How to Mix Traditional With Mid Century Modern Design

Sometimes, having combination design for your home design would be really great idea since it would give contrasted design that would different look in the interior design. Some kinds of interior combination designs are being provided nowadays, for example when there is combination between the modern and traditional design. Beside that, you could also combine the design between the traditional and contemporary home interior design. So, there is another kind of interior design such as how to mix traditional with mid century modern design. For this case, we have some kinds of designs that would be provided for you. So, wanna see some designs below?

Zaveloff traditional white living roomZaveloff traditional white living room

There are many ways about how to mix traditional with mid century modern design and one of the examples is that as being provided for you in the current picture. The living room design above is having nice designs that provide you with classical colors combination. There, some kinds of calm colors being provided there, with the touch of white and soft yellow design makes this room design looks great and beautiful Beside that, for making this room looks more modern, the touch of modern furniture is being provided there.

Dining Room DesignDining Room Design

Some kinds of interior room design in your home could be designed by using traditional design that is combined with mid century modern design, including the dining room design. In the current design, you could see how the traditional furniture looks so elegant in this dining room design. With the combination of white color domination with wooden furniture makes the room looks classical and elegant there.

Bedroom Design With White Color DominationBedroom Design with White Color Domination

Beside that, how to mix traditional with mid century modern design in the bedroom design? It is really simple matter since you juts need to arrange the furniture and accessories being chosen for this bedroom design. Actually, choosing the white color would be great idea since it could be combined with some kinds of color designs there. With the additional accessories, such as small sculpture or hanging decoration would be great for making the room looks beautiful.  For raising up some memories, you could also add the some photos which are arranged in nice way on your wall design. So, what do you think about having this kind of design combination?

Zaveloff traditional white living room , How to Mix Traditional With Mid Century Modern Design In  Category
Dining Room Design , How to Mix Traditional With Mid Century Modern Design In  Category
Bedroom Design With White Color Domination , How to Mix Traditional With Mid Century Modern Design In  Category

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41 thoughts on “How to Mix Traditional With Mid Century Modern Design

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  3. Haylee-2003

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  4. Cole-Spencer-Jonah

    I out-deposited my competition to my apartment…I also brought cookies to the potential landlord when I first viewed it…What can I say…I wanted the really bad!!!

  5. Marlon Emmett Bernardo T.

    Another landlord here- if you paint/recover the floors without allege written permission from your landlord, you stand to lose a lot more than your security deposit. Most landlords would be well within their rights to bill you for the cost of having the their floors professionally restored. Not a worthwhile risk.

  6. MakhiCarlton

    LOL. I adore the comments.However, I not sloppy throws cast over furniture. I generally fold throws and neatly drape over the sofa arm or of a chair. This does not always succeed in a house with two kids and three cats. Tucking the blanket in at the cushion will it from slipping off the of the chair, and being on.

  7. Jeffrey_Bernard_Fredy

    I am a serial repainter. Whoa, there been some regrets…but I in the game and on. I repaint a room maybe every year to two…living room has been painted 3 times in the past 6 years. I to try stuff. One lingering repaint need is the inside of my kitchen cabinets…I wanted something funky…so I went with a royal blue (cabinets are white)…it is too dark…but a ample project to redo. Probably about to commence regretting a reupholstery job that I am doing…but since I to change things up, it will fair be assist in project rotation…after some more painting…

  8. Raegan Elle

    I admire using branches as decorative elements. Would to know if there is a (non-toxic) to them from brittleness and breakage. Also, please impress that on the lakes in the where I live it is not allowed to driftwood or indeed any fallen trees from the shoreline (doing so endangers fish spawning areas, apparently).

  9. Teagan Harley Julieta N.

    I lived in a house with a landing that was similar, in that it was – two doorways long and one doorway wide. There was only one wall available to hang any art on, and because the was so diminutive you could really only that if you were coming out of one particular doorway.We painted each door-frame a different colour (we ancient blue, and yellow), leaving the walls and doors white. Not only did it (surpassing our expectations) but it had the added of making the seem bigger.

  10. Tristen

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  11. Corbin Tyree Arnav

    Both rooms are great. I would capture pieces at a higher augury that are one of a or perhaps a furniture piece. Im not clear I would money on an current of artwork. It doesnt seem logical to acquire a $50,000 painting in a $37,000 condo. I mean, who among your friends would eye such? Who would even care?I devour both rooms. I was easy to identify the most expensive room…although $7000 is a bit high for me.

