Dividing a Kids Room with Curtains

How many children do you have? For you who have more than one little children and you want to place them in one room design, you might think how to decorate their room since sometimes children do not want to share their bed. For this matter, we have idea by applying the curtain for dividing your children room design. By applying this curtain design, it would not only being a separator, but it is also becoming the accessories that would make your kids room design looks better and beautiful. There are many ways for dividing a kids room with curtains that would be really a help for you. For having clearer information, let’s see the designs below!

Rainbow Curtain Unisex Boys Girls Kids Room DividerRainbow Curtain Unisex Boys Girls Kids Room Divider

Kids room design would have many kinds of designs there since kids personality would be different each other although most of the room design is having bright atmosphere choice. In the current picture, you could see that the room is designed in the bright blue color there. As being said before that actually the curtain is not merely about the separator but also being the accessories for the room. From the look of the room design, it looks really great there. Don’t you think so?

Pink black white teenage girls bedroomPink black white teenage girls bedroom

Dividing a kids room with curtains would have a lot of advantages for you who have a small room and limited rooms in your home design. Beside that, it would also be a help for you to take care of your kids in one room design. Various colors of curtain design could be applied in the kids room design. Of course you should also consider about the theme of the room design. For example, you could apply the curtain with the same color of the room or you could also apply the contrasted color so that it would bring the different sense of the room. Then, applying the curtain design with some floral pattern would also be good choice if it is for the girls room design.

Colorful Kids RoomColorful Kids Room

Orange Curtain Room Divider In Large Loft Style BedroomOrange Curtain Room Divider In Large Loft Style Bedroom

Beside that, in dividing a kids room with curtains, you could also apply the colorful curtain design that might be suitable for kids colorful room design. It would add the cheerfulness of the room. As you could see in the current picture, you could see there that the kids room design is having colorful bright colors there. Then, by adding the curtain design with color combination of orange and white colors make the room looks nice and brighter there.

Orange Curtain Room Divider In Large Loft Style Bedroom , Dividing a Kids Room with Curtains In  Category
Pink black white teenage girls bedroom , Dividing a Kids Room with Curtains In  Category
Rainbow Curtain Unisex Boys Girls Kids Room Divider , Dividing a Kids Room with Curtains In  Category
Colorful Kids Room , Dividing a Kids Room with Curtains In  Category

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44 thoughts on “Dividing a Kids Room with Curtains

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  4. Presley Collins Maleah

    caught the rest of your photos on flickr. Looks you gave the a needed revitalisation!That plywood endtable by the couch is a nifty diminutive that I meaning to up.

  5. Khalil S.

    Another material suggestion: Unbleached Muslin (can online by the bolt).If block printing, washing with vinegar will the dye.Lastly, another arrangement to the bottom is with fringe. inexpensive fringy curtains (Ikea, Cost Plus, World Market), sew fabric across the fringe to the length you want the final edging. the fringe and to the sheets. (can tons o fringe from a standard curtain if you 6-7″ fringe on the bottom).

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  7. Courtney T.

    Stunning. Really beautifully done, and what a perfect live/work space. And to think, I saw the first photo and concept I might not care for the style. I looked at the rest of the tour!I agree with other reviewers. The photos for this house tour are excellent. It was easy to acquire a sense of the and there is a mix of wide angle and up shots.

  8. Grace1993

    I this is a extremely practical and realistic to provide for house guests. Some people commenting here are neglecting to the realities of life for many people. Many guests cannot afford to themselves up in a hotel after paying for airline tickets. Many homeowners cannot afford to all the luxuries for a permanent guest room or enact not guests frequently enough to warrant shelling out the money for such. Also many people not the for a dedicated guest room. This is merely showing people what they can to accomplish guests more comfortable with the dwelling and resources they have.

  9. RebeccaHannaMavis

    I am a concerned about the sleep positioner shown in the above photo. I heard these are extremely and consumer reports even features an article and video on their website about a couple that lost one of their twins due to suffocation by a sleep positioner. Please about changing this photo or give a warning about them. Thank you.

  10. Oswaldo

    your since seeing it on Four Houses Canada! I the mix of styles and symmetry that you created in your dining room – can you me where you found the brass light fixtures?

  11. Valeria

    I white formica cabinets installed in 1989. The cabinets are in huge shape plus my kitchen being 15 x 17 involves a lot of top and bottom cabinets and pantry. The cabinet doors a laminated * colored blue to match countertop across each bottom. I would bask in to paint the * white or different color and a countertop. How would you suggest painting this * inlaid into each cabinet door. Send pic asap

  12. Teagan Molly

    Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of specifity in the captions with the photos?There is a contrast between linoleum and vinyl, in appearance, how long and how well it holds up, off-gassing and lead content, biodegradation, etc. Linoleum, in my experience, when I was seeking it out for my renovation, is more expensive, in material cost than tile or wood. It is stuff, but in no a “budget”alternative.Vinyl is what all the flooring salesmen you to, even if you say, ” you linoleum? “. It is not naturally antistatic, not naturally antibacterial, and does not biodegrade, when it eventually winds up in the landfill. Linoleum, on the other hand, in every instance I seen, is flecky and swirly, and does not approach in sharp, bright, fair whites or blacks. I found this post disappointing, because I suspect none of those neat, high and white kitchens had linoleum, but vinyl instead. Please, if you know of a source of $.59/ sq. ft. tiles that are linoleum, not vinyl, us where to them. I strongly suspect they are old, keep-away-from-children-because-it-might-have-lead-in-it, stays-in-the-landfill-FOREVER vinyl.

