove hood looks out of place. making a valance for it out of the same fabric you employ for the curtains8. I agree with suggestions for under counter lighting. 9. the doors off the cabinet above sink and the cabinet for books

  15. Chase-Kale

    @Kathryn1123I your term “sensitive plumbing”. :-)But @jlwmid is correct. Grease can mess up. plumbing in no time. My neighbour is plumber and we talked about if a few times. I accomplish no bits of food down the drain, I napkins and I them to wipe plates/pots before I actually wash them. If I to soak a * or something and there are bits of food I the toilet to dispose of it.

  16. Brody999

    @Janel Laban, #3 is my favorite. Thank you for posting this illustration of how one can acquire different looks & moods. What better to this than in the most intimate/personal in the home? Your writing expressed your purpose in posting these photos with clarity & eloquence … encouraging readers to a & experiment with accessories, texture, color, lighting, etc.I’m sorry that you bear received so many negative comments & don’t understand it. I imagine you read those comments & “Did you actually READ my title & explanation before commenting/criticizing? I explained all of this already!”- IKEA hatred – If someone hates IKEA … why would they even click to “read more” of a post with the word “IKEA” in it? Your post title is crystal “Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 DIFFERENT IKEA MAKEOVERS”.
    – Complaints about the products all being from IKEA – Again … the title of the post says it all. So why complain that all the products are from IKEA?Take all that with a grain of salt. Your post is an encouraging spring-board for even more expression … if someone sees that they can boom their with such diversity at one store, how more can be expressed if one uses items from a variety of stores, resale shops, estate sales, websites, inherited items or DIY.

  17. Ramiro

    What a wild thread!(this is special, for Patrick) On the franchising question, wanted you to know that we’re not getting all mogully here at this dishevelled office, rather we were thinking ahead and seeing what makes sense. In to ourselves we need to more cities eventually (for advertising) and I always envisioned AT as a local site, listing local sources that people locally. alot of our blogging is “everywhere” but at least two things a day are specifically local for the Guide….

  18. Kolton.Barrett.Giancarlo

    Yup – we did a 203k prior to in to bag the bathroom, kitchen and other essentials done. No our would for a regular FHA because of the REO condition – holes in walls, hanging electrical, safety hazards, etc. It was the smaller FHA construction loan, not the one you need a consultant for. You need to hire a licensed contractor for some work, and other work we got money for supplies and we did the work (landscaping, etc). It was somewhat of a in the * finding a contractor who would wait for the other 50% of their payment until we were done with the project and inspected (6 months after of the project).

  19. Lukas Jamal Daryl R.

    I it is called a Wooten desk. We the same one, from a vintage store here in NC. I did some research on it after we bought it (to discover what it was worth!) and found that the company is quite old. A lot of the desks that they made are ornate and antique-y. You can this model on ebay sometimes, and also MCM oriented online stores . We were angry when we found ours, and got a deal on it too!

  20. Stanley.Campbell

    My weekends seem to alternate between intense online job-searching and trying to control the Grey Gardens that inevitably takes over my apartment after doing so (where did this graveyard of tonic water bottles even approach from?!).Maybe there could be a February Cure, for maximizing weekend-happiness? I might actually attempt to relax now and again if it was a legitimate of my schedule! 🙂

  21. Weston Xzavier Clark N.

    Alex – your living room so far! The wallpaper is awesome. I would stick with the mid century motif and come by something geometrical and retro. Maybe a dual sconce… something cone-shaped or triangular. On a side note, the pops of color from the flower and the vase a lot for this room! I would hurry with that. And that wall above the fireplace begs for some artwork! Maybe a sculpture of some kind. Also, I would paint those vents. But it looks so far.Good luck 🙂

  22. Gage_Walker_Anton

    @purplesummer09 – yeah, we a group that played risk Legacy together who is planning on playing this legacy game. I carry out to say though I got sick of the legacy though. The games were too long (and 15 was too many) and within 4-5 games with all the stickers on the board it ended up forcing everyone to stick to the same starting places 85-90% of the time.

  23. Leia Anaya Raquel

    Leah,There is a lady at Eastern Market (on Sunday I believe) who makes these entry blueprint things to mount on your wall. They DC photos, a tray for mail or cell phone and a couple of hooks for keys. They were so creative and would be ample to during the Cure. Please check her out!! You might even on of her pieces in my entryway!

  24. Macie

    I the DWR havana sofa in brown and I it. Sometimes our twins over our bed and my husband or I will sleep the rest of the night on the sofa (occasionally we both up on it) It is seriously comfortable and I it is a bigger than a twin. I admire it, though it has a extremely profile which means that artwork above my sofa is hung a low.I love, love, my havana.

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