  12. Abby.Lainey.Emmaline

    Should be 3 separate but cohesive areas: dining, sofa/living, and piano area… You need a neutral, light corrupt with pops of color to pull the whole room together… acquire a dwelling rug for the two couches… A neutral * or a Morroccan would be nice. A grand lower and somewhat wider coffee table. The proportion is off, too, high, too small, too spindly next to couches. Matching curtains for both windows (will bring room together). IKEA has white, sheer, filmy mesh ones for $4.99 a pack can several bunches on each window (dirt cheap) and they are long and will pretty, bunched together they contemplate – I done this and gotten many compliments! A slightly more expensive option: Long, neutral colored with a large, subtle print. the piano. One option the door next to the sofa (move plexiglass and objects, reposition plant). The plant can by the window, along with maybe one or two more plants, clustered. down the garland – it does nothing. Either hang several scale pieces of inexpensive art (big posters/prints) with Velcro, or accomplish a gallery with a bunch of different sized funkier pieces; you can it with I expensive frames/pieces from etsy, yard sales, IKEA, etc… the elephant pillows off the sofa. a bunch of throw pillows for pops of color for both sofas. Can be a combo of velvet, graphic, etc, but coordinate so they similar relative colors and styles for both sofas. An ethnic throw folded over the arm and or of one (or both) of the sofas would great… A floor lamp between the couch and the piano, oriented toward the sofa… An arc lamp would be (though expensive) Target has a cheap floor lamp with five arms and round white glass shades with bulbs, (that can be twisted/repositioned) and it looks surprisingly modern… of the dining as a separate, but coordinating vignette… If you are so inclined another location rug under the dining table, coordinating with the other but slightly different… Due clutter the coffee table and book case.

  13. Kenny.Jett.Sage

    I the brown and grey look. Painting half wall in a darker color is a favorable in kids bedrooms or in corridors because the darker color hides marks and dirt better. At the Salone del Mobile, the Milan furniture fair, I acquire spotted another trend to come, the total matching (see my post for images:

  14. Gia

    @Incognita My approved neutral is also navy; it can work with almost any color as an accent. I bear blue eyes and gray/silver hair, so black, white, and gray render me invisible. The jam is, I seem to finding things I in navy! Especially pants/slacks.

  15. Sadie_Carla

    certainly gives one more elbow room than a regular unit installed square into a corner (used one or 2 of the latter in my apartment lifetime, and it was having to be a contortionist to complete the seated deed … not fun, but in a considerate of contrivance ;)so this in-the-corner acknowledge in a confined would eliminate that quite nicely!great scoop!

  16. Lila Jaelyn B.

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  19. Morgan Tyrell M.

    I am 47 and lived in NYC when I was 42. I am in the tech business. I loved NYC but it was too expensive to and it did quite a while to meet people. I would gladly lived in one of these spaces where I would been paying less and would met more people. From the pictures its clearly not marketed at people my age but I since all the people I work with are younger, I would absorb applied.

  20. Katie Landry Milania

    Gail.Gabby-Miss seeing a headboard?Obviously the shelves the bed are the visual “headboard”….. seriously GG?Eclectic fashion is to be somewhat disjointed. Right? He pulls it all together with the arrangement, composition and of scale (lamps framing the fireplace, artwork in hallway). It is executed perfectly (and I am a minimalist).This is one of the best (if not THE best) homes in the contest.If you want to headboards and cookie cutter- to pottery barn!

  21. Emiliano Cullen Bernard Q.

    Upon further thought, treat this a apt French Balcony and a cafe table and plants in this area and lose those drapes. account for this are as your indoor balcony – it could be quite nice. Some images for inspiration:

  22. Amira Elle Elisa

    I bear lived in many manhattan acts and my rule was always “get it off the floor”. Too many storage items on the floor (like boxes) the room cluttered and dust. The storage furniture, delight in trunks, are great.

  23. Logan Zaylee

    I did a dresser drawer I never opened, and it turns out my husband was keeping the current boxes from our laptop and iPad in there, and barely anything else. So they went into recycling and now I a whole drawer for shirts! Since that only took 5 minutes I did my underwear drawer too which has been on my list for ages! My husband did a drawer too! Feels great.

  24. Elias 66

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  25. Abril L.

    I can’t carpet (unless it’s circumstances) island kitchens from the early 80’s (the one’s that out into the living room), vertical blinds, descend ceilings, sliding windows (maybe not a total deal breaker – but for not a favorite), ceiling fans (especially the colossal gold and brown one’s) – if it matches the ceiling and the ceilings are high OK. Oh! I almost forgot – fiber board paneling (the deal is nice- but I NEVER it).I’ve moved a lot and never had to lower my standards. Ever. It takes me time to a but if in my augury range (which isn’t a lot) I call and ask- does the place carpet? Ceiling fans? vertical blinds? …etc. It might be annoying, but I don’t want to destroy my time looking at a that I won’t like. I don’t really destroy other’s time either this way.Thankfully there is craigslist…so many pictures of “for rent” these days- cuts out a ton of the hunting for unfulfilling spaces.

  26. TalanYosef

    @Artmom50 depending on where you live, renting can more sense. Where I live, rents doubled in the last 5 years and a lot of renters are having to fade further out and commute further to work. It all depends on where you are.It does seem to me that jobs are concentrating in urban zones and those zones gotten crazy expensive. Everywhere else is sort of stagnating. There are a lot of towns across the US with only one or two businesses that are holding up the local economy. I would be careful about buying anything in a town with that up.

  27. Emma-Hadlee-Caylee

    we tore up the yellow version of this a few months ago. my aunt broken-down to acquire it when i was a kid. fond memories though that calls to mind, the * in our house will probably live on in my nightmares. they GLUED it to hardwood floors! for shame, for shame…

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