Small Homemade Garden Fountains

What d you feel when you hear the sound of water movement in your home? Water would add the life of your home and you could this water flow and movement form pond or water fountain.  There are many ways in making up the fountain, of course this would be based on your home interior design. For example, you could made homemade fountain by using bamboo stalks that is actually it is a simple design of water fountain. If you really want to make this bamboo water fountain, you could get the appliances from local home improvement store or landscape supply center. Many kinds of homemade water fountain that you could use as design, so that we would provide you with Small Homemade Garden Fountains for you here.  Are you interested in it?

Homemade Fountain Pyramide PotHomemade Fountain Pyramide Pot

As being said before that actually there are many kinds of Small Homemade Garden Fountains  and one of them is Homemade Fountain Pyramide Pot, this kind of water fountain is simply made by using some pots which is arranged from the biggest one in the bottom side while the smallest one in the top side. Then, you could add some stone there to make it nice. As you could see in the picture that actually this kind of homemade fountain could be placed in the corner  of your house. Beside that, adding some green plants would make this small fountain looks good there.

Homemade Water Fountains from Antique Brown BowlsHomemade Water Fountains from Antique Brown Bowls

Beside that, if you have antique or unique shape of bowls, you could make it as homemade water fountain. In this case, it is very simple design actually, but it would make your home looks beautiful. Beside that, by hearing the sound of water flow, it is really nice. There, you juts need to buy the place that is made from iron to place the bowl. In this case, you just let the bowl color in the natural color, that is in classical brown there. This kind of homemade fountain is suitable for being placed in the antique home design or being place in the garden design since this would add the natural atmosphere there.

Unique Homemade Water FountainUnique Homemade Water Fountain

Vintage Homemade Water FountainVintage Homemade Water Fountain

Then, actually Small Homemade Garden Fountains could be made from the unused appliances in the home, for example, if you have teapot and you do not use it, you could make it as the homemade fountain as you could see in the current pictures. There, it is very unique design, right? Simply by arranging and placing some teapots by using rope makes this looks nice and beautiful there. Of course this would be suitable for being placed in the small garden design in your home.

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