Purple and Yellow Living Room

Living room would become the important room in your home design since it would become the welcoming room for your guest. It is also would become the representation of your personality so that managing and designing this room design would always important also. Then, there are also many kinds of living room designs that could become the choice of you. Then, in managing the room design, there are many kinds of considerations that should be considered including the furniture, color choice, accessories and others. Because of that, since color choice is always having big influence so here we give you some information about Purple and Yellow Living Room that might suitable for your taste and personality.

modern living room purple sofamodern living room purple sofa

In managing and designing Purple and Yellow Living Room, you should consider about interior color being used. For example, if your living room design is having white color, in this case, you could add purple and yellow furniture for making purple and yellow living room design. In the current picture, you could see that the room is having purple and yellow furniture that give the contrasted color of the interior color.

pink yellow white living roompink yellow white living room

Beside that, having purple and yellow living room design could also be implemented by applying yellow sofa design which is combined with yellow pillows there. Beside that, adding purple table design and also lamp design would be really great idea there. As you could see that the sparkling design from each furniture is making the colors look so great and amazing there. Beside having these two colors, you could also combine those two colors by white colors design.

Purple and yellow living roomPurple and yellow living room

Beside that, Purple and Yellow Living Room could also be completed by adding the curtain design there. As you have known that curtain design would always make your home interior design looks beautiful, then it would also could be applied in the living room design. In this matter, you could use whether yellow or purple color curtain design. So, what do you think about those two colors combination for being used in your home living room design?


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  4. Autumn-1993

    Wow all of these apartments are decorated amazingly. I actually painted my rental recently and was completely clueless. I had a friend of mine colors out. She was talking about all these adore “feelings” colors brought you. It was crazy. But I actually looked it up later and it’s really how different colors can affect your mood.I write blogs for an apartment search and wrote a similar blog to this after I painted the house, it discusses the different feelings colors give you:

  5. River

    I it, too! And I the was a painted skyline, also. I the scale and colors (it pulls in the orange from elsewhere), not too wild about the when I closely. the wall colors and curtains.

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  7. Declan

    If you are returning to Room and Board, you should check out their “create your own” section. You can something nearly identical to the one Maxwell is suggesting and are able to decide the top you want, travertine, french limestone, quartz, wood or glass. This might let you customize it for the and you will only to deal with one company. The custom tables a bit longer depending on the top you purchase. I recently bought the french limestone and it took about a month to arrive.

  8. Wendy

    I guess it all depends on your and interests. I only used/vintage items when it comes to furniture (not including my mattress of course!) We bought a sofa from craigslist that is vintage and incredibly built. I invested in reupholstering it and having a custom slipcover made. I feel a responsibility to not add to landfills as as possible.

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  11. Erik.Braydon.Nick

    @kddomingue I confess the giant dance studio-esque mirror in our living room has never bothered me for exactly that reason. But my husband really hated it, so we compromised by putting a console and lamp in front of it.

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    Would to be able to barefoot, but with concrete floors and post-foot surgery issues, it is not possible at home. My mother-in-law has a “shoes off” policy, and provides slippers to guests

  16. Lennon_Reina

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  19. Walter

    After reading all the comments it seems that you need to know more about your table. Is it a antique that you can sell and bag what you want? Is it a knockoff you should honest paint and enjoy? Personally I would not paint it. Add color with linens and accessories. the chairs. In time, you will know what will acquire you happy.

  20. Luka

    I third or fourth the that the backsplash should go. This won´t probably be as expensive as it seems and will a long in helping de-brown the equation. this oportunity to introduce some color into the kitchen, not a neutral. Some color that makes you and that doen´t with brown. The countertop will bewitch it, it will recede.As for the cabinets, I would white, if you destroy the backsplash. Not creamy white, not soft white, but a white.Paint the walls a softer version of your blissful color.

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