Kids Bedroom Designs Ideas

Child’s world full of imagination. No wonder they often meet walls with posters idol. In fact, deliberately vandalized wild on the wall. Without realizing it, the atmosphere of the bedroom like that can trigger stress for your baby. That’s why sometimes need to make changes (make over) the child’s bedroom, to create new joy and freshness. So that children do not feel the creativity and imagination were killed. Many children may dream to have a bedroom that can be used for playing while resting lightly. You can try to apply some of the models the bed of different references.  Toy craze or a comic hero in children can be your inspiration in designing a special child’s bedroom. Model space for children will look more attractive with a variety of ideas that you’ve learned from magazines or TV. Here, take a look at some kids bedroom designs ideas for having reference in designing the room.

Polka Dots Bedroom DesignPolka Dots Bedroom Design

Decoration of this room is, besides the pleasure that challenges the child, a good way to reveal the playful side, to release the child from yourself, have fun and remember: even if the topics chosen children seem bizarre, there is a way to find a compromised without refusing childhood pleasures. So, find out what activities concern them, what are their fantasies, their favorite color, what it is unique in their personality and other details like this, around which you can build a decorative theme. Enter all these children’s interest in a design that make them feel comfortable, happy and safe.

Shades of bright colors for the walls and a child’s room will make your child more comfortable. Usually you can use blue for boys and pink for girls. So, if you are creative and have ideas, try some color. Other colors are nice and fit in the kids ‘room’ is the color of gold, sea green, indigo, white and blue combination, etc.. As an example for a room ceiling. Try to give a realistic image of the ceiling in the room of your child, such as the sky with the stars, the solar system, some of the “Cinderella” or “Aladdin” and the fairy tale scenes. This will help your child to enjoy play time.

Soccer Bedroom DesignSoccer Bedroom Design

Mickey Mouse Bedroom DesignMickey Mouse Bedroom Design

To bed cover, bed sheets and curtains, use prints or floral patterns have a simple geometric pattern. Animal patterns, letters or draw, famous places in the world, seven wonders of the world, etc. It can also be used. For decorative items, it is advisable not to put any piece of glass or decorative nursery ‘. some other ideas, children decorate his room with some toys, children’s furniture such as dolls, and some superhero toys, etc. If possible, leave as much free space in the room for your child roam the room by removing some furniture. Try putting the carpet in one location in the room where your child can sit on the floor and enjoy some games with friends.

Car Bedroom DesignCar Bedroom Design

Cinderella Bedroom DesignCinderella Bedroom Design

The combination of pink and yellow are suitable for girls bedroom wall. Doing a combination of colors will make the room more cheerful and not monotonous. Pair with a variety of accessories and trinkets collection. Many collections of wallpaper that had to accommodate a wide range of tastes, ranging from colors, combinations and patterns. Green is one of the neutral colors that can be used for wall boy. Try to combine green to build a theme or military nature. It could also be the theme or decoration hobby for soccer match field.

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  9. Lily Mckinley

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