Model Homes with Burgundy Living Room Decor

Every person would have their own favorite colors since they have their own personality. Then, may I ask you what kind of colors that you love? If you love a certain color, maybe it would be good for applying it in designing the room design in your home, especially for your living room design. If you love having burgundy color, it would be great if you read this article since it would explore more how to manage the living room with this design and possible color combination for this room design. Of course, there are some colors that could be combined for this color, such as having brown and burgundy colors combinations would look good for being together that would give you the shade of brown and strong red for your room. This color actually would give the warm and a little bit formal atmosphere in your living room design. For giving you clearer explanation, what do you think for seeing Model Homes with Burgundy Living Room Decor below!

Burgundy Living Room DesignBurgundy Living Room Design

Actually, what is the definition of burgundy? Actually burgundy is a deep shade of red. Of course if it is having deep red color would give a darker design for your living room. Because of that, giving a little touch of other colors would be really good. In this case, choosing the brown color would be good balance for this darker room design. For example, when you have  Model Homes with Burgundy Living Room Decor, you could give the flooring design and some furniture with a lighter colors, for example use a burgundy couch, and find deep red-brown leather chairs. The dark colors will pop against the contrasting light tones of the walls and floor. Beside that, adding some hanging decorations with lighter color would be good balance also.

Burgundy sofa designBurgundy sofa design

Then, if you have a minimalist living room design with having a neutral color, such as white color choice, you could choose the burgundy touch by applying it in the furniture design, such as having burgundy sofa design. This would make the contrasted color in this room so that the room would be more lively rather than having the plain with any any color balance there. Of course, nowadays, there are many kinds of sofa color designs that you could choose.

Living Room with Burgundy TouchLiving Room with Burgundy Touch

Model Homes with Burgundy Living Room Decor would add the elegant and warm living room design. This kind of room design would be better if you combine it also with the touch of classical carpet pattern, also choosing the right curtain design would be great idea also. So, what do you think about this design?

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80 thoughts on “Model Homes with Burgundy Living Room Decor

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  3. Katelyn B.

    These spaces please my eye. Plain, using mostly repurposed materials. Subtle & deceptively simple. All that art floating in a humbly furnished environment. A vacation for my mind. (I to the line at the plastic crate/glass coffeetables though….Ouch! They are the furniture version of a film noir heroine–beautiful but deadly!)

  4. Mckenzie.Lilianna.Avah

    I this too. I both color, to discover how the colors of the room are balanced (has all the blue (throws, pillows, accents) migrated to one side only?), and dark and white, to how the structures in the room are balanced (is the heavier furniture all to one side?). I we can so to seeing something that we seeing it for what it really is. Taking pictures really helps.

  5. JackWesley

    Rachael,these are some really creative ideas – especially the of locally dominant themes. I really how you outside the box and up with your ideas looking outside your window.keep up the great work – the research and the writing were both superb! post.

  6. Kynlee.Adrienne

    I once had a crimson couch I had to give away when I moved across the country and when I saw this chair it reminded me how I the color red. The chair is blooming and a classic!

  7. Daisy

    What about curtains to the bottom 2 shelves? curtain rod suspended from cup hooks. the fabric to add texture, color, coordinate with the you into from the entry hall. Agree with the to paint/cover the backs of the shelves. improbable space!

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  9. Derrick

    Elizabeth in AL,i would for a light, aqua-like color for the other walls in addition to the one aqua-colored wall. And as Abby suggests, with white bedding this will fantastic! And swapping the parking seems a idea, too.Have a advantageous day!

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  11. Arthur Desmond Jean N.

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  14. Talan

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  17. KinsleyLea

    I adore the bed in your master bedroom. Does Restoration not carry it anymore? It looks similar to the iron canopy bed frame on their website – minus the canopy.

  18. Helen_Kailey

    I should also mention that one of the things about the second layout that is estimable is that it reuses the that you to hold commence anyway to be able to sit at the bar. That means that some of the you were reserving for circulation can now be for furniture.

  19. Ariyah-Aleah-Magnolia

    Since this is your house, you should up the draperies that you want to up. Having replied that, floor to ceiling on all the windows and for the side window, you conception of filling that entire short wall with floor to ceiling drapes? Maybe an illusion would work there, maybe.. Anyway, this is totally your choice and thank the MIL for her interest and input and achieve as you wish…….

  20. Emerson

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  21. Chad Kristopher Harry

    I agree with everyone else: a room that could be even lovelier. My tweak of choice would be to hang thick, rich but not curtains instead of the rather standard/impersonal blinds on your windows; I feel that at the moment the energy of the room can too easily drain out – it!

  22. Orlando_Walker_Makhi

    the brown fiberglass chairs are an eames chair by herman miller. they are and were purchased on ebay a year ago. they are the commercial version and the stacking hardware on either side.

  23. Melissa_Aiyana

    I some rearranging might help. Its to in the pictures but is that a bay window of some kind? it appears to acquire some depth and angles gradual it but I cant quite it together.Here is how I would rearrange:It seems the bulk of your furniture is around the bed and on the wall the and the windows are on. I would try the furniture to the side walls which appear to honest be blank and leave the walls facing eachother (with the doors and the window) more as they are architectual elements already to them up.I would the bed on one of the blank side walls, a headboard of some the bed would add interest to the wall the bed ends up on. There are a lot of posts on AT about cheap beadboards. I personally bought a discount rug for $5 and hung it on the wall my bed. made a world of in anchoring the bed and the room.I would the dresser and desk on the other wall with some of artwork centered over them.The one of furniture I might on the window wall is the bench under the window, would be a location to sit and kick your shoes off. Also having it at the foot of your bed takes up more room in the center and makes it feel more crowded, i against the wall would the room feel more spacious, especially if that is a bay window and it could be tucked in there a bit.

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