Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Some people would say that small thing is cute and simple, maybe this is right but if it is being applied for your home interior, sometimes it is becoming a difficult thing that give a headache for you since if you do not manage it well, the room would be really mess. In this case, you should make some considerations before choose the interior room design, especially when you choose small apartment design, but it does not mean that it could not be managed well. You do not need to worry since nowadays, there are many kinds of small room design examples that would be good reference for you. Then, Kitchen design is very important matter to be considered, especially for woman who make this room as her “office” there. So, what you should you do if you have Small Apartment Kitchen Design and how to manage it ?

Kitchen Design of Small Apartment Kitchen DesignsKitchen Design of Small Apartment Kitchen Designs

If we talk about how to manage the Small Apartment Kitchen Design, of course you should choose some simpler appliances so that it would be easy to manage and save it in your kitchen storage design. In this case, you should choose the compact appliances, such as buying small sink, oven also dishwasher. Nowadays, since some kinds of small apartment being the choice of people, there are some simple  appliances for this small kitchen design. Of course, in managing this design, you should choose the most simplest design,for example, juts choose the single fridge rather than double fridge.

Kitchen Cabinet Design of Small ApartmentKitchen Cabinet Design of Small Apartment

Then, in designing the small kitchen, you could apply the arrangement of the kitchen by having U shape kitchen design since it is usually help you in maintaining the small space of the kitchen. Beside that, considering about the color choices is also really important there. As you have known that colors would give some effects to the interior room design. In this case, for your suggestion, you should choose the brighter color or maybe neutral colors, such as having white or light wooden color.

Kitchen lighting for small kitchenKitchen lighting for small kitchen

Beside that, For making up Small Apartment Kitchen Design, you should also consider about the kitchen cabinet since it is the focal point of this room design. Choose the bright color also for this kitchen cabinet. Do not forget for choosing the cabinet that have a lot of storage since it would be really important for saving your kitchen appliances. For the matter of small kitchen design, lighting should be considered also since by having the suitable lighting would enhance and make your small kitchen looks wider.

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  2. Jaylin Justus

    Having your center channel inside that cabinet is probably a detrimental to the sound as the wooden grates are blocking it.Also, you never had an with the Roku Soundbridge bouncing off the subwoofer?

  3. Riley

    I the this makes a statement with color without being overwhelming. I *adore* the that this is not so “kid” specific… it makes me crazy all those compose shows on tv that princess beds and fighter jet rooms for kids. What happens when they grow out of that phase and into something else? I how this room can really grow into a room for an older child. Lovely!

  4. Juniper F.

    Thank you for the comments! I posted the colors in the comment on my blog for anyone who might be interested. It really was a project on the cheap. Any leftover paint can be for this. You can colors more often if you only a few 🙂

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  7. Brandon-Abraham-Donte

    I noticed that a lot of professionally-designed places a sterile, predictable look. In general, I I the personalized, more relaxed that people with a creative up with on their own.

  8. April Alani

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  10. Patrick Ariel Jamar U.

    Thanks for the comments. RE: the bathroom tiles: I had seen some tiles at a Loft hotel in Texas that I loved and was looking all over the web and stores to something similar. We finally found this warm color combo at Hardware in Chinatown in Oakland. The wall tiles subtle wavy lines that give a wood impression. The orange floor tiles a subtle silk dupioni texture.

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  12. Roman Luciano Carmelo

    You could window film that gives a frosted glass look. That would the architectural lines of the windows, provide privacy, and allow maximum light into the room. I would frost from the bottom up about 5 feet, leave an 18″ opening (so that you can into the yard) and then frost all the contrivance to the top.You can also spray-on frosted glass. It will be a few thousand dollars cheaper than window treatments for all of those windows.On a side note, one of the tricks here is to choose what you need privacy from and to block the casual line of from those locations rather than creating privacy from any possible angle of view.

  13. Harlee

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  14. Cole Tomas Isaias T.

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  25. Journee

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  28. Lorelei Sharon D.

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  29. Haley-Joelle-Kristina

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  30. Sariyah

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