  13. Willie

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  14. Phoebe-Malaysia-Ansley

    @emmelemm: The blue is really relaxing. We were it would the in, but bedrooms should be cozy and comfortable!@tacobell: The with the extra stackable stools is twofold.1) Finding that “somewhere” to store the stools while not in isn’t exactly easy in our place; we already a few folding chairs hidden away for the extra guests at the table.2) It’s to from the angle in this photo, but there would be no room for the stools and people to maneuver, even with the coffee table pushed against the sofa.Finding appropriate seating that serves multiple purposes is complicated, too. Ideally we’d an bench of some sort, but we haven’t gotten there yet. A Nelson bench, for example, would great, seat multiple people, and the purpose, but is only 14” tall, while a standard chair is 17”-19” in height. Guests sitting there would be far too to eat at the table.Creating our space, while keeping it practical and functional, is an ongoing process.@Gulaid: Don’t the cat.@Katlia: We do, indeed, STUFF. Thanks for the compliments!

  15. DavianJaylanStephan

    A round dining table is a idea. They in MANY styles, and configurations. A number of them expand, some via insertion of leaves that turn them into an oval, others mechanisms that expand their circumference. I suggest before you a decision on one, as many of them as possible, starting with the highest manufacturers and working down.

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  20. Athena_Milan_Hunter

    I an over-the-door shoe for my toiletries- it works really well, but is not the most stylish solution. Are your walls tiled all the blueprint up? Could you * some exiguous shelves into the walls above the towel racks?

  21. Elyse

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  22. QuintenZZZ

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  23. Isaac Hector C.

    The woods the house is ! and the wood floors. For me wood is never enough ! But if you want to enact away with the wood panelling you can a minimal white wash – a of the wood and more of the white. But it is not mid century.Another not midcentury could be – paneling one of the walls with fabric – of your choice, depending on what considerate of mood you want to evoke in this room

  24. AlyssaJoleneBarbara

    I the but it seems to be floundering and changing its focus. I want to the “save the world, one room at a time” , and to whether it is related to a single person and a family, etc. I am not here to read on child-rearing or even how to a marriage, or anything else other than design. And I The Kitchn, and food relates to living which is of designing a dwelling life. But pls, build a separate for raising kids if that is a focus. . I do, however thank the owners of the and writers for their hard work.

  25. Maximus A.

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  26. TessaPaloma

    I characterize rails that are in working order, so acquire elected to hang 90 percent of my art from brass characterize hooks and fishline or wire. This works well with the 9-foot ceilings.I kept the walls white, except for green tea color on two walls in the bedroom. I selected furniture that was multipurpose, and did not up visual space, but instead showcased the objects on it. Using espresso-stained furniture for table and chairs, and chocolate brown cushions made for decent contrast.And I visited this website a lot for ideas.

  27. Jarrett_Marquise

    home–sophisticated yet inviting, worldly and *, and I the aubergine drapes and the other color choices (I am drawn into saturated colors), and especially the patterns and textures of your bed! A homage to “Bed”!!! All the overhead lighting/chandeliers are fabulous! And your decor enhances the features (herringbone floor, natural brick, massive windows and LR nook, and the fireplace!) I agree that is a sanctuary and a to renew energy, and I thank you for me into yours!

  28. Kenia Bryleigh Alianna M.

    Appliances are SO expensive. I never even belief about painting them. I LovieDovie has a advantageous point about upgrading to more energy efficient however, painting is something that can easily be done in the interm. I the purple oven, I it looks retro and intentional.

  29. Reese

    You had me at “library.” Oh, how I would destroy for a library. This looks great, though I I would probably a more route on the shelves (still white, though I dream of those English wood-paneled libraries with their well-worn leather chairs and fireplaces).

  30. Connor 911

    Try using effect vinyl into stips, applied to mouldings, then trimmed down with a razor blade. Here is the part. Before applying the vinyl to the trim, touch the sticky size to a towel or allotment of fabric (felt works well). This picks up enough lint so that the vinyl will be easily removed, but leaves enough adhesive to stick to the surface. This whole process can be extremely time attractive if you are going to accomplish it – you cant slap it on.This technique also works for applying vinyl to walls.

  31. Nicole_Kali

    I match.The Living room/Kitchen and Bedroom are rather the suits I wear to the office – Solid colors: Brown, Black, Navy, White with lighter shades of blue, some red, a few subdued patterns on the pillows and accessories (like my neckties) and silver hardware (like my watches and cufflinks).The Den is far more colorful/playful delight in the clothing I wear when I on vacation: Pink, navy, lime green, Plaid, flamboyant patterns (like my Lilly Pulitzer shirts and ties), gilding…

  32. Waylon N.

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  34. Branson

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